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Chapter 1

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After a concert, Gerard's back hurts really bad. He goes to sleep only to wake up the next morning and find that something is horribly wrong...

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Hi there! I've been lurking for a little while now, thinking about signing up but always finding some excuse. But when my brother joined I figured I really didn't have an excuse anymore. So here we are. This is technically my first MCR fic as the other one I'm working on is a draft for Gee and an MCR/ (not gonna tell) crossover.
Well, enjoy.
Review, pwease. Don't make me turn on 'the cute'. It's worked on my brother, on Frankie and multiple others.

Disclaimer: I own myself, as do the guys.


"Mikey," I whined.

"What, Gee?" Mikey asked, exasperated as we stepped into our tour bus behind Ray, Frank and Bob.

"My back really hurts," I said. It did. My back was killing me. It felt like someone had stabbed me, quite literally, in the back.

"Well, then, take some aspirin and go lay down," he said "You could use the rest and you probably just jarred your back on stage."

"But it didn't start hurting until that fan-girl slammed into my back and that sharp pain ripped up my spine," I whimpered.

"Just... go to sleep, Gee," Mikey sighed.

"'kay," I mumbled stumbling towards my bunk, my limbs becoming heavier and harder to move.

I crawled into my bunk, drew my sheets up to my chest and pulled the curtain on my bunk closed.

I quickly fell asleep.


"Yo, Gee!" I heard Ray say, followed by my shoulder being nudged "Time to wake up."

I tried to open my eyes but quickly discovered that I couldn't. I was confused for a moment and then figured that the guys had put duct tape over my eyes... again.

"Ha ha, great joke guys," I said. Or at least that's what I tried to say. As I tried to speak, I found that I couldn't open my mouth. Great, they'd put duct tape over my mouth too.

I tried to make some sort of noise to indicate that I was not happy but no sound escaped my throat.

'Oh shit,' I thought.

I tried to move my limbs.

'Double shit!'

"Gee, stop messin' around and get up," I heard Frank say in an annoyed tone "We wanna go get breakfast."

What was I gonna do? I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. Hell, I couldn't even open my eyes!

I wanted to scream so fucking badly, but I couldn't.

"Why isn't he responding? Or moving?" Mikey's concerned voice was music to my ears. Someone had figured out that something was wrong "He's not that heavy a sleeper."

A familiar hand grabbed my arm and dropped it. I felt my arm fall limply to the mattress. It happened again and each time my arm bounced slightly and landed ever closer to the edge of the bunk.

My arm was picked up again and then dropped back to the bed. This time it slipped completely off and rolled a little.

"Jesus," I heard Bob mutter "His skin's so cold and clammy."

Bob was lucky that I couldn't move, otherwise I would've hit him in the crotch long ago.

"I-is he breathing?" Mikey stuttered.

"I dunno," Ray muttered "Check."

I felt a spindly hand, no doubt Mikey's, brush the long black strands of hair from my face.

If I could've, I would've kissed him for that as the hair was starting to tickle my nose. But then again, kissing my brother would be weird and wrong.

I sensed the presence of a hand above my nose and mouth. I inhaled and immediately wished I hadn't had to breathe or that my sense of smell could've stopped as well.

I gagged lightly on the smell radiating from what I was certain was Mikey's hand. I wanted to scream 'Jesus, Mikey! Your hand reeks! How long has it been since you washed it!' but my mouth refused to form the words.

Mikey's hand moved away from my face and the cool, relatively odourless air that hit my nose was bliss.

"Yeah, he's still breathing." I heard Mikey sigh.

I could picture the look on his face. Scared, worried and confused as he stared at his nervously shifting feet. I wished I could hug him and tell him that it would be alright, but I couldn't.

"You- you..." I heard Ray begin "You don't think he slipped some drugs while we weren't looking do you?"

'Oh god, no! Don't go there, please! You know I wouldn't do that!' I screamed internally. I wished that I could tell them I was awake.

"He- he wouldn't!" Mikey cried. A pause "Would he?"

'Jee, thanks for the vote of confidence, Mikes,' I thought dryly.

"We need to call an ambulance," I heard Frank say "Mikey, stay with Gerard in case he comes to."

"Right," Mikey said. I heard his knees hit the floor beside my bunk as the other three walked away. "Gee, please be okay." I heard him say as he began to gently stroke my hand and face. "Please..." I could hear him crying quietly.

Wait... did my hand just twitch?

I heard Mikey sniff "Gee...?"

"Ughhh..." Was that me?

"Gee!" he squealed.

"Muh...key...?" I mumbled.

"Gerard? Bro' are you okay?" he said "Oh, wait! Stupid question." I imagine he's probably shaking his head.

"Soh...ree..." I spoke almost unintelligibly as I felt my grip on consciousness slipping quickly.

"What for, Gerard?" his voice got more distant as my senses dulled and I fell into deep unconsciousness.

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