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Zero Point Six Eight Seconds

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With one kiss, Data suddenly had to choose between receiving his greatest desire or to save humanity. OSA Drabble for Challenge #4: The Long Kiss.

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Disclaimer:I do not own anything nor make anything financially off of this piece. Everything belongs to Roddenberry the genius.

Author's Note:This is based on Data's answer to Picard about being tempted by the Borg Queen in the movie /First Contact/.

Zero Point Six Eight Seconds

"How long a time?" Captain Picard asks.

The lessons and advice I have received from my friends and crewmembers over the years never could have prepared me for selfish desire. Words cannot describe the intense power that makes one feel helpless. In those moments the Borg Queen tried to manipulate me, I would have given up everything: betraying my friends and turning my back on saving Earth. By accepting the gift of humanity she offered me, I would be condemning humankind to destruction.

"0.68 seconds, sir," I answer the Captain while adding, "For an android, that is nearly an eternity."
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