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"I've never been to the sea. I'll bet it's beautiful."

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Disclaimer: I don't own Van Helsing.

A/N: A short oneshot, taken from a scene from Van Helsing, where Anna says, "I've never been to the sea. I'll bet it's beautiful." It's the same idea as 'Close your eyes'. I would also like to say a DEEP thank-you to Wolfess, who reviewed 'Close your eyes'. My thanks for your review are inexpressible. Your review helped me regain my confidence in writing. Mucho Gracias.


A look of peace fell upon the face of Anna Valerious. The mere mention of the sea brought a feeling of contentment over her. As a young child she had often dreamed of the sparkling blue expanse that had been described to her by her father. He had once, when she was very young, promised to take Velkan and her to the ocean, but after their mother was killed by Dracula, her father had become obsessed with finding Dracula's lair. A year before, when the King of the Gypsies had left to go to the sea Anna had begged him to take her with him, but he had refused and left before dawn broke the next day. Anna had never seen him again, but she believed that he was somewhere with her mother looking down on the sea that they had all loved so dearly.
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