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Chapter 2

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As Jake and I walked in to the lobby at three, I was suddenly pissed beyond belief.

"No, way" I said as I turned on my heal and walked out of the lobby heading towards my room.

"Whoa, there sparky Jake said as he jumped in front of me. "What's wrong? That's Panic at the disco here to see us perform tonight. "

"How do you know about this and I don't I practically yelled back.

"We wanted it to be a surprise I mean we thought you liked them, you have their CD and that little picture of them, the one that looks like a real one so what's the problem? Why are you acting like this?"

I just stood there glaring at him not knowing what to do, when Ryan walked out and took me by the hand and lead me outside on to the balcony.

I couldn't talk to him though I just listened to what he was saying although I didn't comprehend it. I needed to talk to my band I needed to let them know what was going on, I knew I should've told them when I first joined the band as their drummer.

"Ryan, stop I need to talk to my guys I'll be back ok hold on" I said went back inside to find they guys, not that it was hard as they were all standing looking out the window at us.

"Can I talk to you guys for a minuet I asked them" they fallowed me to the kitchen right behind the lobby and I closed the door.

"So did they tell you I asked Jake, Aaron, and Aid, referring to the other guys of Panic?"

"Tell us what? Come on Olivia what's going on? What ever it is we want to hear it from you." Aid begged.

"I know Panic! at the Disco" I said matter a factly

"Well, thank you Sherlock but we were looking for a little more on your part." Said Aaron all frustrated.

"Ok, I went to high school with Brendon Urie, that's how I met Ryan Ross and we started dating but this summer we had a fight and broke up and I haven't really talked to him since. " I spat out.

Olivia, they are here to see us, to see if they want us as an opening band, if they picked us could you handle that? Asked Jake.

"Yeah, I could, I mean they are my friends, and I will find a way to work it out with Ryan if they do pick us." I reassured them

"Ok you guys its four, Olivia go talk to Ryan or whatever and they rest of you lets go meet the rest of the band." Aaron bossed as he opened the door and pushed me out towards the balcony.

I walked over to Ryan, trying to think of what I was going to say, as I got there something clicked as he walked over to me and kissed me, it had been like we were never apart.

"I missed you" he whispered in my ear.
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