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The Matter of the Other Girl

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[Choujino][Drabble] Normally, Ino would be furious at Chouji paying so much attention to another girl. Not very romantic; there's no "general"

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Disclaimer: Dustbunny still doesn't own Naruto

A/N: I do so love Choujino, so I thought I'd try my hand at drabbling it


Ino rolls her eyes at Chouji's goofy expression as he smiles and fusses over the Other Girl.

Under normal circumstances, of course, Ino wouldn't stand for this sort of thing. She would march right up to them and ooze sarcastic sweetness, really bare down. Unless the female in question happened to be a village idiot, she would get the picture. For good measure, Ino might mutter something to make the Other Girl cry later.

Chouji? Oh, he would cry, no question.

In this case, Ino is willing to make an acception, if only because the Other Girl is her baby.


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