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The Date

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Gerard and Nicole take a walk through a park,and Nicole suddenly falls from bad ankles.Then,she falls again,but lands ontop of Gerard.What do you think will happen next? ;)

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Gerard and Nicole got out of his car,at the park they both thought nice.It was quiet,except for the occassional bird twittering or dog barking.
It seemed a nice place to have a date.Gerard had actually bought them lunch,but they saved it until they found a nice spot in the grass.Gerard took his jacket and used it as a blanket on the ground,and they sat down on it.
"Gerard,you don't have to use your jacket to-"Nicole began,but Gerard put up one of his fingers to her lips,to silence her.
"I know I don't have to,but we needed a blanket,so I used what we had."he told hre with a smile.
"But,it's leather!"she said.
"It doesn't matter.I'll just buy a new one."he told her with a laugh.She smiled and nodded.
"Gerard,that was a lovely picnic."Nicole said to him happily.
"Thanks."he said with a smile on his face.
"I don't get to go on that many picnics,you know."she told him.
"I don't,either."he said with a small laugh.Gerard jumped a little when he heard Nicole yell behind him,and he turned and saw her on the ground.He walked quickly back to her."Nicole,are you okay?"he asked her.
"Yeah,I've just got weak ankles."she told him,and he helped her up."Thanks."she told him,and she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.Gerard touched the spot where she kissed him on the cheek,slightly blushing.
"Y-your welcome,Nicole."he said.They began to walk through the park again,an uncomfortable silence between them.
Gerard didn't know what to say to Nicole,it was as if his voice was stuck in his throat.
Nicole felt the same way,and she opened her mouth to say something,but couldn't form the words,so she shut it.
Gerard finally found the words he was looking for.They were what he was going to ask her before she kissed him on the cheek."Why do you have weak ankles?"he asked her,glancing at her.She looked at him.
"I was born that way.It was a birth defect because my mom wasn't too responsible when she was pregnant with me."she told him with a small sigh."But I've learned to live with it."she said again,and Gerard smiled slightly.
"Really?Well,atleast you're used to it."he said,and Nicole nodded.
By the time Gerard had to start heading back to the hotel,it had gotten colder.Both Gerard and Nicole were shivering,and Nicole barely had anything on,except for her slightly thick shirt,pants,and a mini sweater.Gerard took his jacket back off and put it on Nicole.
"Gerard,don't.Your just as cold as I am."Nicole told him,but he didn't listen.
"I don't really care.You need to stay warm."he told her,and she sighed and nodded.Gerard took one of her hands in his."You're hands are colder than you are!"he said to her.
"Yeah,they get like that during winter time."she said,and he held her hand tighter.Then he shouted as he was suddenly pulled down by Nicole,who had fallen again.She landed ontop of him,and they stared at eachother for a few minutes,their faces two inches apart.
Gerard was about to get up,until Nicole lowered her face down on his and kissed him lightly on the lips.Gerard was slightly shocked,but didn't fight it.He gave in and kissed her back.
They broke apart after a few seconds,both of them blushing almost crimson red,and Gerard stood up and helped Nicole up.They smiled slightly at eachother,and Gerard took Nicole's hand again.
"Come on.It's getting really cold and we need to get back to my car."he told her,and they walked back through the park to where a map was,and found the parkinglot soon after that.
Gerard unlocked his car and opened the door for Nicole to get in.She sat down with a smile and closed the door.Gerard sat down in the driver's seat,and started the car.He turned on the heater and buckled his seatbelt,and Nicole buckled hers,too.They rode off in the car.
"Nicole,where do you live?"he asked her,and she smiled and told him the directions to her apartment.
Gerard looked at the clock and realized it was two-thirty.'Oh my god!The guys must be worried sick about me!'he thought.
He pulled up into the parking lot of her apartment building,and turned off the car."I'll walk you to your door,okay?"he told her,and she nodded.He followed her,and they finnaly came up to a door with the number 22 on it.
She unlocked the door,and opened it.
"Would you like to come in for a few minutes?"she asked gerard with a glance,he knew he shouldn't,but he did and nodded to her with a smile.
Gerard stepped into the living room,and Nicole took off the jacket he had "made" her wear in the park.
"Please,sit down."Nicole said to him,and he sat down on the couch next to him.She got a soda out and opened it."Would you like some soda?"she asked him,and he smiled and nodded.She poured a little into a glass,and poured basically the same amount into another glass.She gave one to him,and he took a drink of it.
Then Nicole realized why Gerard's name seemed so familiar.He was the lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance!She liked that band,but they weren't her favourite band in the world.
"Oh my God."she said,and stared at him with a slightly shocked expression on her face,and Gerard was confused on what she was talking about.
"What's wrong?"Gerard asked her,and she pointed at him.
"Y-you're Gerard Way.From My Chemical Romance."she said to him,and he hoped she wouldn't start going crazy about him being part of the famous band."I was wondering why your name seemed so familiar!"she said,and Gerard prepared for the worst.
"Okay,I know you're a bit shocked,but please don't freak out about who I am."he said to her.But instead of freaking out,she suddenly asked him questions.
"Why did you ask me,of all girls,to go on a date with you?Why didn't you tell me who you actually were?And why did you cut your hair and dye it blonde?"she asked him all at once."Why di-"she started again,but Gerard covered her mouth.
"Okay,easy!One question at a time!"he said to her,and uncovered her mouth again."I asked you out because you're beautiful and you're fun and you're nice."he told her."And I thought you mighthave already known who I was,but you didn't want to bother me about it."he said again,and thought about her last question."I cut my hair and dyed it blonde because I wanted to."he finished.Nicole felt stupid for suddenly asking him all of those questions at once,and she blushed.
"Gerard,I'm so sorry that I suddenly burst out with questions!I just didn't know how to react to who you actually were!"she told him.Gerard smiled.
"It's alright.I get that alot with the girls."he said to her,and she smiled."Listen,I'm so sorry,but I've got to go back to the hotel,now."he said,and Nicole nodded.He leaned toward her and gave her a kiss on the lips,not noticing her lipstick smudging on his lips."Bye,Nicole."he said,and she waved as he walked out and closed the door.

Note: I won't be able to update my stories for a week,guys.Sorry...Please don't hate me for it... :(
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