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That's Not A Kitty

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Brendon finds himself in quite the predicament... (Drabble)Sequel to "Meow." Please read that one first.

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Fall Out Boy/Panic! At The Disco

That's Not A Kitty.

Pete: "Hey Pat, wanna see my kitty?"
Patrick: "What?"
Pete: "My new pet."
Patrick: (sarcastically) "Brendon's not a cat."
Pete: "Yes he is, just look at him! He has the ears, the tail, and the affectious nature of one. Face it, he's a cat."

Brendon walks over to Patrick and starts rubbing his head on Patrick's shoulder.

Brendon: "Meow?"
Patrick: "Um... this is more disturbing than the cartoon I saw the other day."

Andy walks into the room and looks over to Brendon and Patrick. : "I don't even want to know..."

Andy leaves the room.

Joe, Spencer, and Jon come in.

Jon: "Do you guys know why Andy stormed out of the room mumbling something about Brendon and a cat?... Oh. God. Nevermind."

Brendon goes back to Pete and starts licking his face.

Joe: "Don't ask, don't tell."

Jon: "So that's why they're always together...'

Spencer: "... but I thought Brendon was with Ry... Ooops..." (covers mouth)

Ryan walks into the room.

Brendon: "Uh... oh."

Ryan: "What's going on Brendon?"

Pete: "Brendon's dating me."

Brendon: "I'm gonna go ...get some water." (runs out of room)
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