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After Sam has a premonition involving the death of a young witch, the brother's head to San Francisco to prevent her death from happening. Charmed/ Supernatural xover.

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize. Both Supernatural and Charmed belong to other people.

Spoilers: Possible spoilers for the 2nd season of Supernatural and spoilers for season 8 of Charmed.

Summary: After Sam has a premonition involving the death of a young witch, the brother's head to San Francisco to prevent her death from happening. Charmed/ Supernatural xover.

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San Francisco, California


"Here you go," Billie Jenkins said to her patrons, a young couple, as she set down their drinks.

"Thanks," the man said. Billie nodded and headed back to the counter. Having no other patrons wanting her attention, she took a minute to look around the club. P3 had been open for years, and still remained one of the most popular clubs in San Francisco, as evident by the number of people who were inside the club, and those, who were waiting in line outside, waiting to get in.

"Hey, Billie," Shelly, another server, said coming up to the counter. "Check out the hottie in black over there," she said, pointing to a man dressed all in black, dancing with a young woman. Billie narrowed her eyes as she recognized the man to be a warlock. A warlock! In the Charmed Ones' club! How very brave of him.

"Yeah," Billie said. "A hottie." She continued to keep an eye on the warlock and his date as Shelly continued with her duties.

As she was clearing a vacated table, Billie noticed that the warlock and his date were heading towards the back doors that lead into an alley.

"Shelly," Billie said as soon as she was back to the counter and got rid of the dirty dishes, "I'm going to take my break now."

"Okay," Shelly said, and watched Billie as Billie made her way through the crowd to follow the warlock.


When Billie opened the door a crack (amazingly, the door didn't creak at all) she could hear the woman pleading with the warlock not to hurt her.

"Please," The woman sobbed. "Don't hurt me." Billie saw that the woman was facing the demon as she was backed up against the Dumpster.

"Now, now," the warlock said. "There's no reason to be frightened." As he said that, he held up his hand, and created a fireball.

By now, Billie had heard enough. "Really?" She said, stepping fully out from the door. She telekinetically threw the warlock against the side of the Dumpster, where he crumpled down to the ground. "Cause, I think there is."

The woman was now looking at Billie with tearful, scared eyes. "Run." Billie advised her. "Get out of here!" The woman didn't need to be told twice, as she got off the ground. She glanced once at the warlock as she ran out of the alley towards the parking lot. She only looked back a couple of times at Billie as she ran.

"Damn it!" The warlock swore as he got up. "You'll pay for that, witch!" As he finished his last word, five more warlocks appeared him, forming a semi-circle-therefore trapping Billie.

'Oh, crap,' Billie thought as she backed against the door, much like the woman had done against the Dumpster only minutes before. She hadn't anticipated that the warlock would be working with other warlocks... or that they would provide as his back up if he got into trouble.

"Think fast, witch!" The original warlock said as he hurled a fireball at her. Billie watched the fireball come hurling towards her and waited for the right moment to act. At the last possible second, she ducked and rolled-causing a couple of surprised warlocks to move out of her way. When she was clear of them, she stopped rolling and came up on her feet. Spying the garbage Dumpster, she telekinetically threw some garbage at the warlocks. That only succeed in getting them more pissed off.

While the warlocks were distracted by the flying garbage (with the help of her telekinesis) Billie ran and launched herself over the warlocks, rolling as she got closer to the ground. Like before after she rolled, she landed on her feet.

Once she was on her feet, she quickly turned around, just in time to deflect a couple of fireballs coming at her. A couple of the deflected fireballs managed to hit three of the warlocks. Without hesitating, Billie also moved the Dumpster so that it crashed into the warlocks. Unfortunately for her, one of the warlocks did something she did not expect.

While she telekinetically crashed the Dumpster into them, the original warlock was smart to Blink his way out. Before Billie knew it, the warlock was behind her.

By the time she turned around, it was too late for her to do anything-except watch-as the warlock had already released his fireball. Billie did the only thing she could do when she felt the impact of the fireball-she screamed. During the few seconds she had left, she couldn't help but think that she really knew how her sister had felt when her own fireballs hit her. And then she knew no more.

Meanwhile, miles away-safe in bed, Sam Winchester woke up with a startled gasp.

So? How was that? I know that I'm not the best at writing fight scenes, so if this fight was weak, or something, please keep that in mind.
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