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Meeting More Mutants

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I am a spirit sent to guide the Chosen Ones of the Movieverses. My first assigment: Nightcrawler in X2. (Chapter 5)

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The "where' ended up being back in Boston. I snuck up to the cockpit to eavesdrop on Jean, Storm and Wolverine.

"No one's left, Jean. Soldiers came," Logan's voice said over the intercom.

"What about that children?" Storm asked, concerned.

"I saw them escape. Not sure about the rest," was Logan's reply.

I closed my eyes and 'saw' the attack on the mansion. I frowned and shook my head. "No one should have to go through that," I muttered to myself. "It's like World War Two, only with humans and mutants instead of Nazis and Jews."

Storm and Jean looked at each other. "We haven't been able to reach the professor or Scott either," Jean said.

"Where are you, Logan?" Storm asked.

"Boston, with Bobby Drake's family," he replied.

"Okay. We're on our way," Storm said. The two women started to steer the jet back towards Boston when Logan's voice stopped them briefly.

"And, Storm," he said. "Make it fast." from his tone of voice I knew what was happening. Things weren't going very well with Bobby's family discovering that their oldest son was a mutant.

"Kurt, buckle up," Storm called over her shoulder. "We're going back to Boston to pick some others up."

"Okay," Nightcrawler responded. He moved to sit in one of the seats behind the cockpit. I sat in the seat right behind him but I didn't buckle myself in. I didn't really need to and besides; it would look weird to see the restraints doing themselves up all by themselves.

The jet did a mid-air u-turn and zoomed back to Boston. It was a very short trip. Storm and Jean landed the jet perfectly on the Drake's front yard. I frowned. I knew what that yard looked like without having to see it. Charred police cars and smoldering bits of lawn all thanks to Pyro. Not to mention the soot-covered, stunned and frightened police officers.

The bottom hatch opened and John stepped inside. He stopped and stared at Nightcrawler. Rogue and Logan also came onboard. Rogue stared too, but Logan just glanced at him as he moved to his seat.

"Guten Tag," Kurt said, trying to be friendly. Last to come on was Bobby. The four took their seats, all studying Kurt's unusual appearance.

"Who the hell is this?" Logan asked.

"Kurt Wagner," Kurt said, introducing himself. "But in the Munich Circus I was known as 'The Incredible Nightcrawler.'"

"Ah, save it. Storm," Logan interrupted, turning away from Kurt and focusing his attention on the cockpit.

"We're outta here," Storm replied as the jet's engines powered up. I could tell that Kurt was a bit hurt by Logan brushing him off. I smiled and leaned forward in my seat.

"Don't worry about it," I tolled Kurt. "Logan's not the easiest guy to warm up to right away, especially when he has a headache like the one I'm sure he has right now."

"Because just barely five minutes ago, he was shot in the head by a pissed- off trigger-happy policeman," I added mentally, but Kurt didn't need to know about that just yet.

I sat back and glanced over at Bobby sitting across from me. He looked sad as the jet shuttered and took off. I couldn't blame him. After what he had just been through with his parents and younger brother, anybody would feel sad.

As we flew away from the scene below, Storm and Jean gave brief introductions to Nightcrawler of everyone now onboard. Names and brief explanations of powers were exchanged between Kurt and the teens and Logan.

After a while, Logan got up and moved the to cockpit. He stood behind Jean and leaned on the back of her chair. "How far are we?" he asked.

"We're actually coming up on the mansion now," Jean responded. Just then, the jet's radar started beeping.

"I've got two signals approaching," Storm reported. "Coming in fast."

"Unidentified aircraft, you are ordered to descend to twenty thousand feet," a stern, female voice commanded over the intercom. "Return with our escort to Hanscom Air Force Base. You have ten seconds to comply."

"Wow. Somebody's angry," Storm remarked.

"I wonder why," Logan said over his shoulder towards John. I glared at the pyromaniac sitting a few seats in front of me.

"We are coming up alongside you to escort you to Hanscom Air Force Base. Lower your altitude now," the female air force pilot commanded us again. She left no argument.

The three X-Men in the cockpit looked out the windows at the two air force pilots flying alongside us. "Repeat: Lower your altitude to twenty thousand feet. This is your last warning," the intercom demanded. Storm and Jean made no move to as they were tolled. I heard the smaller jets fly away.

"They're falling back," Storm said. I did a mental "uh oh!"

For a second, there was silence. Then the radar began beeping franticly. "They're marking us," Storm said, half in wonder that they would actually do so.

"What?" Logan asked. He did not like what he was hearing, I could tell.

"They're gonna fire. Hang on!" Storm shouted. Logan scrambled back to his seat as Jean put the X-Jet into super-speed.
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