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Chapter 8

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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A/N: In this chapter, we have new dreams and a close encounter with each other. Then the couple hires real professionals. They are tested in Diagon Alley against the Death Eaters, Ministry, and Order

A/N: Beta reader is arctycdragon


"What must I do, Ginny? According to the prophecy, I am the only one with the power to kill Voldemort, and he will kill me if I fail, but I don't have any special gift which can be used to kill Voldemort.

I don't have the magical power that Voldemort and Dumbledore have, so I will never be able to cast powerful magic; both of them are much more experienced and have much more knowledge then I have. What must I do?"

Ginny smiled sweetly. "Harry, please calm down. First, you are in this house with me; there is no Voldemort, no Dumbledore ... we are safe from them, and they cannot reach us.

Secondly, with all their power, experience, and knowledge, they cannot catch us.

Thirdly, we do not know exactly what can be used against Voldemort. Even though he claims that he is the strongest, everyone dies in one way or another. It is also much too early to say what will happen between you and Voldemort.

Fourthly, Dumbledore himself, in all his wisdom and experience, claimed that the connection between you and Voldemort could not be broken ... and he was wrong, no?

Last, but not least, I am here. When you go to confront Voldemort, I will be standing at your side or at your back, to defend you against everyone and everything.

You see that it is not impossible to do the job, even when the stakes seem to be against you."

Harry was listening to Ginny's tone of voice. He could not help but feel hopeful after listening to her. He knew that it was not as easy as she like to present it, but he felt empowered, and at the same time relaxed. That was his Ginny again.

"Gin, you have every night nightmares, don't you?"

Ginny's face fell. "Yes." She looked at her feet.

Harry grabbed lightly her chin and lifted it up, so he could look into her eyes.

"When the nightmare comes, you join my dreams. That is very intimate. I have an idea which might work, I think. Do you want to hear it?"

Ginny said nothing, but nodded.

"Why don't we sleep in the same room ... or even in the same bed? When you have a nightmare and I wake up, I can try to help you. What do you think?"

Harry felt strangely anxious for Ginny's answer. What he proposed to her was potentially dangerous, and she might interpret it differently then he meant.

Ginny was watching Harry intently with a - for him - unreadable expression on her face.

"Let's go to bed," she said, grabbing his hand and moving towards the staircase.

Harry did not expect that reaction. He still did not know if she agreed with his proposition or not. He was surprised and did not know how to ask her what was going on.

Ginny was dragging a very reluctant Harry upstairs, and they halted before his room.

"Which room do you want to sleep in?" Ginny asked. She did not look to Harry ... she waited for his reaction.

Harry understood now. There were no words necessary between the two of them.

"My room," he said, and opened the door to his room.

The couple went into Harry's room and stood shortly looking at each other, unsure what to do.

Ginny smirked. "I assume you don't go to sleep in your clothes, so you go to your bathroom to dress for sleeping, and I'll do the same with my bathroom."

She turned and disappeared into the corridor.

Harry stared at the door that she disappeared behind some seconds ago, before he leapt into action. He jumped to his bathroom and brushed his teeth. He undressed and folded his cloths on the chair. Normally he threw them on the ground, but he had female company, so he tried not to act like a pig, as he normally did.

Suddenly he realized that he always slept in his boxers. He did not own pajamas, what must he wear? Ah, an old t-shirt and his boxers must do.

He pulled down the blankets and lay down in his bed. The bed was not large, but it was much larger then his small cot in Ron's room at the Burrow or at Privet Drive. The door opened slowly, and there stood Ginny. She wore a white night gown, and her red and orange hair fell in streams down her shoulders and back. He realized that her hair came to her hips. She looked beautiful ... his heart skipped several beats.

Ginny still did not move ... she was now looking at him. Harry gestured her to come closer and join him in his bed. Ginny started to move towards him, sat on his bed, and looked at him again with that unreadable expression on her face.

"Are you aware that we grow closer and closer to each other, Mr. Potter?" she whispered. That was true, and he did not realize that his proposition could be interpreted like that.

"I assume your intentions are honorable, Mr. Potter," she whispered. They were honorable, he thought. She looked so sexy and so beautiful!

Harry nodded to her. "My intentions are honorable, Ms. Weasley," he answered. You are a liar, Mr. Potter, he thought.

She smirked, as if she did not believe him, but she lay down on his bed next to him anyway.

"Good night, Har," she whispered again.

"Good night, Gin," Harry said.

It was quiet for some minutes.


"Yes Harry?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"You just did."

"Can I brush your hair tomorrow morning?"

It was quiet for a moment.

"Yes you may. Good night." He could hear that she was smiling. He smiled too.

"When you notice that I have a nightmare Harry, wake me," she said suddenly.

Harry, who was almost asleep, awoke sudden. "Yes Gin."


He could see a white castle in the distance from where he was standing. He stood on a steep hill, his sword was in his right hand, and in his left hand was a crossbow. Shelter, his German Sheppard, was sitting next to him, waiting patiently.

Slowly Harry was descending the hill and his grip on his sword did not lessen. Strangers were in the neighborhood ... and they might be hostile.

He climbed a steeper hill, and after that hill, he reached the 'Golden Light', the house where his parents had lived. He reached the front door and knocked. Nobody was at home. He turned and wanted to walk around the house to open the back door. He got the shock of his life. In front of him stood a woman ... a woman with red flaming hair ... Ginny!

He grabbed her hand and kissed her deeply. His tongue wrapped along her soft lips and she opened up for him. They kissed, and as the kiss deepened, they wrapped their arms around each other as if they would never let go. She moaned against his mouth, their tongues dancing around each other in delight. Their minds, their hearts, their souls were intertwined and Harry could not imagine anything more freeing.

He felt as if he was falling, and his mind began to spin. His heart jumped to his throat, and the falling stopped abruptly. His mind cleared, and his senses sharpened. Finally breathless, they broke apart. Harry began tugging at the clasp on Ginny's robes; she moved to kiss his neck, just below his ear.

Soon, they were wearing only muggle clothing. Ginny was wearing a skirt and a tight t-shirt, while Harry was only wearing jeans. They immediately moved closer again, Ginny's fingers tracing circles just below the hairline on his neck, which was slowly driving him mad.

She moved once more into his lap and he winced slightly, having grown considerably more aroused when they had shed their robes. She seemed to notice and adjusted herself accordingly. After a few more long moments of kissing, she pulled back slightly and looked at him, her breathing a little heavier than normal.

His hands moved over her back to the hem of her sweater. He paused, and hearing no resistance, slid his hand under her sweater.

They both gasped slightly as his cool hand touched the warmth of her back and desire raged though him. His hand traveled up her spine as they continued their kiss, her own hands roaming over him. Suddenly she pulled back and looked at him, smiling.

"I love you Ginny."

Ginny looked surprised ... and then instantly happy.

Harry stirred and woke. He felt his hand holding something soft and warm ... the warmth of Ginny's breast ... through Ginny's nightgown. He moaned, and pressed lightly. A moan escaped from Ginny's mouth. His body was pressed against hers ... something strange. He smelled the smell of roses, deep and penetrating. His hand released her breast and moved slowly lower ... over her flat stomach and lower.

There was something wrong. Nightgown ... Ginny? He awoke more and he realized that he was not dreaming anymore. That was truly ... Ginny! He looked at her face, and he saw that her eyes were open ... and looking at him.

"Are you done, Mr. Don Juan?" she asked.

"Uhm ... uhm ... I'm sorry Gin ..."

She held a finger on his lips. "Don't say anything more."

Harry was confused. "Gin, I dreamed. Was that you in that dream?"


Harry stirred.

"Don't you sorry me, Mr. Potter. I loved it," Ginny said. "And don't forget what I said earlier, no ... what you said earlier ... let it come naturally or not at all."

It was quiet for some moments.

"I guess that you had a nightmare, and I did not wake you up," Harry said.

"Yes, I had a horrible nightmare, and swapped to your dream. I love the 'Golden Light'; I wish we could live there, without worries and without anyone hunting us." Ginny sighted.


Harry looked at the parchment he got yesterday from Ba'ar. On the parchment was the letter of introduction from Gringotts for the security company.

"According to this parchment, the address is Cordellia Street 41A, which is here. Let's go in, Gin," Harry said. Ginny nodded, while looking warily to the office.

The entered the office and were welcomed by a large black Doberman pinscher, who seem to be waiting for them. The Doberman did not move, and neither did Harry and Ginny.

"Tarzan, come here!" a commanding voice sounded from the back. Tarzan immediately turned and disappeared in the direction of the voice. Harry's hand was on his wand, in case something went wrong.

They could see a large man appearing. The man was imposing ... he was bald; his penetrating blue eyes seem to watch everything. He had a small moustache on his face, which gave him the air of a military commander, which he probably was. His body was stocky, and heavy in muscles. He moved slowly and easily ... he seemed to walk on the balls of his feet ... ready too jump any moment.

"Good morning, what can I do to help you?" he asked.

"Good morning, Sir. I have been referred to you by a mutual business friend," Harry said.

The man studied Harry and Ginny for a moment. "Please come into my office here, and we shall discuss what we can do for each other."

They entered a large office with a desk and four chairs. Harry noticed that the walls were bare, there was no window, and the only exit out of the room was the door. The door closed ... Harry's hand tightened around his wand.

"And who is this business friend, mister?"

Harry smiled. "The business friend is Gringotts."

The expression on the face of the man tightened a bit. "Gringotts," he said slowly, as if he tasted the sound of the name. "I assume that you have a visiting card of that person?"

Harry grinned. "No business card, but this letter."

Harry gave the man the letter, who accepted it. He looked briefly to Ginny before he started to read.

After some moments, he dropped the letter on the table and looked at Harry.

"My name is Mr. Jones, and your name is Mr. Smith. He waved too Ginny. And this is your sister, Ms. Smith." He smiled reassuringly to Ginny.

"Mr. Smith, I assume you have need of our services?"

"Yes, Mr. Jones. I would like to hire guards to protect me."

"Those guards, must they protect you and your sister?"


"Are you from the same group as my friends at Gringotts?"

"Yes, Mr. Jones, just a different race."

Mr. Jones smirked.

"That will cost you a lot of money. For how long do you wish to receive that protection from guards?"

"Mr. Jones, I am not a specialist in security. I mentioned guards, but it might be that I need something else then guards, or a combination of something else. We need somebody who can determine what we need in security. We are looking for a person who can do that. Money is no problem; Gringotts can guarantee that for you."

Mr. Jones nodded briefly. "I will leave this room for a moment. I left the door open. I am going to make some telephone calls and some checks, and then I come back and see what we can do for each other. Is that alright with you?"

Harry and Ginny nodded.

Mr. Jones left the room immediately.

After ten minutes, Mr. Jones entered the room again. Harry was suddenly aware that he could not hear Mr. Jones.

"Mr. Jones, are you a wizard?" he asked.

The man laughed. "No, I am not a wizard, but you will see and hear the result of an intense training regimen, which has last for many years and will never end. I assume that you noticed the lack of sound when I walk?"

Harry nodded.

"Maybe there will be a time that I shall demonstrate more to you, Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley. Yes, I know who you are, because I spoke with Gringotts. Can you be so kind as to come with me, please?"

They stood up and followed the man. He opened a door to a garden with many trees and bushes, but no flowers. At the side of the garden against the office was a small terrace with a table and four chairs.

"Please take a seat. I always prefer to sit outside, even when I am in the city."

He waited that the couple sat, and then he began.

"Mr. Potter and Ms. Weasley, we are a company, and as a company we have discovered that you, Mr. Potter are sixteen years old, but emancipated ... and you Ms. Weasley are fifteen years old.

Mr. Potter is wanted for terrorism and kidnapping, and you Ms. Weasley are kidnapped. We as company Delta cannot help you in any way, because according the law Mr. Potter, you are a wanted criminal, and you, Ms. Weasley, are hidden.

On the other side, you are a criminal only in the magical world, which has no authorization over us, a muggle company. Not only that: according to muggle law, a person can only be a criminal when convicted by a court. In the Wizarding world this is different, it is enough that the Minister of Magic declares someone a criminal, like what happened with Sirius Orion Black.

However ... Gringotts would like us to work with you, so we are in business anyhow. They want us to offer you advanced VIP protection services. They not only want us to cooperate, but they gave us also a lot of inside information about the both of you.

Please, tell me what you need." Mr. Jones concluded.

"Do you know Sirius?" Harry asked breathless.

"No, Mr. Potter. I do not know Sirius Orion Black, but I know about his case. He was not the only one who was convicted like that. Malfoy Abraham Escher, William Esther Vance, Percy Cleavance Dragon, Draconus William Shakewall, and many others were also convicted like him ... nobody knew if they were truly guilty because none of them had any possibility to defend their own case in court. They were straight locked up in the wizard prison or killed by the Dementor kiss, what ever that is, or thrown through the veil, what ever that is."

Harry looked at the man wide eyed.

"A Dementor is a demon, Mr. Jones, and the veil is a port to an unknown reality or dimension, but nobody is sure about that," Ginny said.

"How do you know all of that, Mr. Jones?" Harry asked.

"It is my job to know, Mr. Potter. Anyhow, let us do some business. I have a proposition to you to ensure your safety.

First, we will build up a team of guards with Top Secret security clearances. That team will have nineteen people and one commander. Secondly, they will be heavenly armed for defense and attack. Third, their code of conduct is in the muggle world according the law of the country where you are traveling through or staying in. That is easy. In the Wizarding world, they can do what they want. The code of conduct is simple. Protect the two of you at all costs ... every threat will be handled with the least of risk. Fourth, you are in charge, but you need to heed the advice of the commander of your guard unit.

They come with weapons, muggle transportation, and the support of the Gringotts bank.

You need to arrange sleeping arrangements for the team, because you will be protected twenty-four seven." He smiled slightly. "That means around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They stay with you until you cancel the contract."

Do you have any questions?"

"Yes, when can they start?"

"The team will start tomorrow, Mr. Potter. When you leave this office, you get a temporary team of seven freelancers, who will protect you from that moment on.

Ah, before I forget, you need to contact Gringotts tomorrow at noon to receive the instructions how to get your team in and out of your place of living."

"Do you have any questions?"

"Yes, I have. What training do those guards have?" Harry asked anxious.

"They are all ex-SEALs, "Mr. Jones answered. "You call them guards, we call them unit members or soldiers, or SEALs, and they are all part of the VIP protection team."

Harry frowned, and Ginny looked confused. "What is a seal?"

"A SEAL is the elite Special Operations Forces of the U.S. Navy, employed in unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, direct action, Counter-Terrorism, and special reconnaissance operations," Mr. Jones answered in monotone voice.

"They are the best the military could produce, trained in any environment and the toughest in the world; they all have a lot of practical experience.

In your service, they will wear black uniforms and carry a lot of weapons and other equipment with them. Each SEAL will have certain core skills, which consist of Sniper, breacher, Communicator, Engineering, Close Air Support, Trauma Medic, Point man, Navigator (Rural/Urban/Protective Security), Heavy Weapons Operator, Sensitive Site Exploitation, Air Operations Master, Lead Climber, Interrogator, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Technical Surveillance, and Advanced Special Operations.

Their personal weapon is mainly the Beretta 93R, which is a selective-fire machine pistol. The Beretta is perfect for concealed carry purposes such as VIP protection like yours, or for close quarters fighting such as room-to-room searches.

Some of the members of your unit carry the CZ-Scorpion, Glock 18, and the Micro Uzi, but this depends on the unit commander or specialization of the unit member. "

"Are those freelancers who are going to protect us also SEALs, Mr. Jones?" Ginny asked.

"Yes, they are SEALs."

"I have an extra question for you, Mr. Jones. What can a SEAL do against a wizard?"

"Well Ms. Weasley, they don't stand a chance."

Ginny frowned. "But why do we need such muggle soldiers then for protection as they don't stand a chance against a wizard?"

Mr. Jones smirked. "You don't understand, the wizard does not stand a chance."

Ginny looked surprised, thoughtful and then unbelieving.

"I am sorry, Mr. Jones, but I do not believe you," Ginny said.

Mr. Jones laughed. "That is alright, Ms. Weasley. How long does the wizard need to kill a person?"

"Well, after he is finished with speaking the incantation, then the spell flies out of his wand and the victim is hit, and killed."

"That would take about three seconds, right?"

"That's right, but some wizards can do the killing curse within a second ... I assume that Voldemort can do that even faster," she said.

"Well, a SEAL will kill a person easily within a second. The same SEAL is able to kill many people within one or two seconds.

A wizard is not a trained killing machine; a SEAL is a killing machine. Any threat will be met by an instant reaction, which might result in the death of the attacker. That is a SEAL, and a SEAL is superior to nineteen nine percent of all magical people, including the two of you."


Harry and Ginny were waiting in a room with large windows and a painting of a huge old clipper. In front of them were seven men, who were dressed in black. Their hands were behind their back, and they faced the duo.

None of the men moved, they were all staring at the wall behind them.

Mr. Jones entered the room quietly and stood in front of the men.

"This is Mr. Potter," he said, pointing to Harry. "And this is Ms. Weasley. Ms. Weasley is fifteen years old; Mr. Potter is sixteen years old. They need to be protected at all costs, until you are relieved from your post, which is tomorrow at two hundred hours. Is that clear?"

"Sir, Yes Sir!" the SEALs yelled in unison.

"Sergeant, you are in charge of the group. Mr. Potter has the right to request your support to enhance the protection to others. Is that clear?"

A blond SEAL stepped forward.

"Sir, Yes Sir!" the Sergeant yelled.

"At ease."

The group relaxed instantly.

Mr. Jones turned towards Harry and Ginny. "This is your unit until tomorrow. Please remember that you need to be at Gringotts at noon for further instructions and for the real team. Have a very good day."

Mr. Jones turned again and marched out of the room.

Harry and Ginny were looking at the group of men wearily. The men stood in a relaxed stance, and did not move. They were still not looking straight at the duo, but the wall, and Harry could not see any human expression or emotion on their faces.

"Shall we go then, Gin?" he said hesitating.

"Yes, well ... let us go."

Harry and Ginny turned and moved to leave the room, unsure what to do with the men. Immediately two men walked in front of them and exited the room in front of them. Ginny and Harry were surrounded in a fraction of the time.

The group exited the office and saw three cars waiting for them. The car in front was a GMC Yukon, Harry saw. The car in the middle was a Ford Ranger, and the car at the end looked like a Lincoln Navigator. One of the SEALs held the back from Harry and Ginny and led them to the Ford Ranger in the middle.

"Please step in, Sir and Miss," he said, and opened the door for them. The rest of the SEALs team surrounded the three cars. Their hands were in their pockets, and Harry assumed they had their guns at ready.

Harry and Ginny stepped in the Ford Ranger. Within a minute, the three cars drove towards Grimmauld Place. The trip was uneventful and quiet. Both Harry and Ginny seem to be impressed what was going on around them. There were four SEALs in their car, which was very big. Two SEALs were sitting in front, and two SEALs were sitting in the back.

When Harry tired to talk to one of the SEALs, they did not answer him. They were too busy keeping a watchful eye on their direct environment. The trip took thirty minutes before they reached the street where Grimmauld Place was located.

One of the SEALs gave Harry a small paper. "I was told that you know how to use this, Sir. We are waiting for your signal," he said.

Harry nodded. When they wanted to open the door, they saw that the door was already open, and a SEAL was waiting for them. They stepped out of the car and were escorted to the place where the number twelve was supposed to be.

When Harry and Ginny entered the house, they went to the lounge, and tapped three times with Harry's wand on the paper. That same moment, the seven SEALs appeared in the lounge.

Two SEALs stayed with Harry and Ginny, while the other five SEALs moved through the house. After they checked the house, they came back to the lounge. Harry showed them their rooms, bathrooms and the kitchen. The SEALs refused to eat something in the kitchen, claiming that they had their own food.

After several hours, the due relaxed. The SEALs were spread throughout the house ... they did not impose on the duo anymore.


A/N: The seven SEALs are tested out in Diagon Alley against the Death Eaters, Ministry and Order, and the downfall of Narcissa and Draco Malfoy.

A/N: Beta reader is arctycdragon
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