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Chapter 1

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A 15 year old girl has been through more emotion than you can even imagine. Her mother is an alcoholic and her father abuses her frequently. She wants to get away from the cruel world but no matter...

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Chapter 1
Essence sat in the corner of her lonely,dark room. Her long black hair hiding her facial features. Not that she cared. She considered herself the most hideous person on the earth. She slowly lifted her head up as a tear fell from her eyes. This is what she did day after day. She hated the fact that her parents never loved her but the fact that they abused her was more worse. Her mother,the alcoholic,came home a few hours ago from work and went straight to the bar to drown her sorrows of the day in a drink. Her father,god knows where he could be,didn't love her one bit. And she knew that because he oftenly told her that. There would be days when she would think she could stand against his cruel words and then there would be other days where she couldn't be bothered,this being one of them. She heard her mother stumbling to the bar again for perhaps her 4th or even 5th drink already. Some days she would pray to God to help her get through this then she realised that it wasn't even worth it. Her life was going to be like this from now to eternity and there was nothing that she could do about it. She placed her one hand on her wrist and turned it over to find the newly cuts just beginning to dry up. She ran her fingernail over them and it send a shiver down her spine. Her parents could care less that every day at the same time she cuts herself. She could run downstairs to her drunk mother and say "Hey Mother. I just cut myself with the razor,do you care?" and her mother would just stare at the wall and ignore her. She gave up on the idea of trying to get them to care. Essence heard the front door slam and she felt her bedroom walls shake.
"Father's home."
She whispered herself. She clasped her hands together and squeezed them tightly. She hoped that he wouldn't walk to her room and have a go at her like he's done numerous times before. She would do this every night. Sit in her corner and listen to the argument and screaming that happened downstairs between her father and mother.
"Drinking your sorrows away again?"
He said in his evil tone.
"Why must you question my actions? I drink because it makes me feel better...unless you could do that? Oh wait. You never could in the first place!"
She spat back taking a sip of her whiskey.
"I wouldn't want to anyways! You are such a whore of a wife I don't know what I ever saw you!"
He was now his usual rampage.
"Here we go again. I don't know why you just go sleep with someone and stay there with them. It's obvious that you want to be there with them than with me!"
She started to get furiated.
"Ah yes. We have to start this converstation again do we?"
He intimiated her. She rolled her eyes and finished off her drink. She slowly stood up and then stumbled as she tried to walk forward.
"Do you ever think what your daughter thinks of you drinking so much?"
He asked.
"My daughter? Do you know that she is your daughter as well,as much as you hate to admit that to yourself but she is. And no I do not think what she thinks because I don't care for her. She was a mistake and now I am living with it."
She brushed past him stumbling on the way. Essence continued to listen but after that there was nothing. Not a sound. She looked up at her bedroom clocked and she could barely make out the numbers. She heard the constant ticking of it. Every sound it made,time grew slower. She slowly brought herself to her feet and began to walk toward her bedroom door. She turned the knob slowly and listened for any clue to see if her parents were still awake. Nothing. Silence. She walked out of the room and closed her door behind her. Slowly walking down the stairs she thought since she would take a walk for a couple hours. It was such a nice night,might as well embrace it with open arms. She got to the last stair and realised that her father was still on the couch.
He screamed. She thought the whole neighbourhood would wake up.
"I was going to go for a walk. It is such a nice night out I thought I would embrace it."
She replied in a mumbled tone.
"NO! You are not going out anywhere! You will stay here!"
He got off the couch and approached her with such force. Her lips began to tremble. She felt his breath on her face and instantly she knew he had been drinking. The stentch of his breath was enough to make anyone avoid him.
"Wher...where's mother?"
She managed to ask.
"Who cares. It's just me and you."
He began to grin and it wasn't one of those grins that after you see you feel good inside. It was one of the grins that when you saw it you felt scared and frightened inside. He placed his strong hands on her shoulders and gave a squeeze. A sharp pain filled her body and she bite her lip to not let out a yelp. He squeezed harder and her eyes began to water.
"Stop Dad. You are hurting me."
She cried trying to break away from his hold.
"Don't try to escape. You will only make it worse."
He whispered in her ear. She squeezed her eyes closed and wished it was all a dream. She did that everytime her Dad abused her. Every bruise had a story,and they weren't all that pleasant. She finally broke free from his hold and tried to run out the front door. Her father ran after her and grabbed her leg and pulled her down with such force. Her chin hit the hard floor with force. She tried to grab a hold of something but her father was way too strong.
She screamed as he pulled her to her feet. She stared into the evilness of his eyes. Her body started to tremble. Her father raised his hand and with such force slapped her hard on the face.
"Don't tell me to stop! I am your father! You do not tell me what to do!"
He spat in her face. Essence often thought to herself why the abuse had started. Was it because her father was never happy with his life so he would take his anger on her? He put his hands on her shoulder and pushed her with a greater force that sent her flying across the room landing on her back and hitting her head on the hard floor. Her father walked upstairs to his bedroom and closed the door. She was left there,wincing in pain. This was usual for her father to do that. She slowly sat up and felt her head throb in pain. She got to her feet and headed to her room in hope to get a few hours of sleep before school the next day.
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