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Chapter Thirteen: I will forget everything about you

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They were the best of friends, and nothing could come between them. Exept a major record deal, missed phone calls and lost letters. Emily moved on with her life, not realizing her old friends were ...

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A/N very short chapter, sorry.

Pete packed the last box into the moving van, then dusted his hands off. He turned around and smiled at his band mates.
"California, here we come!" he grinned.
The others laughed and high-fived one another. Andy snapped pictures, and Joe announced to the non-existent crowd;
"Fall Out Boy is officially on TOUR!"
They climbed into the tour van and took their places, laughter and talk instantly picking up. But Patrick sat alone in the back, and pulled something out of his back-pack; the silver picture frame, with it's shattered glass. He ran his finger over Emily's smiling face, and then placed the picture back into his pack, promising himself it was the last time he'd ever look at that photograph.


Fall Leaves crinkled under Emily's feet as she walked up the front path to the university, books clutched in her arms. Nervously she pushed open the front door, and stepped inside the large lobby. A group of girls walked past her, laughing and talking. Emily noticed on of them was wearing a teeshirt that read 'Fall Out Boy' across the front. But it didn't bother her anymore; Emily simply smiled and waved.

It was over. She was beginning a new chapter in her life, and things were looking brighter.

A/N This is not the end of the story, it's simply the end of part one.
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