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When Oliver is out one night, he stumbles upon a girl named Celena Tarien, but she requests that he call her Tarien or Tari. He goes walking with this girl only to realize she is a witch who doesnt...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: Cho, Colin Creevey, Crabbe, Dean Thomas, Draco, Dumbledore, Fleur, Flitwick, Fred, George, Ginny, Goyle, Hagrid, Harry, Hermione, Justin, Luna, Lupin, Neville, Oliver Wood, Percy, Poppy Pomfrey, Professor McGonagall, Ron, Sirius, Snape, Sprout, The G - Warnings: [?] - Chapters: 7 - Published: 2006-11-30 - Updated: 2008-03-07 - 7256 words



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