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Finding Out who they meet

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Will The Helloween Horror make it big and well the lead singer find love.

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Jessica POV

Wake up Jessi, Dylan said. Dylan is in my band called the Helloween Horror. Me and Dylan started the band when we were 17 now we are 19. Dylan is also my best friend along with Jackie and Synvester and Chris. We wasn't that big but we made it to play out warped tour as a small band. I was so excited cuz like alot of my favorite bands would be there, like Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Fall Out Boy, Avenged Sevenfold, and lots more. i'm not going to be like a total freak if one of them talks to me. We actually get a bus. Im so excited.

Jackie POV

Im so excited about playing at wraped tour. Its going to be off the hook. I was thinking, how fuck i cant believe I just thought that, Rewind. never say that again.

Jessica POV

Well we were on the bus. Oh yea Chris and Jackie are trying to hook up. To see what happens. Jackie has black hair with blue and purple highlights in it. She wears bands shirts and tight black pants and is the bass player for our band. Chris has blonde hair with blue highlights in it. He wears band shirts and black baggy but not to baggy pants. Synvester has brown hair with blonde and red highlights and wears band shirts and blues jeans. Dylan has black hair and wears one band shirt for playing and that shirt is Iron Maiden shirt. He wears black pants and some people say he looks like Gerard Way of MCR. Which he kinda does but Gerard Way looks hotter. Me Jessica has black hair with red and burgenee highlights and bands shirt and black pants but not tight, but not baggy. We all were LOADs of eyeliner. Me and Jackie put black on the lids of our eyes and under it we were red. which is awsome.

Dylan POV

I cant wait to play. Im so pumped. Jess is looking great today. So isnt everybody else. We finally arrived and Jessi and Jackie are freaking out cuz they already seen the bus that says P!ATD. I kinda freaked out too. Jessi is really a big fan of MCR more but she is a big fan of P!ATD, too. We got off the bus and it felt like people were staring. It felt weird. Synvester comes up and says chill out dude, dont worry.

Jessi POV

We got there and me and Jackie freaked out. We seen a bus that said P!ATD. Im so excited. We had to go check in to tell them we were here or something. I was the lead singer, Jackie was the bassist, Chris was the drummer and Dylan and Synvester both had guitar and back-up singers. I couldnt think of the guitar they played. Me and Jackie was walking around and we seen Bert and Quinn and they said hi to us and we said hi to them. We had like an hour to get ready cuz we were playing. We got ready and went to the stage. Then the guys on stage yells, ARE YOU READY TO HAVE SOME FUN UP HERE. HERE ARE NEW BAND. AND LET ME TELL YOU THR LEAD SINGER, IS WOW. SO HERE THEY ARE. HELLOWEEN HORROR. The crowd yelled. The band walked up on to the stage and the got set up and I grab the mic and ran up there and yelled, HELLO YOU MOTHERS OF GOD. WE ARE HELLOWEEN HORROR AND WE ARE GOING TO ROCK THIS MOTHER FUCKING PLACE. but first let me inteduced you to us. Over here we have this sick fuck, her name is Jackie and over here we have this crazy mother fucker and his name is Chris and over here this is dylan and his a sexy mother fucker, dont ya think. haha and here is the shyist guys of us all, SYNVESTER. And last but not least Im Jessi and im the singer. Dylan said and she's the pycsho girl. We sang and played are hearts out and I looked at Dylan who was on the left side of the stage and I glanced on ahead of the backstage part and I seen Brendon Urie and Gerard Way standing there watching me sing. I smiled and turned around and screamed CANT TAKE AWAY THIS LOVE FROM MEEEEE. NO NO CANT TAKE IT. Then we got down and we walked off stage and we were laughing and having a good time and stuff. When somebody tap me on the shoulder. There stood Brendon Urie and Gerard Way. I freaked out.
Gerard said Hey, you were awsome and oh thanks for smiling at us, it felt like we were watching you as being a fan and not a rock star.
I said so how you know I was smiling at you and not anybody else. ha ha
Gerard said oh you were sorry.
I said haha no I was smiling at you guys. haha
He said so Brendon like your music and I do too.
I said aww thanks. My throst kinda hurts.
Gerard said so how old are you?
I said umm 19 you guys.
Gerard said im 29 and Brendon is 19 too. how cool.
I said aww sweet mind if I go, cuz im sweaty and i stink. so ill see ya later. when do you play.
Gerard said umm MCR plays out 3:00
Brendon said umm P!ATD plays at 3:30
I said wow you talk. ha ha.
I shook both of their hands and went back to the bus. I screamed. I freaked out. I watched them play and then I went back tot he bus and fell asleep.
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