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Love Blessed

by Rous 2 reviews

Song written for my story. Based on an Enya song. Midi can be found here: Used with permission from the website.

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy, Romance - Published: 2006-12-01 - Updated: 2006-12-01 - 184 words - Complete


I hear your voice sound in the night
Crying softly, please come to me
Hush, my love, lie safe in my arms
Be not afraid
All fears allayed

Your heart speaks to mine without words
Speaks of what you have to offer
Speaks of all the promise of life
Love fills our days
With joy always
We look to see
What yet will be

As we journey through this life
Overcoming trial and strife
Breathing in the love we share
Trusting with our hearts laid bare

Through the years as I watch love grow
Hearts entwined, we face together
All of the struggles life holds in store
We can endure
If love's kept pure
Our hearts we bind
Our life to find

Only time can tell if we are
Destined by love to reach a star
We can sail the ocean's wave crest
We know by the One we are blest

When our journey's close to the end
We can rest just knowing we are
Now to step into eternity
Go hand in hand
Heaven's a land
We'll walk that shore
Now, evermore

©2004 rous
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