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Full Metal Alchemist: Reflection of the man with the metalic arm.

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This is my story of when I met Edward and what happens when we become close.

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I'm on my way to take the Alchemy Exam this year. I heard that a kid one year older than me became a state Alchemist last year and that he would probably be watching the practical skills part of the exams. I've been dreading this day but now that it's finally here I might as well get it over with.
I let out a soft sigh before I enter the large cement building. My steps are quiet so no one could hear me coming. I take a seat in the back of the large school-like room and get ready for the written exam. A bang of wood against wood starts the exam. I get to work answering all of the questions I think correct. I even make a few corrections on the test that no one else caught. Think that might have brought my grade up a bit. The test is over and so I get up from my seat and I look at the row of judges. There is the Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang, The Iron Blood Alchemist, Basque Gran, The Furer, and the last one I don't recognize. He's short but no shorter than me, probibly a centimeter or two taller, his long blond hair is pulled back into a braid to keep it out of his face, and his eyes are a golden color. He wares a long red coat with a black insignia on the back, just like mine. Underneath his coat he wares a black sleeveless shirt with black leather pants, again just like me. 'He looks just like me. Except for a few things. I'm a girl, my hair is longer, and I haven't eaten in three days.' I can tell he's an Alchemist by the chain the hangs from his waist band to his pocket. 'He must be the Full Metal Alchemist, Edward Elric. No one else could be that young. And be a part of the military.' I quietly slide to of the room before anyone notices I'm there. I wait outside the building for the next day to come but time won't go fast enough. I turn around to see if anyone is coming out. No one comes. I breathe a sigh of relief. I don't really want to be seen right now. I wrap my long red coat around my shaking body.
"Man, I cold use a hot meal." I say to myself.
"Then come on in." comes a soothing, and secure voice from behind me.
I spin around to find The Flame Alchemist standing right behind me gently smiling. I jump up and quickly bow to show my respect, and solute.
He lets out a hearty laugh, "Calm down. Ha ha. You look like you've rehearsed this."
I slowly start to relax. I didn't expect a man of the state to be so... casual. It catches me off guard.
"Come on. Lets get something to eat." He suggests.
I nod my head in response. We walk into the large stony building once again and this time we go to the cafeteria. He orders thirty bowls of something I've never heard of. He takes my hand and we go sit down at a long table. We wait for the food to come out and be seared to us. He leans forward resting his head on his folded hands gracefully.
"You know not many children would be as daring as you to sneak into this place and take the exams and pass it with flying colors as you did." he tells me calmly.
I simply sit still and calm. I knew I would pass.
"Those questions were so easy a three year old could have figured it out." I said confiently.
He chuckles slightly at my confidence, "You made the highest score we've ever had...3000 points. That's higher than the possible score. 2500 is the total points you could possibly get. You're true a protégée. Just like the Full Metal Alchemist."
"If anything your test was nothing more than a joke. It was pathetic. Of cores I passed with a higher score than you anticipated, but no I'm not a protégée." I tell him closing my eyes and leaning back in my chair.
My stomach makes a grumbling sound and my cheeks gain a slight reddish color from embarrassment. I open my eyes and look at the man across from me. He chuckles and calls for some food and ten bowls of the stuff he ordered is brought out and placed in front of us.
"Please, have as much as you desire." he tells me.
My mouth waters as I take in the wonderful sight before me. I take him up on his offer and grab the bowl closest to me, I take a small tast of it then start eating like there was no tomarow. After that bowl is empty I move on to the next one and the next one until all of the bowls before me are empty.
"Man that was good." I complement leaning back into the chair patting my full stomach. I think I shocked the colonial because I had eaten so much and still looked like I am on a diet.
Roy looks stunned at how mush I ate. "Wow. You can really put that stuff away."
"I haven't eaten in three days so I was kind of hungry. Anyway would you mind if I stayed here for the night. It's pretty cold out there."
"Sure. Make yourself at home. The next test is tomorrow."
"Thank you." I say as I look at his dark eyes.
He turns around and walks away out. After he is out of my sight I get up and go into the hallway and I find a bench to lie on. I rest my head on my arm and I close my eyes and drift off into sleep. I open my eyes as the sun peaks over the horizon and its light spilling into the building. I head to the interview room and wait for them to call my name. When they finally do I walk in with my head held high and confidence in my heart. The room is dark as I enter then a light is suddenly turned on and I squint to keep it from going blind by it. My eyes adjust and I notice there is a chair with three legs in the middle of a circle. I take a seat in the chair and they start asking questions. I notice that Full Metal is not here. For some reason I'm glad.
After the interview I and other alchemists are taken out to a field to show off our practical skills. I look around for some elements to create something that would impress them. I decide to go all out instead of holding back so much. I walk up to the arena of the elements we are to use. I pull my hands over my head and then place them down on the ground before me. Light shines everywhere. Once the transmutation is complete it reveals an angel showering flower petals from its wings and playing a lovely tune. I turn around and face the judges proudly. My eyes wander over to the Full Metal alchemist. His slender and well built figure reminds me so much of my own. I swear it is like I'm looking at myself. He looks from my work to me. His golden eyes look at mine for the first time. For the first time he sees me. His eyes grow wide at my face.
"You look like me. How is that possible?" he whispers.
"I don't know. Perhaps one of us comes from the other side of the mirror to meet the other." I suggest remembering the story my father told me before he died.
He smiles confidently at me and says," Looks like we've found our alchemist."
I bow my head to him. He takes my hand and leads me back into the building into Roy's office.
"Well, well Edward. It looks like you've found your match," says the Flame alchemist.
"Oh shut it. Give her a pocket watch would you? She's the new alchemist."
The door burst open and the furer walks in.
"Yes Roy. Give the Angel Alchemist her pocket watch," he says
His smile creeps me out for some reason. Like he's hiding something.
"The Angel Alchemist?" I ask
"Yeah, it's sort of like a nickname. Along with the pocket watch you get a symbolic second name according to your talents. Get it?" asks Edward.
"Yeah. I get it. Ok. The Angel Alchemist. Fitting." I say.
I glance over at Full Metal and he glances at me. I feel a slight blush creep across my face again and my stomach churns as a knot forms. I look away as he approaches and places a hand on my shoulder.
"If you two don't mind I'll take my new team mate to her quarters." he says as he pulls me out of that room away from that creepy smile of the furer's.
"Thank you so much for getting me out of there. I really appreciate it." I almost laugh.
"No problem." he replies with a gentile smile.
He takes me to an office where I am to work from now on until I am needed elsewhere. He walks out and leave me to do some paper work.
Five years pass and Edward and I haven't changed much. Our hair is longer, we are taller, and Ed and I have gone on one crazy ride togather last year. Edward's head pops threw my office door and cherps a warm hellow. He enters the room and I greet him with a warms smile. He shuts the wooden door behind him. I blush fiercely as he approaches me. I had feelings for him for a long time and every time he got close to me my face ggets red. I get up from my chair and walke around the large desk. We were not even three feet from eachother and Ed continued to advance on me.
"Full Metal, sir what are you-" I am cut off by Edward's lips crashing gently against mine.
He pulls away for a moment, "Call me Ed. After al we have known eachother for five years. We can do this now. We're both seventeen." and then goes back to the passionate kiss.
I slowly melt into the kiss. It is my first ever, and I think, and hope it will go further. My wish is granted as I feel the gloves that cover his hands start to caress my back. He slowly pulls my deep red coat from my shoulders letting it fall to the ground and I do the same for him. His kisses become more forceful and needy. I try to satisfy his cravings by adding a bit more intimacy to the kiss. I slip my toung into his awaiting mouth and explore. I can taste him. The sweet tang of an orange clings to my tungh. He must have eaten one before this. His sweet breath captivates me and I become lost in passion. His hands slowly reach, and pull my tight shirt from being tucked into my pants and slides his hands under it feeling my well sculpted abdomen. I do the same for him but I do a little more. I pull his shirt off gentilly covering his skin with kisses. I pray to the heavens that I'm doing this right. Ed seems to be enjoying it so I continue. I let my hands freely explore his perfect body while my lips retern to their rightful place against Ed's. A light growl comes up from his throught. 'Is he getting anctious? If he wants I'll be submisive.' I think. I pull back to gather my breath and Ed grones in dissapintment. It doesn't take long for him to get impaitent. He grabs my long golden hair and pulls so I look up at the sealing. He lashes my neck with kisses and desparait sucking. He finally lets go of my hair and I'm able to look at his golden eyes. He roughly pulls off my black shirt and pulls me into another deep kiss as he slides his hands down to unbuckle my belt. It appeirs to be the same hind he wears so he has no trubble takeing it off. I wrap my arms around his neck to keep myself from shuttering. He knows this amd pulls my hands away by my wrists. He pushes me onto the floor harshly, makeing a soft thump as we hit the wodden floor. He pins my wrists above my head with one hand while the other is buisy exploring my body. When he reaches one spot just above my caller bone my body shakes. His gentile but firm touch sends a shiver down my spine. His free hand starts to ceress my brest. He takes my semi-hardened nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolls and pinches it. when he is satisfied with his work he gives the same tretment to the other one byt this time he takes it into his mouth and sucks on it. I quietly let out a moan, so the others outside my new office wouldn't hear and become curious. He slowly pulls away from my brest and comes up and places a kiss on my hungery lips. His tongh sweeps across my lips pleading for enterance. I comply with his request and let him explore my mouth. His free hand glides down my body and stops at my pantline. He menuvers his hand to pull off my pants. Now all I'm in is my underwhere and bra. He's still dressed from the waist down.
"The cloths are getting in the way." says the blond angel above me.
"Yeah. lets get rid of them." I say kissing him again.
We eagerly take off the rest of our cloths and toss them aside. I notice his rock hard cock bounsing freely when his pants were removed. I want to touch it and give him plesure beyond his wildest dreams but he pushes me back onto the floor harshly and pins my hands back where they were.
"Now. Where were we?" He asks his voice full of lust and love.
He kisses me fully on the lips and moves his free hand down to my maiden's spot. He slips one finger inside of me and moves it around sendig shocks of plesure and pain ringing threw my body. He then slides two more inside and streches me. It hurts but it soon gives way to plesure. He reaches above my head and grabs something from on top of my desk and opens it up. Is looks like sme kind of cream. He takes some of it into his hands and rubs it on his manhood. He then pushes my legs to wrap around his waist. He carefuly positions himself in front of my entrance and slowly pushes himself in.
"Oh god! Your so tight." he grouns.
"It hurts." I tell him scrunching my eyes to keep from screaming.
"Relax." he tels me in a caring voice, "It will hurt a lot less if you relax."
I take his advice and try to relax my body with a few deep breaths. It works thankfully. He then pushes himself in a little further and though it hurts it is overwhelmed by plesure and he comes to my maiden barior.
"I will not lie to you this will hurt but it wil be over soon." He says gasping between words.
I nod and he continues his persute. He brakes threw and relaxes a moment to let me get used to it. The pain subsides and turns into plesure. He pushes inside me even further untill he is completely covered. He then pulls almost completely out then thrust back in. It sends a shock of plesure ringing threwout my entire body. He does this a few more time and I feel myself coming to an edge. He thrusts again and I spill over that edge. My entire body goes goes limp. He trust in again.
"I'm so close." he grones, "A little longer please. just a little longer."
I nod my head and he thrust in again.
"Almost." he mummbles.
He trusts in one more time and he starts to pull back but My hands grab his sholder.
"Please." I say, "Let me fell it. Explode inside of me."
"No I can't." he says with a little bit of urgency in his voice.
"Please." i say, "It's what I want."
He nods his head and relieses himself inside of me. My back arches off the bed from being filled like that. Edward collapes beside me out of breath. I cuddle close to him. I can hear his heart beat. the rythem slowly puts me to sleep.

Three months pass and Edward and I are going out with eachother. He even lets me stay with him every night. In retern I cook for him and do the landery but for some reson I've been getting craveings for the strangest things, like bananas in spegettie, and I feel a bit heavier. I told Edward that I made an appointment with the military doctor to see if there is anything wrong with me.
Night falls and I finaly make it home after trudging two miles from the doctor's place.
I set the table as usual and Alphons is not here. He ewnt over to do reserch on the philosepher's stone and ended up staying there for the night. This is the perfect time to tell him.
"Edward?" I ask in a meak voice.
"Yeah?" he answers.
"What do you think having a baby?"
"I guess it would be cool and I have something I want to ask you." he says getting up from his chair at the end of the table. He walks proudly over to me. I can't help but thing how handsome he is. He kneels down bside me.
"Angel, you and I have been together for a while now, and I've become very close to you and I need to know..." he says pulling out a small box then opening it to revial a white dimond ring. "Will you be mine in the future?"
I gasp at the ring then I fling my trembiling arms around his neck and sob tears of joy.
"Of course I will." I whisper.
He pulls back and slips the ring onto my engagement finger and askes, "Now what was it that you wanted to tell me?"
I look at him worriedly, "Well, Edward... You see, I'm...I'm pregonent."
Edward's eyes grow wide in shock.
"Is it...?" she starts.
I say quickly, "Yes it's yours."
He wrapps his arms around me and gives me a wam embrace. He loves the idea of a little us running around the house and withy any luck the child will have our alchemic abilities.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know how you liked it.
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