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Harry Potter and The New Challenge

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Harry and Draco ar going to play truth or dare, when an innocent gets dragged into their little battle of curage.

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"Malfoy, Truth or dare?" asks Harry inquireingly.
"Unlike you, Potter, I'm not afraid to willingly get into trubble. Dare." says Draco in a determaned voice, knowing that he could handle anything Harry could throw at him.
"Okay Malfoy, I dare you to..." Harry looks around the room to chalange the bleach blond boy sitting across from him.
He spots a boy with long dark blond hair, emerald green eyes, in his bed robes, lieing on his bed peacefully reading a book with not a care at what the two enimies are doing.
"I dare you to kiss that guy full on the lips, Draco Malfoy." Harry says pointing at the blond boy.
Draco's eyes grow wide at Harry's challange. The boy's head snaps in their direction worriedly. Draco glares at Harry not seeming to back down from his challange. He gets up from his spot on Harry's bed and walking over to the unexpecting, small fraimed boy and leans in. The boy leans back to try to get away but is stopped as his head hits the back of his bed. Draco's lips gentily brush against the boy's. He pulls pack and walks back and sits down in his previos spot on Harry's bed.
"There. Now it's your turn, Potter." he says proudly, "Truth or dare?"
"I'm not afraid of your pethetic attempts to make me feel infirior, dare." says Harry in a challanging tone.
"Well, Potter, It seems your not as spineless as you seem." Draco compliments "I dare you to-"
"What? Make me kiss him too?" Harry tounted.
"Oh no." reassures Draco, "I dare you to go further on the guy than I did. In other words... french him."
"I say that's just-"
"Are you backing down Potter?" draco taunts.
"Never!" shouts Harry.
He gets up and walks over to the blushing boy. He leanes in close to his ears and whispers gentily: "What's your name?"
"M-m-my friends call me Angel" he stutters in a quiet and innocent voice. "You don't have to introduce yourselves. I know who you both are."
With that Harry presses his lips against Angel's soft ones. Harry's toung brushes up against the smaller boy's lips pleading for enterance but he is denied. Harry running out of options does the first thing that comes to his mind. He reaches his hand slowly between Angel's legs up his inner thighs. Angel gasps at his touch and opens his mouth to protest but is quickly taken over by Harry's sweeping toung. Angel looses almost all of his strangth in the kiss. Harry slowly pulls back and sits down net to Draco proud of himself.
"Well Malfoy"asks Harry.
"Not bad Potter." resots Draco. "but now it'a my turn, and I chose dare.
"Okay. I dare you to take off his robe while kissing him." Harry grins.
Draco blushes slightly but does not back down. He walks over to the boy and does as he is told and the boy for some odd reson does not put up a fight. Draco finishes he pulls back slightly to catch his breath.
The smaller boy is panting. Absent mindedly the boy whispers quietly into Draco's ear cathing him off guard: "You guys sure know how to treat a girl."
Draco snaps his head back and looks at Angel's beautiful emerald green eyes. Did he just hear that right? Angel's a girl!? He has to have imagined it but something in her eyes made him dought it. He backed away sitting next to Harry with wide eyes.
"Alwrite Potter. You like supprizes? Then I dare you to take the rest of his cloths off." Challanged Draco.
Harry gulped hown a lump in his throught as he approches the blushing Angel. She looks up at Harry with worried and pleading eyes. In Angel's mind she is confused. She is thinking about wether she should let her secret out or if she should stop this insain game before it goes too far. Her eyes fall upon Harry's growing langth and becomes frightned. What is she to do? She is so wrapped up in trying to think of a way out that she doesn't realize that her hand is reaching up to take Harry's trmbaling hand. Supprizeingly she doesn't stop herself. Her body wants this. 'Maybe they can keep their mouths shut about my secret. Then everything will be fine. Right?' Her hand gentily brushes up agains Harry's. Gentily her hand wraps around his and slowly pulls him to her. 'Does he really want this to go on? Maybe he's gay. I don't know but I'm sure he can forgive me this one ti-' Harry's thoughs are imidiotly cut off as Angel pulls him into a sweet kiss and takeing his hand to explore her well toned body. She guids his hand up her inner thighs and he notices that there is no bulge. Nothing at all.
"What the-!?" he gasps pulling away from her. "What are you?"
"What? Do you not like girls or... are you gay?" She whispers into his ear softly so only he could hear.
He can't be dreaming or imagining this. Could he really be a girl? There was only one way to find out. He goes back to kissing Angel gentily on the mouth. He flicks his toung over her lips pleading for enterance. His wish is granted as her lips part to let him explore her mouth. 'She seems to be expirianced with this sort of thing.' Harry thinks. Their tonges dance with eachother. Harry's hands gentliy unties the sash around Angel's small waist andpulls it away from her body. He pulls back wanting to take in the beautiful sight that laies before him. Her eyes are shut and oh how Harry wishes they were open so he could look into those briliant green eyes. Her lips slightly ajar, and draging in breath.
Draco watches this and gives a slight smirk. He so wishes that it was him in that position insted of Harry. He notices that his pants become slightly tight and shifts so he cold continue watching but it's no use. He looks down at himself and sees that he is getting really turned on watching the sean unfold. Harry gets Angel's first layer of clothing off. Now she is in an undervest to keep her brests in and panties. When Harry backs up a bit and Draco gets up off the bed and lookes at Harry and the beautiful girl panting underneith him. Draco and Harry look at eachother's hardness then eachother's faces and smile.
"Dare?" Harry askes.
"Dare." Draco responds.
They continue to lavish Angel in kisses as they undo the tight vest that holds in her full D cup brests. It's a mirical she hasn't sufucated. They toss the vest with the rest of her clothing over by the door. They couldn't handle the restriction of their cloths so they remove them quickly. They both climbed ontop of the innocent girl. Harry was a little curious and caucious.
"Are you a virgen?" he asked quietly.
Draco's and Angel's eyes went wide. Draco looked at him stunned he asked that question. Angel was too out of breath to answer. She simply nodded and amost begged them to continue. Draco and Harry glared at each other then forced their hands to each other.
"Rock beats sizzors. I take the first round." Draco announced.
He straddled the girl's slim waist and started to play with her taunt nipples with his gentile toungh. Harry sat above her head and kissed her lips pasionatly andding his expirianced toungh. Their touches seemed like fire on the girl's pale skin. She didn't want any of it to stop. 'I'll dicuss this tomarow but for right now I'll just enjoy myself with these two.' Her mind went blank with that and her body went into a swoon with the two boys above her. Harry tenderly kissed her blushing lips while Draco plaied with her perfect body. Her body was on fire now. every touch seemed like and inferno was touching her. She loved it. Draco was being considerit and lubed himself thuroly before he placed himself at her entrance. He teased her nearly insain. She moaned into Harry's mouth from the plesure They were giving her. Draco desided he couldn't wait anylonger so he plunged into her and his eyes rolled up into his head. He pulled put almost to the tip then thrust back into her. e went faster and faster to give himself a reiliece not neccecaraly for Angel's. Angel wasn't givin enough time to adjust so Draco just caused her pain but she bared it. Her brow werinkled from the stress. Draco pulled out and he came hard. Angel was relieved and looked calm. Harry pulled away from the tender kisses and musage of her perfect body. Draco and Harry switched places and switched jobs. Draco kissed Angel and msaged her brests, while Harry got himself ready to lose his verginity. He carefuly place himself at her entrance and slowly entered her and she was still tight even from Draco entering her and ravishing her. He slowly thrust in to giver her time to addjust to him. Thistime Angel did feel a little sting but that gave way to plesure.

I'll be back later.
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