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Chapter Twenty Three

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Emily makes an important decision

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Emily and Brendon decided to go back to the house. Emily wanted to get her stuff out of Ryan's room, where she had been sleeping since she had returned, before he came home. She also decided that no matter what was going on with her and Ryan, she was going to move home to Las Vegas. She didn't want to run anymore, and her friendship with the rest of the band meant too much to her and she wasn't going to let Ryan fuck that up. And maybe a small part of her still believed that things would turn around and Ryan would give her another chance after realize what a bitch Becca was.

"So I found a really nice apartment not too far from here." Emily announced as her and Brendon entered the living room, where Jon and Spencer were playing Guitar Hero 2. "I'm moving in tomorrow."

"You really don't have to move out Emily. You are more than welcomed to stay here with us!" Jon said, sitting down beside Emily, letting Brendon have a turn.

"I'm pretty sure that I do have to move out. Ryan pretty much hates me and I don't want things to be weird for you guys." Emily said, laughing a little. "Besides, my apartment building is literally around the corner so you will still see me all the time, I promise!" She said, messing up Jon's hair.

"Oh no you didn't!" Jon exclaimed, grabbing her by the waist and tickling her. Emily squealed and was begging for him to stop, but he wouldn't which only made her laugh harder. They were all laughing so hard that they didn't hear the front door open and slam shut.

"What the hell is she doing her?" Everyone stopped what they were doing, surprised to see Ryan and Becca standing in the doorway.

"Chill out man, we're just hanging out." Jon said, standing up. "The question is what the hell are you doing out of the hospital? It's only been a week since the accident."

"He was making amazing progress the doctors said, so they decided that it was safe for him to be released. But he has to be very careful. His ribs are still tender and his hand is still healing, so no band stuff for a few more weeks." Becca explained, kissing him softly on the lips. Everyone in the living room rolled their eyes. "Come on babe, let's go upstairs. You need some rest." Becca suggested, tugging on Ryan's shirt, while giving Emily the dirtiest look. Once they disappeared, Emily sighed heavily. Spencer hugged his friend.

"Everything will work out for you guys, I promise. Ryan is just a little confused." He assured, pulling away from her. Emily forced a smile as they all settled on the couch, deciding to watch Emily's favorite movie, Pulp Fiction. Half an hour into the movie, everyone except Emily was asleep. She decided to turn the movie off and grabbed her journal from one of the boxes by the door. She went to the kitchen and started to write about the events of the past week. She jumped a little bit when someone came into the kitchen and opened the fridge about an hour later. She was surprised to see Ryan staring at her.

"When are you going to get the hell out of my house?" He demanded, opening a bottle of water.

"Tomorrow morning... I'm moving into an apartment not too far from here." Emily said sadly. She missed her Ryan and would give anything to have him back. It was like something just snapped inside of him. She was almost scared of the beautiful young man who was now standing right in front of her.

"So you mean to tell me that you are actually going to stay in town this time?" Ryan laughed in her face and before Emily could say anything, he left the room. Emily slammed her journal shut as she was understandably upset by Ryan's comment. Sure, she had made some mistakes in the past but she was going to prove to Ryan, and everybody else, that those days were behind her. She glanced at the clock that hung on the wall. It was just after two in the morning and Emily was completely exhausted. She walked into the living room, surprised to see that Spencer was the only one left in the room. He was sitting up, watching the end of the movie.

"I thought that you went to bed." He said as she sat down beside him.

"Nope, I was just in the kitchen writing." Emily said, yawning. "I am pretty tired though.

"Yeah, me too. Let's go to bed. You can share my bed if you want to."

"That would be great." Emily said as they walked up the stairs. They quickly changed and climbed into Spencer's bed. "Spence, I am so glad that you're my best friend. I don't know what I would do without you." Emily said. She laughed a little when she realized that Spencer was already sound asleep. She rolled onto her side and fell asleep within a matter of minutes.
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