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Dear Dad

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Rated for language really. Reno sends one last message to his father...

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Authors note: I kinda thought Reno might like to show his more thoughtful side but he'd never want to square off to someone like his dad. It's kind of something I figured he always want to say but never dare? Please review as I really appreciate it.


Hey Dad!

Yeah you, you got a lot to answer for but that won't matter will it cos by any luck right now you're rotting in that hell you made for us both. Oh and yeah I strapped this baby to the post where the plate fell hoping as you burned up the letter went tattooed to your shitty excuse for a soul.

Don't think I am not grateful for this opportunity either. You know I should thank you for getting your cock out once and making it successful. I'm glad mom had me; not that she can probably remember. Between the pair of you I bet you just woke up for ten minutes sobered one day wondering where the hell I came from. Don't think I didn't know you sold me off early for the beer money.

You might think from the tone of this letter that I am angry with you. Maybe that I wanna kick your head in? Nah, wrong fuck wit, I'm just glad I got out. You know Tseng gave me the job of sector 7 crush and I had to actually refrain from cheering? I don't want to kill everyone but it puts me above you that one last time. It puts me in a position of control over something in my life that involved you. Your death is one worthy field of expertise that your little Reno gets to put his stamp on. No matter how many people that come to hate me for this blame me or even haunt me, you are one of those people that should carry the chains of hell with utmost pride. Your balls burst this bubble mate when you created me.

I used to hate myself when I was kid, more than I do now. When I was younger I thought that your drinking was my fault. Maybe we lived in the slums because I was born. If I hadn't been born maybe you would have been happy on the surface and mom would never had overdosed. Maybe she'd have had the pet dog she talked about when she was high. She used to feed me dog food, it was cheaper and it was closer to what she wanted I suppose.

Your seed created me; you don't think enough of yourself to acknowledge that I am there. Every bit of my body that is walking or breathing, the hand with this pen, all of it was created by you and you didn't care enough to be sober or show affection. Oh and by affection I don't mean you asking me if I got paid enough after the guy took me for one round the back of the drugs store either.

Alcohol is selfish dad and I drink because I am selfish too. Hell I drink cos I grew up 'just like dad' but really I didn't. I grew up to be a Turk. To be something and not be just another fuck up in the slums. In fact dad, for all the smiles and stupidity, I actually did something you didn't. I actually moved on and made something of my life.

After I do this job and after all this crap is over I am going to be better off for it. I'm gonna drink still but it won't be anywhere near the level I did. No more random fucks at home and wondering if they are male or female, who they are going to want to tell and whether I should off them in the bed like I did one guy. I think what did that one in was he drank the same beer as you. Made me feel so disgusted. His brains were a satisfying sight. More of them in there than you might have thought too.

So here I am putting one last communication to you dear father, dear daddy. I am moving on. Next month I get my apartment with Rude. He's better than any woman, better than any family. Now he's my family, him and ShinRa. ShinRa that you came to hate. I love ShinRa. They are everything you are not. I wear my badge with pride. I'll never have to stand up in the benefits office and say 'Hi I'm Reno and I'm a slums alcoholic. I would like your help and free hand outs.' This time I push the button, walk away and though the other deaths might one-day pain me I know this much. I'm going home.

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