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Right after the Good Charlotte and Simple Plan concert in Atlanta, GA in 2005. This story was originally posted on my friend's page.

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The concert was over and the boys of Simple Plan and Good Charlotte got onto their bus.

"Man that was rockin'!" David exclaimed while jumping onto the bus. Pierre looked at David and smiled. "Yeah... it was. Pierre yawned. "Someone sleepy?" Seb asked while grabbing a bottle of water. "No, just tired Seb." Pierre replied as he yawned again.

"Benji, would you get your sweaty ass off of me?" yelled Joel. "Oh you're a party-pooper." Benji said frowning knowing good and well that Joel wouldn't buy it. Benji turned to Seb. "Hey Seb, wanna play video games?" Benji asked expecting Seb to say yes. "Sure, your ass is going down boy." Benji playfully punched Seb in the arm. "Yeah right! You wish punk!" Benji and Seb walked toward the back of the bus closing the curtain behind them.

"Pierre, are you okay?" Joel asked while sitting down beside him. "I'm fine Joel. I'm just tired." Pierre yawned once again.

Billy and Chuck came though the curtains from the back of the bus giggling to themselves. "David, retard, Benji." They both giggled simultaneously.

"What's so funny?" asked David. Billy and Chuck burst into laughter, stopped in mid-giggled, looked at David, and burst into another fit of giggles. "Ben...ji. They giggled. Said... that saying... Hotlanta." Billy commented back. Billy and Chuck burst out in laughter again. "He what? Oh his ass is grass when I'm though with him." David said running to the back of the bus within five seconds. "Ow David! You bitch, get back here." Benji yelled as David came back to the others in the front of the bus. Pierre and Joel couldn't help but to laugh when they saw the look of horror on David's face as he ran past them to the door of the bus." Whoa, David! Watch it man." Paul said attempting to get on the bus as David hid behind Jeff. "David, are you okay?" Jeff asked with one eyebrow cocked up in confusion. "Shh, Joel's evil twin is after me." David said from behind him. "What did you do this time?" Paul laughed. "Billy and Chuck said that Benji called me a retard for saying "Hotlanta." " Said David. " Oh don't listen to those two. They were pulling your leg." Said Jeff as he got onto the bus. David followed.
"Where's David? I'm going to kick his ass for jumping me." Benji said to Joel. "I have no clue Benji.' Joel said as Pierre lay his head in Joel's lap. Joel put a hand to Pierre's forehead. Pierre's head felt warm. "Look behind Jeff." Billy said while still laughing with Chuck at the whole situation. "Don't listen to Billy, bro. He set him up, it's not David's fault... much." Joel responded. Billy and Chuck stopped laughing and looked at Joel. "Traitor." Chuck said as Seb came to the front of the bus to see what took Benji so long. "Who's a traitor?" Seb asked in confusion. "Joel." said Billy. At that, Billy too Chuck to the back to ... do "stuff" while muttering about being tired.

Seb watched as Billy and Chuck go to the back room and shut the door. "When are they ever going to announce that they're dating?" Everyone started laughing when Billy opened the door and threw a shoe at Seb. "Oh, Joel please tell me you're not gay." Benji said making everyone go quiet. "What?" Joel said while absentmindedly stroking Pierre's hair. "Bro, you're playing with Pierre's hair." Joel stopped what he was doing and blushed. "Oh. Well, he isn't feeling well so I did it out of habit. Remember when we were kids and when you didn't feel good? You'd lie in my lap and I would stroke your hair?" Benji just shrugged his shoulders and sat behind Joel.

"David, would you quit that?" Jeff asked as he pulled David's hand from around his waist. "David, come here." Benji said as David hid behind Jeff. "God, David, get off me! It's not like Benji's gonna bite your head off!" Jeff said franticly as he pulled David from behind him. "I won't bite...hard." Benji said laughing when David squeaked and hid behind Paul. "Oh no you don't. I'm doing to bed." Paul said as he pushed David into Benji's lap. David tried to get up but felt two hands hold him down. "Oh, come on, Dave, I'm not that scary." Benji said as he tightened his grip on David. "Have you looked in the mirror lately?" David retorted as he struggled to get out of Benji's strong grip. Benji gave David a smack on the ass causing David to give a yelp of pain. Paul and Jeff meanwhile made their way to the beds and Seb followed suit.

Ten minutes later Joel had Benji help him put Pierre to bed. Benji went back to the front to find David lying on the couch half asleep. "Look tired." Benji said to him. David sat up quickly eyeing Benji. "What?" Benji questioned him. David tried to say something but quickly closed his mouth. Benji sat down beside David looking concerned. "David, what's wrong?" "Nothing." "Looks like something." "Tired I guess." "Well, I figured that much, we all are." "Yeah." "Come on, you can sleep in my bunk with me." "Okay." Benji got up pulling David up with him. They walked silently over to the bunk area. When they got there, David looked at Benji and the bunk awkwardly. "David, it's not like I'm gonna rape you." "Benji, you can't rape the willing." David replied with a slyly. Benji smirked and moved closer to David. David could feel Benji's warm breath on his cheek. Benji pushed David into the bunk and got on top of him. Benji...I... please..." was all David could say before Benji closed the space between them and gently kissed David on the lips. The kiss surprised David but he found himself kissing back. Soon after, David pulled away from the kiss. "Benji... I... please." He said repeating himself. "David, I told you earlier, I won't bite. I promise. Now, let's just sleep. Everyone is just tired from performing tonight." Benji said sleepily. "Alright." David and Benji did just that.

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