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Darkest Times

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Jaina and Jacen are back but so are Hethrir and Brakiss.... what's going to happen when they kidnap Jaina and Zekk? How will everyone react?

Category: Young Jedi Knights - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance, Sci-fi - Characters: Anakin Solo, Han Solo, Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo, Leia Organa-Solo, Lowie, Luke Skywalker, Raynar Thul, Tenel Ka, Zekk - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-11-30 - Updated: 2006-12-01 - 806 words

A/N: I am only writing this for my joy so don't say it needs more action or more romance because it won't happen. Now this is going to be mostly JZ but also some JTK, AT, and RL. Anakin is not dead in this series and neither is Lusa or anyone of the other knights that died and neither have some of the bad guys, Jaina and Zekk have not drifted apart nor has anyone else. If anyone knows the book that Hethrir kidnaped the twins and Anakin in I would be glad to know so I can include things about that(if I don't find out I'll make up facts about it)

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or the Young Jedi Knights series no matter how much I want to.

*Chapter one*

"Zekk! Jacen!" Jaina shouted coming to a halt in front of the two, "Where is everyone?!"

"Well Anakin and Tahiri are in the forest and..." Jacen started before being cut off by Jaina's frantic voice.

"How can they be in the forest right now!" Jaina said in a panic, "Is everyone else inside the temple?"

"Everyone else is inside the temple, but why should they be?" Zekk answered her.

"There are voxyn in the forest around the academy!" Jaina shouted running out of the academy with Jacen and Zekk following close behind.

*****with Anakin and Tahiri******

"Anakin!" Tahiri shouted as the boy in front of her was hit by a blast of acid from the voxyn. The two had been battling the voxyn for a while now and had not been able to defeat the thing. Tahiri ran forward with her lightsaber drawn ready to kill the thing in front of her, she had barely made it two feet when the voxyn opened its mouth and roared, causing a blast that made blood pour from her ears. A few minutes later Jaina, Jacen, and Zekk came out of the forest to help the three were a big enough distraction for Tahiri to plunge her lightsaber through the voxyn. Relieved that the creature was dead the group ran over to Anakin, immediately panicking at the amount of injury he had sustained during the battle.

"We have to get him out of here before he bleeds to death, Tahiri can you force lift him to the academy?" Jaina asked her brother's best friend stared at his limp body.

"Sure, but why me, when one of you could do it faster?" Tahiri questioned Jaina.

"Because if another voxyn attacks you can run with Anakin to the academy so that defeat the voxyn and get him to safety faster," Jaina replied worriedly.

Silence followed her words while everyone wondered about what was going to happen, the silence held for a few more minutes before Zekk broke the silence by saying "Alright, we had best be leaving before another voxyn does attack,"

The group left the clearing they had been in, and slowly progressed towards the Jedi Academy. The team had gone through half of the forest before the presence of a voxyn disturbed the quiet.

"Tahiri, get Anakin to the Jedi Academy as fast as you can!" Jaina shouted over her shoulder as she ran to distract the beast.

As Jaina ran towards the voxyn she pulled her lightsaber from beneath her cloak. Zekk and Jacen weren't far behind and the voxyn started spitting acid at the pair, neither was hit by the acid and continued going forward. The voxyn let loose a screech that made blood pour from the trios ears. The voxyn then spit some more acid this time aimed at Jaina, she was not as lucky as the boys and the acid hit her in the chest.

"Jaina!" Jacen shouted as Zekk ran over to her.

Zekk kneeled down next to Jaina and pulled her head into his lap. She lay unconscious in his lap while her brother finished the voxyn off.

"Zekk, get Jaina out of here!" Jacen shouted as a second voxyn came into the battle.

"I can't leave you here by yourself!" Zekk shouted back.

"He won't be alone, just get Jaina back to the academy!" Tenel Ka said running out of the forest followed closely by Raynar, Lusa, and Lowie.

Zekk lifted Jaina into his arms and ran through the forest intent on reaching the Jedi Academy before the girl he loved died. Zekk finally reached the academy and ran inside immediately receiving help for Jaina, Master Skywalker had sensed that Anakin and Jaina were in danger and readied the medical facilities.

"What about Jacen, Tenel Ka, Lowie, Raynar, and Lusa?" Zekk asked concerned for his friends safety.

"We will have to see how long it takes the five of them to return, don't worry we'll sense if they get hurt," Luke Skywalker reassured the young man.
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