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Im Not that Girl

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Cho sees Harry after they both left Hogwarts with one of her best friends...How does she take it? Does she still love him still? R&R Please

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I sat there watching, hidden within the shadows of Diagon Alley. I was watching him, he came each day to Ron the Tornado's hater's brothers' store. I work just next door at the Magical Menagerie, but on my breaks I watch him. Some days he comes and talks with me but others I am to hidden for him to see. But this day was different, She came on to the scene. She walks past him, brushing gently by. He stops and stares at her, heck every other man or male was staring. His lips move and their eyes meet. He hugs her as she kisses his check.

Her golden hair shining perfectly in the sun. Every strand of her long hair was obviously in its proper place. Everything was perfect about her.

I watch them wander off, as I take a small stroll down memory lane. It was after my dear Cedric's death, and I wanted to say good bye to the girl I had gotten to know so well, Fleur Delacour. I remember it so well...

"Hey Fleur, Wait up!" I called racing down the path to Hogwarts hoping to say good bye.

"'Ello Cho," she said as she turned. "I am sorry 'bout Cedric,"

"Thanks..." My eyes had begun to fill with tears, I didn't want to say good bye to this girl who I had gotten to know so well nor did I want to say good bye to my boyfriend who I would never see again. "Good Bye Fleur, I hope I will see you again..."

Fleur grabbed me in a hug, as she walked away and I turned too, I heard her yell his name.

"'Arry!" She called. My thoughts began to stream in my head. Why did I care if she said Harry? Why would I? It is disloyal to Cedric... But my heart knew the truth, it was jealously; plain and simple. I had fallen for the boy who lived.

I blink in the sunshine as I remember how my heart raced that following September when I saw him again. I still loved Cedric Diggory. As she come out of the nearby café clinging to his arm...

There was that memory I kept close from Christmas in sixth year.

"Mistletoe," I had said, staring up above our heads. It was after one of our old DA meetings, I had hung back and I had noticed so had he.

"Yeah" he said as I faced him, " but it's probably full of Nargles though"

Did I bloody care? And what the hell are Nargles anyway? I thought but instead said, "What are Nargles?"

He told me he himself had no idea and I was to ask Loony...
"I really like you Harry," had been my reply before I kissed him. The best part was, he kissed me back...

And there was that date of 6th year, I really needed to kill Hermione Granger. Ruining my moment with him. I stood in the dying sunlight, and began to leave Diagon Alley, but my caught sight of her long, perfect blonde hair. My one time friend was now hanging off his arm.

I had gone to France that summer after to stay with Fleur. I had Michael on my mind too, him and Harry and Cedric.

I had been crying, I can't remember why but it was about Cedric and Harry. She came in to see me, her eyes filled with concern.

"Cho? What is thee matter?" she had asked, and settled down beside me.

That day I poured everything out, and watched her. She was the greatest comfort I could ask for. She told me that I need to follow my heart, sure Harry had been a jerk, he was 15. All males acted like that some point in their lifetime. I should be grateful that it happened when he was 15 instead of 30 or 20. I smiled, and she told me that its not an insult to Cedric. I obviously still love him but he wouldn't want me sitting on my butt all day.

When I left that summer to go back to England, I felt like I had grown beyond my years. I began to dream, dream of life as Cho Potter. Dream that maybe he still liked me, maybe he would take me back. Mostly they were of me taking him back as he begged. I broke up with Michael and still dreamed. I named our first 3 children who lived in my mind, in my heart. They were James, Lily and Cedric...Two boys and a girl, named after Harry's parents of course and Cedric Diggory. When I spoke to him during my seventh year, he turned me down... I first thought it was that goody-toe-shoes Hermione Granger but when I asked he told me it wasn't he just didn't have feelings for me anymore. We got in to a argument, boy do I still love the way he looks when he's mad. But he and Fleur failed to mention them suddenly becoming best friends despite the distance.

I had finally gotten to my apartment, just a few blocks away from Diagon Alley. I took of my clock, and popped a CD in to the player as the music came on I could just pause and think...

Hands touch, eyes meet
Sudden silence, sudden heat
Hearts leap in a giddy whirl
He could be that boy
But I'm not that girl:

Don't dream too far
Don't lose sight of who you are
Don't remember that rush of joy
He could be that boy
I'm not that girl

Ev'ry so often we long to steal
To the land of what-might-have-been
But that doesn't soften the ache we feel
When reality sets back in

Blithe smile, lithe limb
She who's winsome, she wins him
Gold hair with a gentle curl
That's the girl he chose
And Heaven knows
I'm not that girl:

Don't wish, don't start
Wishing only wounds the heart
I wasn't born for the rose and the pearl
There's a girl I know
He loves her so
I'm not that girl.

I love Harry Potter, but he doesn't love me... I wasn't that girl, I wasn't his girl. Fleur Delacour, one of my best friends was his and all I had were my memories.

Author's note: The song is from the Broadway "Wicked" and the lyrics are written by Idina Menzel. This story was written because I love the song and just for a new look at Cho.
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