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Funny Panic! drabble Please read this one before "That's Not A Kitty"

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Brendon: "I'm a Brendy Kitty."
Ryan: (sarcastically) "Yes you are."

Brendon comes up behind Spencer close to his ear. "Meeeeeeeeeeeeooooooow!!!"


Ryan shakes his head.

Ryan: "Dude... you're weird."
Brendon: "Meow?"

As Jon walks in, Brendon starts to follow him around the room.

Jon: "Brendon, what are you doing?"
Brendon: "...Nothing." (stares at Jon)
Jon: "Stop it! You're scaring me."
Brendon: "I'm not doing anything..."

Jon looks at Brendon angrily.

Brendon: "I love you!"

He bats his eyelashes at Jon.

Jon: "Uh... I love you too Brendon."

Brendon hugs Jon.

Jon: "Uh... Brendon, let go of me."
Brendon: "No!!!"
Jon: "Spencer, help me! Pry him off me!"
Spencer: "Do it yourself."

Brendon tries to lick Jon's neck.

Ryan just shakes his head.
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