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Four - Confrontation

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chapter 4
this is substanically longer than the other 3, so i hope you're able to read it :]
hope you like it!

The Alley by the Academy looked exactly the same as it always did. It was dark, lit by the light of one solitary streetlight and wet. The posters were still hanging off the walls and there was still graffiti on some of the bricks. Frank and Gerard were both in black, they wouldn't have even contemplated wearing any other color. They stepped into the dim light and Gerard coughed.

Gerard was excited. He loved the thrill of waiting. He also wanted to see his 'friends'; he hadn't seen them since last week as he had a burn on his shoulder. How he got it, no-one knew. He wondered what the nite had planned for them. Was it going to be fun? Was it going to be thrilling? Was it going to be terriblely horrifc? Again, no-one knew.

Frank looked down at the floor, and then at Gerard. He kept repeating Gerard's words in his head, 'a true friend stabs you in the front.' He knew it was true, and it pulled at his insides, making him angrier and angrier. He had to get his revenge on her, it was his fate.

"How long do you think they're gonna be?" Gerard asked impatiently, shuffling his feet.

Frank shrugged and started to bite on of his nails.

"Dunno," he said sounding bored. "I rang Mikey and he said they'd be here."

Mikey was Gerard's younger brother and he also happened to be 'in' on tonight's plan. He was able to put on an amazing facade which helped both Gerard and Frank in their work. Mikey was quite short, but he was very 'cute' according to Frank. He had glasses on and messy, but paradoxically neat brown hair.

"Argh," Gerard yelled as he kicked the wall. "They should be here NOW. I can't wait any fucking longer!"

Frank didn't say anything. The adrenaline was building up inside him, causing him to constantly clench his fists tighter and tighter until he was worried he may cut off the ciruculation to his hands. He wasn't really listening to Gerard's moaning about Mikey not being there, he was too busy planning his actions. How would he succeed? What would he say? He took a deep breath and replayed those viscious moments in his head. Gerard was right, revenge was the only way forward, since his friend had stabbed him in the back.

"What time do you call this, prawnhead?" Gerard shouted as four figures approached him and Frank. His voice echoed along the walls, mixing with the sound of the wind bashing against the brick. The four figures became more clear, and Frank looked at his feet, pretending not to see.

"SORRY," Mikey appologised in a very satyrical tone. He walked towards Gerard and gave him a high five.

"Hey," another guy said. His name was Ray and he had a brown afro. He was friends with both Gerard and Frank, as they had known each other for a substancial ammount of time. Ray had an obession with wearing red socks.

"Hi, Ray. How's things?" Gerard asked. It was blatently obvious that Frank had withdrawn from the conversation. He was nervous, slightly embarrased to be confronted with the people infront of him. His strange feelings were not a result of Frank's presence, neither Mikey's - but it was the two other people that were standing infront of him.

The two girls stood slightly behind Ray and Mikey were giving Frank daggers. He couldn't see them, but he could tell they were. Their gaze was burning a hole in his head. He knew that he couldn't carry out his vendetta if he kept being shy and reserved, therefore he decided to intergrate himself into the conversation. He was always good at being slick.

Gerard was waffling on about something completely random. He would always do that. Frank recogned he had some kind of wierd monster in his head, as he changed from being really moody and sinister, to being friendly and hyperactive within afew minutes.

"I mean, I can't wait for this band! I'm gonna go backstage and talk to the singer guy and try and get some tips COS I'M OBVIOUSLY THE BEST IN THE WORLD," Gerard shouted, flinging his arms about with a grin on his face.

"Erm, Gerard..." the girl with the blonde hair muttered as she turned to her friend, laughing. "He's not going to want to listen to you if youre all, 'EEE I'M THE BEST, LOOK AT ME, EEE'," she mimiced.

Mikey and Ray laughed, whilst Gerard raised his eyebrow at the girl.

"Shut up, Ashley," Gerard harshly said, giving the girl an evil look. The girl next to Ashely looked shocked and turned sharply towards Ashley.

"Oh my GOD! Did Gerald just tell you to shut up?!" she said sarcastically. The girl had hip-length black hair with pink streaks in it. She was quiet tall, but she didn't tower over any of the guys. She wore copious ammounts of eyeliner and had an anchor necklace on, which sparkled like a diamond in the night sky.

"Now, now, Amber," Mikey joked, nudging her whilst winking at Gerard. Frank brought his gaze to look at her, and his stomach turned in knots. He reminisced about the times he and Amber shared, until everything went wrong. He attracted Mikey's attention and discretely hinted for them to leave. Mikey then passed the signal onto Gerard who abruptly changed the subject.

"Gees, guys," he said, rubbing his hands together, "I'm cold and the show's gonna start soon, let's go innnnnn," he squealed. It was quite obvious he wasn't being sincere, but everyone believed him.

"Yeah, come on," Mikey added, with a smirk on his face. Inside, he knew the plot was going to plan which made him excited, yet anxious. Gerard linked arms with Ray, making him skip down the alley, towards the entrance of the Academy. Mikey and Ashley followed, with Amber behind them, clinging onto Ashley's hood.

"Amber?" Frank muttered as he grabbed her arm, pulling her backwards. Ashley turned around to look at her friend, but thought it was best to leave them. However, she felt concerned as she KNEW Frank and Amber were not exactly the best of friends, anymore.

Amber's eyes widened as she looked confused and worried. As Frank grabbed her, she tried to struggle out of his grasp.

"It's alright," he said softly, "I won't hurt you." His eyes looked homely and inviting and she soon calmed down. She was silent, she didn't want to say anything, she was uncomfortable.

"Amber," he continued, "we need to talk. I need to know things are difficult between us but," he said. He moved closer to her. She could feel the warm tingle of his breath on her neck, kneading at her veins. His heart started to beat faster and faster, and he could feel the blood rush to his head. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and contemplated her fate.

"Frank," she timidly said, "what the fuck are you doing?" She tried to push him back, but he had her cornered, up against the wall. Her hands were starting to palpitate and she became firghtened. "FRANK. STOP IT," she yelled.

He laughed. He heard the same thing almost every night. 'Fwank, stop it' he mimiced in his head.

"FRANK. PACK IT IN," she screamed. He put his hand to her mouth. He was ready.

"Now, Amber," he said in a soft but mysterious tone, "It's time for ME to stab YOU in the front." He opened his mouth wide, revealing his beautifully sharp fangs, perfectly poised. He used his hand which was on her mouth to twist her head, so her neck was visible. Her neck. It was so pale and white, but he could see the blood flowing freely throughout it. She tried to bite his hand, but he couldn't feel the pain. He was numb with revenge.

"It must kill you to know we can't be friends," he said to her, looking in her almond eyes, which were locked in a battle with his. "When I shut my eyes, you haunt me, Amber. Why can't you leave me alone? YOU made me into this wretch which I am today. It's all your fucking fault. A true friend stabs you in the front, where you can see your heart bleeding right before your very fucking eyes." He paused for air, but he was still staring at her.

She tried to struggle away from him, screaming, but the sound was muffled by his hand.

"I hope I live to see the day you fade. And I will. I can't leave you breathing, Amber, after everything you did to me. Don't be afraid. I'll just kill you tonight and bury you here," he whispered.

Amber's eyes widened with absolute horror, but Frank didn't move. He stood still, as if carved in stone. He knew his whole day, his whole past few months, maybe even years were building up to this moment; 'adelleda vendetta'. He stopped breathing heavily and thought, he began to relive the past over in his head, over and over again....

ooo, what is he thinking about?! cliffhanger!
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