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Ooh...Frank Has Special Talents

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The not-so long awaited sequel to "The Lighthouse". Well, Frank and Gerard are on the run. Running from the police, a life-long prison sentence, and the haunting past. Action, drama, angst, romance...

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Ch 1 Disclaimer- Do I look like Gerard Way or Frank Iero? 'Cause the only way I'd be able to own them is if I was them because they own themselves. Duh.

A/N- I'm back. And right now, I'm wearing black. I'm back in black!!! AHAHAHA!! This is the sequel to 'The Lighthouse'. I know, I kept you waiting a full, what? A week? My God, people, just be glad I didn't wait a month, which I am very capable of doing. I have done it before. So do not cross me! FEAR ME, MORTALS!! AND FEAR MY ABUNDANCE OF IDIOTIC AND EASILY AVOIDABLY TYPOS!!!!! Enjoy the first chapter of 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison?'

Gerard stared open-mouthed at Frank.

"Where the hell did you learn how to do that?"

Frank pushed his hair out of his face and shrugged.

"I dunno. It's something you pick on the streets."

They were currently kneeling on the floor of a random BMW. Okay, not exactly random. Frank just had to steal the nicest car in their California apartment building's parking lot.

Gerard raised an eyebrow and switched flashlight holding hands.

"Frank, seriously, you were never on the streets. Where did you learn how to hot-wire a car?"

Frank shushed Gerard and said, "I need to concentrate. Shut up and hold that flashlight steady."

Gerard nodded and saluted Frank.

"Sir, yes sir!"

Frank shot Gerard 'The Look', and then turned back to the mess of wires he had just ripped out from the car. He carefully gripped the blue wire and the red wire, and slowly brought them together. A bright blue spark shot out, and then, the engine started.

Frank sat up and looked at Gerard with a look of sheer surprise on his face. Gerard grabbed Frank's face and kissed him, grinning widely.

"I love you so much Frankie! Now get in the passenger's seat so we can get the hell out of here."

Frank nodded, smiling also, and climbed into the passenger seat.

Gerard revved the engine, and asked, "How come we had a beat up Toyota? I mean, seriously, we could've gotten one of these babies awhile ago."

Frank looked at Gerard strangely, and then casually glanced out the rear-window.

"Jesus Christ, Gerard! Drive! Now!" he half-gasped, half-screamed.

Gerard didn't ask questions; he just peeled out of the parking lot, going well above the speed limit. Both men almost screamed as the sound of sirens gathered behind them.

"Way to be nonchalant, Gerard! Now they're chasing us!" Frank screamed.

Gerard gripped the wheel with both hands, his knuckles turning white as he pressed the gas pedal a bit harder.

"I'm sorry; I panicked! I don't do well under pressure!" Gerard yelled back, his left eye twitching.

Frank looked out the rear window again, and turned to look at Gerard.

"I know you don't do well under pressure; I'm dating you for Christ's sake!"

Gerard turned a very sharply onto the highway, and the wheels squealed loudly.

"No sex jokes," Gerard growled as he slammed sown on the gas pedal even harder. The sirens were growing louder as more and more police cars joined the now high speed chase.

Gerard gripped the wheel tighter, if possible, and swallowed hard.

"I'm gonna try to lose 'em, Frankie. I'm sorry. I love you so much."

Frank's eyes went wide as he exclaimed fearfully, "Goodbye? Why are you saying goodbye? What are you going to do?"

Gerard yelled, "Hang on!"

Gerard slammed on the brakes, and the car spun wildly out of control. It skidded into the other lane, and the sounds of the two young men's screams melding with the sound of the incoming cars horns.

Somehow, Gerard managed to grab the wheel and regain control of the car. He quickly pulled the most amazing maneuver in the universe. He somehow managed to do a U-turn, and mix back in with the incoming traffic. Out of the five police cars that had been chasing them, only two remained. The other three were in a horrendous crash that included four civilian cars.

The two remaining cars weren't chasing them anymore, though. They were assisting in trying to free the victims of the crash.

Gerard had tears rolling down his cheeks, but he kept his eyes locked on the road. He didn't look at Frank, who was laughing through his tears.

"Oh my God, Gerard. I can't believe you managed to pull that. That was amazing! I seriously thought that we were going to die."

Gerard, not removing his eyes from the road, whispered, "I wonder how many people I just killed."

Frank stopped smiling, and said, "Gerard, you had to. We would've been caught."

Gerard didn't answer, and the two sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes.

Gerard cleared his throat.

"We need to get off the next exit. We have to change cars, because we both know that the police have this license plate. And we need money, food, and a change of clothes. Is there any way that we can get those things done without stealing?"

Frank swallowed hard.

"I guess. I mean, they can't have shut off our credit cards yet, right?"

Gerard nodded slowly, and made the turn onto the exit.

"Temecula," Gerard said softly.

Frank looked around, and commented, "Wow. Small town."

Gerard nodded numbly, and said, "Look out for a mall."

Gerard drove around for a few minutes, and the two men silently searched for anything mall-like.

After awhile, Frank gasped, "There! Turn right! Ginormous mall right there!"

Gerard quickly obeyed, and the car pulled into the parking lot.

Gerard looked at Frank with sad eyes, and said, "This is the beginning of our new life, under assumed names, right?"

Frank nodded and wrapped an arm around Gerard's shoulders.

"I love you, Gerard. I'll stick with you until the end."

Gerard smiled, and pushed a pair of over-sized Gucci sun-glasses onto his nose.

"Let's go, Joey Smith."

"Okay, Brendan Johnson. And my name's not Joey. That name sucks."

"Sucks for you, Joey," Gerard said, walking away.

"Gerard!" Frank yelled in protest.

"It's Brendan, dummy. Well, anyway, come on, Joey. The mall awaits."


A/N- OMG!! DRAMA!! HUMOUR!! ROMANCE!!! ANGST!!!!WHAT DOESN'T THIS STORY HAVE???? Oh, yeah. Half of the band. Heh. REVIEW!!!!

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