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My First Panic! At The Disco Show

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This is my first patd fic, first fic ever actually, and sorry if its sloppy. Myself(Nikki)/Ryan Ross, Britney(a friend)/Andy (FOB), mild language, there could be sexual themes... Put it PG-13. I st...

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It's the day of my 18th bithday and I am getting ready for a concert that i got tickets for from my mom as a gift. Right now i am looking for something to wear for tonight and i finally found something i pick out a pear of black pants and a red shirt that said "Kiss the Bassist" and a pair of black boots i get dressed and do my makeup then i get up and get the phone and flip it open and dial Britneys number. I wait as it rings once then twice then she picks up.
"Hello" she says
~Hey Brit you ready to go?~ I ask
"Yeah almost give me a couple of minutes" She says
~Ok you finish getting ready and I will head that way to you then we can go see Panic!~I said
"Ok love see in a little"she says smiling
~Ok Bye~I said
"Bye" she says and hangs up
I hang up the phone and get my bag and head downstairs
~MOM~i yelled
"Yeah Nikki" She says coming into the living room
~I just wanted to tell you that I'm leaving for the concert~i said
"Ok have fun and be careful"she says hugging me
~I will mom and I don't know what time i will be back so don't wait up ok~i said
"ok love you" she says
~Love you too~I yelled walking out the door to my Black and Red Dodge Ram. I get in and start it up and put in Panic! At the disco cd and turn it and back out of the drive way. About 5 minutes later I pull up into Britney's driveway and honk the horn. She comes running out and jumps in.
"Hey"She says
~Hey ready for a kick ass show~I ask pulling out of the driveway
"Yeah i can't wait"she says
~Hey Brit I have a surpise that i didn't show you i got them from my aunt~ i said
~Open my bag and get them out they are with the tickets~ I told her
She gets them out and her eye grew wide.
"Holy shit Nikki you got backstage passes? How the hell did you get these"she asks
~Like i said i got them from my aunt for my birthday she said i should have them~i said as i shrug
"This is going to be so much fucking funand we get to meet them on your birthday"she says as she jumps around.
I start laughing and shaking my head
~yeah it should be good i finally get to meet Ryan Ross and we both are legal~i said as I pull up to the concert hall. We get out and went to the doors and show them our passes and we went in.
Britney started freaking out when we seen the band walking up to us.
"Are one of you Nikki"Spencer asks
~Yes that is me~I said
~Oh and Mrs.Hyper here is my best friend Britney~I said to them
"Hi"They said together
"Hey" Brit and I said together
we just stand there looking around not talking till Brendon started talking
"Well since we all know eachother I was told it was your birthday today" he says
~Yep my 18th and it great so far~I said looking ovet at Ryan
"Cool well we hope you guys have fun tonight we have soundcheck"Brendon said
We all started walking to the dressingroom and Spencer pulls me aside.
~Yes Spence~I ask
"I was told that you like one of the guys in the band and I know who that special person is,So i am going to do something special for you"He said smiling
`Oh God what is he going to do` I thought
~mmm Ok but who told you that i liked someone and who do i like if you know~i asked
"Hmm i am not telling you who told me but i know you like Ryan,am I right?"He asked smiling at me
I just nod my head and i look down feeling the heat rise in my cheeks.
I look up and see Britney and the guys talking and i just smile.
Then i look back at Spencer and said
~Please dont tell him~
~I mean he didnt even talk to me so i dont think he likes me~I said looking down
"Ok I won't tell him till my surpise" He said
I hugged him and as i did so i seen Ryan looking our way with a hurt look on his face.
~Thank you Spencer~I said as i let go
"No problem let get back to the guys before they kill me for being late for soundcheck"He said laughing
~ok~i said
We walk back over to the guys.
I just wanted to be funny so i run up and jumped on Brendon's back.
~Hello Brendo~ i said
"Hello Nikki" he said as he dropped me
~Owwwie that hurt Brendon~I said pouting as i stayed there
he just stuck he tongue out at me
I looked back to my feet and seen a hand reached out
I look up at a pair of pretty brown eyes
I smiled and toke his hand and let him help me up
~Thank you Ryan~I said as i hugged him
"Your welcome Bones" He said with a smile
I looked at him wide eyed
~How did you know my nickname?~I asked
"Britney told me when you were talking to Spencer" He said smiling a beautiful smile
~ok but dont tell anyone else because that is a special name~ I said winking at him
I walked back over to Britney and hit her over the head
"Oww what the fuck was that for" She yelled looking at me
~That was for telling Ryan my nickname~I said glaring at her
"Well sorry for talking about you to your loverboy" she said laughing
I smaked her arm
~He is not my loverboy dammit~I said a little louder then i wanted to
All the guys stop talking and looked at me
~What~I asked
"Who were you talking about 'He is not my loverboy'?"Brendon asked
~No one~I said looking down so no one could tell i was blushing
"Right" he said raising a eyebrow at me
~Anyways i thought you guys said u had soundcheck?~i asked
Fast Forward till the middle of the concert

" All right everyone we have a birthday girl here tonight and it her 18th birthday so we thought it would be fun to give her a surpise"Brendon said into the mic
I stoud at the sidestage with a blindfold on for some damn reason
"Britney came you please bring the birthday girl to me please" he said
i felt Britney take my hand and walked me to Brendon
"Thank you Britney ok for the surpise i am going to get Spencer up here to do it" He said holding on to my shoulders
"Ok she i found out today from someone that Nikki here has a crush on one of us but i am the only one that know so here is the surpise" he said looking around
"Ryan can you come here a minute please"He asked him
Ryan goes a put his guitar down then walks over the Spencer
"Ok what do i have to do with this surpise Spencer"Ryan asks
"Well you see i am going to tell everyone who she likes and that person get to give her a kiss"he said smiling
My jaw dropped `there is no fucking way he is going to get Ryan to kiss me` I thought as i stoud there
~Can we get there over with please so i can take this damn thing off~I asked
"Yes we can so does everyone want to know who she likes"He asked the crowd
You can hear everyone yell yes
I was starting to get scared and i think Brendon could tell me he keep telling me it was ok
"Ok so the person she like is you Ryan that is why i asked you to come here"He said
~Oh God~I said
"What there is no way you are going to get me to kiss her i just meet her. Nikki there is nothing wrong with you i just dont know you" He said
I take the blindfold off and look at him with tears in my eyes and said
~Fine you dont have to do a damn thing~
and i ran off stage and to the dressing room and on the way there i ran into someone but i couldnt tell who they would since i was crying
~I so sorry are you ok~I asked wipping the tears away
"Yeah i am fine are you ok"He person asked
~Yeah i guess you can say that,Im Nikk by the way~I said
"Ok Im Pete is it nice to meet you "He said shaking my hand
"Are you the one they had one stage with the big surpise" He asked
I just looked down so he couldnt see i started crying again and i just nodded my head
~Yeah that was me why do you to laugh at me just like the crowd did~I asked looking up at him
"No i dont want to laugh at you i was coming to see if you were ok and by the looks of it you are not ok"He said giving me a hug I just cried into his chest
I finally stopped crying and looked at him
~I am so sorry about you shirt~ I asked looking at his shirt
"Its ok its just a shirt no big deal. Are you ok now?"He asked
~Yeah i think i am thank you. I guess i should go look for my friend so we can head home~I said
"Could your friend has Brown hair about to her shoulder and dressed something like you"he asked
~Yeah why~I asked
"Oh because she is over there making out with my drummer"he said laughing and pointing over to one of the amps
rolling my eyes ~Great now i am never going to get home~I said rubbing my forehead
"Why do u want to go home the concert is not even over yet" He asked looking at me
~Well now i am not in the mood for a concert and this was one shity birthday so i just want to go home sleep~ i said
"Oh well can i have your number so we can keep in touch" He asked
~Sure~I asked take out one of my cards and giving it to him
"Thanks i will call you tomorrow and maybe we can go out to lunch or something" He said smiling
~Sure sounds good~i said
"cool" He said
~Well i am going to go and grab my friend and head out~I said
"Ok i will come help"He said as we walked over to Andy and Britney
~Come on Britney we have to get going you can see Andy tomorrow~I said pulling her from him
"Ok fine take away from my fun just because you did get what you wanted"she said looking at me
I looked at her with tears in my eyes and walked away shaking my head
"Nikki i didnt mean that"She yelled
I was walking with my head down and ran into someone once again
I looked up to see Ryan standing there
~oh mm so sorry Ryan~I said
"Its ok"He said walking around me
I just sat there with my head in my hand crying I felt someone pick me up
"Shhh its okay everything will be fine"Brendon said
I just hugged onto him tighter
"Come on you cant drive like this you are coming back to the hotel"He said
~No its ok i will be fine and i dont want to make Ryan made at me for being there i will just go home and you guys will forget about me~I said trying to get out of his arm
"No its ok im rooming with Spencer anyway and i know you and him are friends just please stay with us so i know you are safe for tonight and then you can go home"He said looking down at me
I just nodded my head and layed it on his chest
We went back to the dressing room
He put me on the couch by Spencer when we got in the dressingroom
~Hi Spence~I said
"Hey Nick how are u doing"he asked rubbing my back
~As good as its going to get i guess i just want to sleep~i said looking at him
"Well we should be leave as soon as Ryan and Brendon get out of the shower"he said
`Please tell me that its to different showers`i thought
"Lay your head down on my lap and rest till they are ready"he said
~Ok if u dont mind~I said
I layed my head down and he starts playing with my hair and then soon i a sleep
Spencer POV
I am sitting here with Nikki's head on my lap waiting a Brendon and Asshole to get done i cant believe Ryan did that to her and on her birthday and i wanted my present to be good and it just turn out her crying.
"Is she alright"Jon asked
~Yeah i think she will be fine as long as Ryan stays away from her~I said
"Yeah we will make sure he is not near her"Jon said
I nod my head still running my fingers throw Nikki's hair
Then i looked up and seen Ryan and Brendon coming in
~Brendon are u ready we need to get her to bed~I asked
"Yeah we can go do u want me to take her or you"He asked
~I will do it i think~i said
"Okay then lets head out"He said
"What is wrong with her"Ryan asked
~Well someone broke her heart on her birthday ~I said glaring at him
"Ok i get i broke her heart i am sorry but i dont kiss girls i dont know"He said
~But u kiss Brendon all the time and u are not Gay all u had to was give her a kiss for her damn birthday~I yelled
"Yes Brendon is different i have known him for years and yes i am not gay but it is for the fans"Ryan yelled back
"SHUT THE HELL UP"Nikki yelled
~"Sorry~" Ryan and I said together
Back To Nikki's POV

My god who in the hell is yelling because who every it is needs to stop
"Sorry"Ryan and Spencer said
~Its fine its just not working with my headache~i said
Brendon comes over to me and hugs me
~Where is Britney~I asked
"She went to the hotel with Andy"Jon said
~Oh some friend she is~I said rolling my eyes
"Well we will she her soon because we have the hotel"Spencer Said
~Well i will just leave her there and someone can bring her home because i am leaving and thank you Spencer and Brendon for taking care of me but i am going home because i know Ryan doesnt want me here~i said looking at the three in front of me
"No u dont have to go"Spencer said
~I do have to go because i dont want to brake up Panic and u guys are fighting because of me~I said getting up
"Well i am coming with u so i know u are ok and then i will find a away to get to the hotel"Brendon said
~No u dont have to just go and get some sleep in a bed and not a bunk~i said looking at him
i felt someone tap me shoulder i turn around a come face to face with Ryan
~What Ryan u want to say something else to hurt me~I asked
"No i just want to talk so i am going with you so we can talk ok "He asked looking into my eyes
~Fine it doesnt help that fact that i love your eyes~I said looking down
"Fine Ryan u do anything to hurt her anymore Panic will be looking for a new Guitarist"Brendon said
~I have a idea~i said
"What"they said
~why dont u guys stay at the house so Brendon can watch over me~i said
"Ok that would work but what about your mom"Spencer asked
~How did u know i live with my mom~I asked with my eyebrow raised
"mmmm"he said
~right let me go call her and ask k~i said walking out of the room
Phone Conv.
"Hello"Mom said
~Hey mom i have a question~I said
"Ok what is it"She said
~Hmm can i bring home some friends~i asked
"Sure how many friends are coming home"She asked
~mm four~I said
"Ok i will get there name when u get here ok"she says
~ok thanks mom i love you~i said
"Love you too Nikki see you soon"She said and hangs up
End of Phone Conv.
I walk back into the room and tell them it is ok
"Ok sweet"Jon said
~are we ready to go~i asked
"yeah"they said together
~ok i will show you were my truck is~i said walking out of the room
we are walking down the hall and i feel someone beside me i look over and its Ryan
~Yes Ryan~i asked
"Nothing i just didnt want to walk with them"he said
~ohh~i said
we walked out of the concer hall
and they're jaws drop when they see my truck
~What~I asked laughing
"that is nice"Brendon said
~thanks it was a birthday present from my dad~i said
i unlock the doors and get in and start it up waiting for everyone to get in
Fast Forward to the house
We got out of the truck and i lock the doors
~Mom~I yelled
she come walking out and stop when she see who is with me
"These are your friends Nikki"She asks
~Yeah its ok if they stay for a little bit right~i asked
"yeah that is fine with me"she said
~cool well i am going to take them upstairs. Is it ok if they same in my room since it is so big?~I asked
"Sure i know i can trust you guys"she said walking away
~Ok guys this way~i said walking upstairs
I opened my door and walked in and let them in
"Wow when u said your room was big i didnt think it was this big"Spencer said looking around
~Yeah i know its just me and mom so we just made the room really big~i said
"kool"they said
~well there are alone three beds so someone will have to share with someone or with me~i said walking over to my cd player
~you guys can just put your stuff anywhere~i said
We just sat around and talked till it was about 2 in the morning
~Hey guys i am going to head to bed~I said getting up
I got my clothes to change into and went to the bathroom and changed
I came out and seen all the guys are in bed and the lights out
So i go over to my bed and get in
~Night guys~I said
"Night"they said
I close my eyes and fall to sleep
The next morning when i opened my eyes i screamed and fell off the bed
~What the hell Ryan I thought Spencer was sleeping in my bed you could have told me that it was you~I yelled
"Sorry i thought Spencer told you that i was sharing with you"He said getting out of bed in just boxers
My eyes grew wide and i started blushing
I walked over to my bed and got my pillow and head Spencer in the head with it
"What the hell Nikki. What was that for?" he asked
~That is for not telling me that i was sharing with Ryan and not you~i said
My phone starts ringing so i walk are to it and answer it without looking at the ID
~Hello~i said
"Hey" the person said
~Who is this~I asked
"Its Britney who else would it be"She said
~Oh hey Britney did u have fun last night~I asked
"Yeah it was alright i was just calling to see how you were doing"She said
The guys are fighting about something in the background
~I am fine now that my heart is back to the normal bet~I said
"Who is that in the background"She asked
~Oh that is Ryan and Spencer i am not sure what they are yelling about~I said looking at the boys
"Oh what are they doing there i thought they are staying at a hotel" she said
~Oh no they are staying here with me since you went off with Andy and felt me to deal with my Broke heart~I said with a bit a anger
"Oh yeah about that i thought you would be fine with Brendon and Spencer"She said
~Well i see who cares about me But anyways what are you doing~I asked
"Oh nothing i was just calling to see if i could come over but the thing is that Fall Out Boy with be with me" She said
~Yeah that is fine my mom is working all day today so it should be cool i will get these guys up and showered and dressed~I said looking at the guys
"Ok see u guys in about 2 hours is that ok"she asked
~Yeah i think that is good cya~I said
"Cya" She said and hung up
~Ok guys that was Britney her and the Fall Out Boy guys are coming over in about 2 hours so we need to get showered and dressed but we only have 2 showers and i know Brendon and Ryan shower together so that helps~I said
They just glared at me
~What its so true~i said
"Whatever"They said
~I can shower with Spencer if that is ok with him~I said
"Yeah that is fine with me as long as i dont have to shower with Jon"he said laughing
~Ok well then Ryan and Brendon can shower in my moms and me and Spence can shower in mine~I said
"k"they said
Fast Forward to when Britney gets there
We all are sitting in the livingroom when the doorbell rings
~I will get it~Brendon and I yell together
So we run to the door and open it just to jumped on by Pete and Britney
"Hey guys"they yell
~Hey Britney and guys. Britney cant breathe~I said
"Oh sorry"she says getting up
~Thank you~I said getting up
And i look over at Pete and Brendon and Pete is still laying on him
~Pete u might want to get up before u kill Panic's lead singer~I said smiling
"Oh right sorry man"He said getting up and helping Brendon up
"Its ok I know you love me Pete"Brendon said kissing Pete's Cheek
"Yeah i do love you that is why i dont want to kill you" Pete says
Me and Britney look at eachother and say
~I feel so unloved~We said
We look back at the guys and they are smiling at us
I look at Britney and say ~Oh God~ just before they all jump on us
~Cant Breathe~Britney and I yell at the same time
They all get up and Andy helps Britney and i just sit there since no one wants to help me
~I am going to my room~I said as i ran to my room and close the door
I fall on my bed crying
`ok i get it no one loves me` i thought
Then i hear a Knock on my door
~Go away~I said into my pillow
"Nikki let me in"Said Spencer
~Go away Spencer just go hang with everyone~i said
Then i hear my door open
~I knew i should have locked that~I said
"Whats wrong sweetheart" he asked
~Everyone knows someone down there and i am like the thirdwheel~I said starting to cry again
"U know me and the guys and u know Pete"He said
~Spencer why does Ryan hate me~I asked
"ummm I dont know"He said
~I mean i never done anything to him it wasnt even my idea at the concert and he just sits there and doesnt say anything to me and i like him so much and it just hurts~I said
"I dont know sweety He is just weird i guess you will have to ask him"he said
~I cant ask him he wont even talk to me how am i going to ask him~ I said
"I dont hate you"
I heard from the door I look up and see Ryan standing there
~Then dont you talk to me~I asked
"I am scared to i am scared i am going to say something stupid"Ryan said
~I dont care if u say something stupid I just want you to talk to me~I said
"I am sorry i have been a asshole to you i was just scared i guess"Ryan said
~Its ok Ryan i still love you~I said I throw my hand over my mouth after i said that
"Yo you love me"He asks
I smile shyly and nod my head.

First fic, thanks for reading!
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