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Another sucky chapter written at 2:40 AM.

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The pickup for the lunch 'date' hadn't been exactly like I'd imagined it. You know, he'd come pick me up and we'd go to some nifty burger joint and argue over the pros vs. cons.

But this, this was unexpected.

He'd shown up ten minutes late (2:40 for all of you who aren't bright with math) in a snazzy looking black car that looked like it held about two people. The only way I knew it was him, actually, was he rolled down the window and waved at me. I waved back and walked over, a smile on my face. As I approached, my smile went from sky-high to under the weather.

There was a girl in the front seat.

Will must have noticed my discomfort, or confusion, whatever it was. "Oh, Michelle, this is Gabrielle," he announced. As I got a better look at her, I realized it was the blond that hung onto Will like he was a life raft and she was a passenger on the Titanic at Generation Mod. "Hi," she squeaked perkily, waving her French-manicured fingernails at me. I waved back and said to Will, "so, where do I get in at?"

He laughed. "Behind Gabrielle. She'll help you." Like I couldn't get into the car by myself.

Gabrielle jumped out at his words and I inspected her outfit (the shortest miniskirt ever with a tight lime green tank top that looked two sizes too small on her XS already frame). Then I looked down at mine (black v-neck t-shirt with a black denim longer-than-mini-but-not-knee-length skirt). She won.

She pulled the seat up, and then giggled behind her hand. "Go ahead," she said, pointing towards the backseat.

I hopped in. It wasn't bad, or anything. Why were they laughing at me, anyway? Morons.

But then she put the seat back.

"OW!" I said, wincing and clutching my shin. "That hurrrrrrt." I curled up on the backseat. Evidently, small cars allow no leg room for backseat passengers.

Will and Gabrielle snickered behind their palms and they started driving me to some unknown location. I kept my mouth shut, feeling a little pissed off at the both of them; Will, for acting like a jackass; and Gabrielle for...well, you wouldn't like her, either.

I let my head rest against the window, shutting my eyes and hiding them behind my oversized black sunglasses. We drove for a few minutes, and finally we stopped. I heard Will and Gabrielle's doors open, and opened my eyes. I hopped out behind Gabrielle and shut the car door, then glanced around to see where we were.




I found myself in the Hooters parking lot.

Now, I know this might not be the worst thing on planet earth, but with the situation in my head, I had a complete misunderstanding of the issue. I mean. I would so much rather be at Starbucks or Panera than here. I would chop off one of my limbs to be there.

Gabrielle started walking ahead and Will hung back with me, strutting along like nothing was wrong. "I hope you don't mind," he said finally, turning towards me. "Gabrielle has a shift here in the afternoon, and I decided to drop her off."

"Okay," I said on the outside. But inside my mind was throwing up. Gabrielle. Hooters Girl by day, dancing slut by night. How proud her parents must be. "Will she be joining us?"

Will laughed. "Hell no," he responded, opening the door for me and walking inside the restaurant.

"So then why are we eating here? You know, really."

He laughed again and looked at me. "Just in case our conversation goes in your favor. I can find another bartender for starting tonight in this place."

My eyes rolled when he wasn't looking at me.

"Right this way," one of the waitresses said, smiling at Will and blatantly ignoring me. She started walking over to a booth. I stared at the back of William's head, trying to think from which direction I should shoot him, when I heard familiar voices.


I tore my eyes away from William's hair and looked over at the booth. A gasp left my lips as I took in the scene.

Why were Pete, Patrick, Andy, and Joe sitting at the table?

And why did they not look surprised to see me?
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