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Serena meets someone, but someone she never expected to see again.

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Chapter 9:

"To get school supplies, and groceries,duh!" I replied with a giggle.

"Oh? With what money?" He asked, already knowing the answer.

"My money. Darien?" He looked at me.

"Hmm?" He grabbed his blueish-grey jacket from the hallway.

"Why don't you ever go to work?" I smiled sheepishly.

"Its my holiday, I work at the hospital with children." Darien smiled.

"oh? You mean you're a peditrican?" I scooped up his keys.

"Yeah. Serena, I was wondering if you even know how to drive a standard." He snatched his keys outta my hand.

"No, I don't think I do." I looked at him akward.

"Then why do you know how to drive my car? I shrugged and we left. I got to drive his car to Sobey's.

"Well here we are." He grinned

"yeah, Come on!" I ran towards Sobeys.

Pish Posh

"Serena! Wait up!" Darien yelled back, but I dont think I heard him.

"Mommy, can't I come with you?" 5year old Serena asked.

"No! You're staying here! That's final!" As of that she walked out.

"Mommy! Come back! Im alone and scared! Mom-----my!" 5 year old Serena cried out the words.

I collapsed onto the ground in front of Sobeys. Crying. Crying about my mother and how much she hates me. I heard Darien calling at me but I didn't hear anything. 'Why did she do this? Why doesn't she love me? What did I deserve for this, this hatred?' I thought. Darien pulled me up to my feet, and just stared at me. I thought I was gonna die.

"Serena?" He tilted my head," What's wrong?"

I wiped my tears and looked into his eyes," Nothing, let's just get the shopping over with. Im tired."

"Serena, why don't I do the shopping and take you home to rest." He smiled and I nodded.

That word-HOME- hit me hard. ' Why is Darien, someone I met only a few days ago treating me like, like we known eachother forever?' He dropped me off and took off again. 'Good, time to think.' On my way up I ran into someone-well actually walked- I looked up startled, and met his gaze. My dad's picture fell out of my hand.

"Im so sorry, Im soo clumsy." I studdard.

"Oh, don't worry about it," he picked up my picture and handed it to me." You dropped this."

"Thank-you, Mr.-?" I asked.

"Please, call me kevin." He Introduced.

"Oh, Hi Kevin, my name is Serena." I shook his hand.

"You know, I always to name my daughter Serena. I have a daughter you know." He sighed and looked up at me,"I shouldn't be telling you this. Good day Serena." I grabbed his arm.

"No, tell me. Please come to my apartment. Do you like soda Kevin?" I smiled and we walked to Darien's apartment. We sat down, and I gave him a soda and he sat on the couch-I bought one for Dar- and I seated myself on a chair."As I was saying." He opened his soda and took a sip." I accidently made my girlfriend pregnant. When she told me I was soo happy. I was going to be a dad. But when she was born, my girl left me without saying good-bye, just left me a note saying I wasn't going to have anything to do with my daughter." tears streaming down his eyes.

"Kevin," I hesitated."What was this girl you got pregnant, name?"

"Ikuko. Ikuko Tuskino." I gasped and he looked up shocked. "Did, I say something wrong?"

"Kevin, my mother's name is Ikuko." He looked at me in disbelief.

"No way. You possibly can't be her daughter.Do you have sisters? How old are you?" He shot question after question at me.

"I have no sisters, I am seventeen. And my mom, hasn't dated any guy for over 17 years." He stood up suddenly, and thats when the tears started coming.

"That picture you had. Who was it of?" He looked at me.

"You." I sighed and stood up.

"Ha! I am surprised you didn't turn out like your mother a b-"

"Don't you ever call my mom that! She isn't that, you of all people should no she wasn't!" I lost my temper. At that moment Darien walked through the door. Good, just on time. I thought.

"What is going on here? Sere who is this man?" He glared at Kevin.

"Oh, this is Kevin. Who was just leaving." I looked at him. He got up and brushed by Darien and walked out.

"Serena? Are you alright?" Darien put the bags on the floor and looked at me.

"Yea I'm alright. Just a little tired. I am going to bed." I walked into the bedroom and put on on my pink pjama's and crawled into bed. I rolled onto my side and started crying. Why did my mother lie to me? I thought. Why does she hate me so? Why didn't she tell me about Kevin? I fell asleep with a whole bunch of questions in my head.

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