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Chapter 1:Jenova experiments, what happened to the rejects? What would happened if one was left? Last survivor, is it worth a second chance?

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The last one

Chapter 1 Discovery

The planet was just barely getting back to normal now Sephiroth had yet again been killed for the third time. With all the AVALANCHE members leading fairly normal lives again the world felt at peace, however that was just a out of reach dream in reality.

Rufus Shinra the ex-president was still at the healing lodge with his ever so faithful Turks right by his side. It was at that time they received some interesting information about some old abandoned labs located in the ruble of Midgar. Rufus was very intrigued by the fact he had no memory or knowledge of them whatsoever "Are you absolutely sure?" the ex-president questioned "Yes, there seems to be little activity though sir" Tseng, the Wutain leader of the Turks reported, his long dark hair flowing down his back as he wore the dark suit of the Turks.
"Go and scope out the area to be sure" and with that said Rufus waved a dismissal to them and the team wearing the same style suits, headed straight for their helicopter.

The rain was pouring down outside causing Reno to keep the helicopter flown at a low, steady pace "So how come the president didn't even know about these labs?" he questioned to break the silence while adjusting the shades on his forehead
"Probably Hojo's work" was Tseng short reply
"So we're expecting JENOVA stuff right?" Elana asked
"Oh definitely" Reno smirked while continuing to pilot the air craft. After another 20 minutes of flying Midgar came into view, the once great and powerful city reduced to a pile of scrap. Reno landed the helicopter just near the old Shinra building, which was even worse now after Cloud's fight here with Sephiroth, though you had to give them some credit otherwise the labs would never have been discovered.

Tseng led the group through the mess of what could be called their old homes, a place where they worked day in day out to protect the president and the people, however it wasn't too far into the debris that the entrance to the secret labs was located. Tseng scowled at the door as he stopped abruptly when he noticed the broken key panel "What's wrong Tseng?" Elana asked immediately "Rude I need you to bust this door open" he said ignoring her question and Rude began to ram against the door with his strongly built body. It only took about three good smacks against the door until it gave way to entrance, Tseng was the first to go through and see that the lab was indeed no threat as he thought. All the computers were smashed except one, (which he immediately went over to first) a lot of the scientific equipment had been damaged and was now dysfunctional.

Tseng typed away at the computer as the rest of the Turks checked the area. He scanned the files quickly but a majority of them were about failed clones that had already been disposed of, although one file did worry him the second he finished reading it. "Hey, come and take a look at this" he ordered to his comrades "what's this about experiment 164?" Rude inquired as he also read the file "A JENOVA failure by the looks of it, but it was kept and stored here unlike the others" Tseng confirmed "check everywhere, I want it found!" he barked out the order seriously as he too began a search. Reno found a control panel on the other side of the room; at first he tried entering a code. He got nothing but access denied in an annoying tone. Reno tried several times before he ended up hitting the panel in fury, taking his frustration out on it. As he settled down a bit, he leant against what he thought was a wall however he suddenly changed his mind as the door opened making him fall on to the cold, hard floor inside another room "Reno" the others sighed at his stupidity "what!?" he called back but shut up quickly as he saw another figure in the room.

On a small cell bed a figure moved slowly rolling onto its other side as if it were experiencing a nightmare " better get over here!" Reno called nervously as he got up from the floor and walked over to the side of the bed. The other three Turks came beside him, standing over what seemed to be a little girl "This can't be the experiment!" Elana exclaimed looking down at the child with black and blonde locks of hair hiding part of her face. "It must be, but what do we do with her Tseng?" Rude asked his leader
"I..." he began when the small child opened her eyes slowly, blinking several times to adjust to the new light. She gazed up at the Turks; it shocked them slightly as her eyes glow not only the Mako green but red surrounded the pupil too.

Elena was the first to step forward to start communication as she always did but Tseng stopped her quickly, he had a way of dealing things like this.
"What is your name, age and purpose experiment 164" he asked more like ordered in a serious tone, still she answered "My name is 164; I do not know my...age and my purpose was to" she paused to remember the word "suc-ceed in Sephiroth's footsteps."

Tseng considered this information for a short while but as ever Reno was getting bored of waiting. He walked up to the so called experiment resting on the scuffy, cell bed and held out a hand towards her "come on" was his only words. 164 starred at his hand as if to store every detail of it in her brain, but still she took hold of it gently almost shy like. There was a good reason to it as well, Bolts shot out from her arm and hit Reno hard sending him to impact with the opposite wall "Reno!" Tseng called as Elana rushed to his side, he noticed the young child backed into the corner next to the cell bed, terrified of the magic pulsing through her arms and hands. It looked just like the Bolt magic that came from the materia but it couldn't possibly be that, could it?

"Rude restrain her!" Tseng called as he prepared some knock out drug in a syringe. The child struggled to control herself not against Rude's attempts to keep her still in fact she tried to help him by pushing he body harder against the wall. Tseng managed to inject her quickly and she slumped against the wall almost instantly, her body limp and calm in a sleep state.
"Come on lets get her back to the president" Tseng ordered as Rude picked up the small child and Elana helped Reno over to the helicopter.
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