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Shenanigans! On The Tour Bus.

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Just... Slash of a MikexTre' variety. :] I'm just getting started so bear with me.

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Disclaimer: This never happened, I don't own Green Day therefore I cannot make them do this.

Note: This is written in Tre' Cool's Point Of View. HIS thoughts. The slash takes a while to get going so bear with me. The lyrics are mine.

I'm in overdrive; with nothing else to hide...

I opened one blue eye and scanned across the untidy room, I was spread out across the couch and had no idea how I'd got there. I smirked to myself, Man, I got laid. I rolled over before the angry glare of the clock met my eyes. "Oh shit! 2:30? I'm late goddammit!" I leapt off the couch and ran upstairs. I reached under my bed, pulling out a large suitcase. Unzipping it, I ran over to my wardrobe, muttering to myself as I tossed the clothes into the case, "Boxers, going-out shirt, T-Shirts, pants, condoms..." I stopped grinning to myself but I knew there were never any hot girls on tour. If they were girls, they either looked suspiciously like guys or were lesbians . I continued "Socks, smart shoes, handcuffs?" I shook his head but dropped the red, fluffy edged things in anyway. I haven't played Policeman in a while. I zipped up the case but paused looking down to my attire. My grubby shirt from last night and my boxers were not satisfactory clothing to go to the airport in. Even thought I could imagine what Mike and Billie would say. I sighed unzipping the case and pulling out a T-Shirt and some jeans. Shoving them on, I looked at the watch on my wrist. 2:45. The king of Sex is the best ever. I got ready in 15 minutes. Damn, I'd fuck myself, I'm so damn sexy. SEXY I TELL YOU. Running to the bathroom, I grabbed a handful of wax making a quiff, I smiled to myself as they was a knock at the door. I ran down the stairs, and yanked open the handle. Mike was leaning against the wall, dragging on a cigarette, "Ready to go Tre'?" I nodded before running up the stairs to retrieve my case. "Hey Mike? Isn't my suitcase is FUCKIN' DAMN SEXY!" I pouted as Mike rolled his eyes. Mike then turned around, "Mr. Cool, May I escort you to the car?" I grinned before handing my suitcase to Mike. He shoved it in the boot as I climbed into the back seat. Billie faced me, "Hey Tre'! Why so late?" My mouth just stretched into a wide grin as Mike climbed into the passenger seat and exclaimed "You got laid huh Tre'?" I nodded, I could barely remember it. Ahh well. Another child fathered by me! Hope it has my looks. Billie pulled up outside the airport, "Guys, get your shit outta my boot!" he smirked as I climbed out and heaved my suitcase out of the boot.
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