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beautiful lie

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As a child Eligh was happily oblivious to what was happening around him; as you will soon see, dear reader, Eligh is no ordinary child. Although he played with friends as any old child would, had multiple crushes, just as any young boy at the tender age of eight. He wasn't like the rest of the boys in his age group at The Academy For Bright Young Minds. He was special in his own right; he was supposed to be the chosen child. The one male in the whole underground colony of (dare I say it?) vampires, all unbeknownst to Eligh, the elder vampires have great faith that he will one day save the ill-fated race. \n\nJust as they thought it, Eligh returned from school that one day (I know right about now your asking how is he walking out side in direct sunlight, The Academy is for vampire children so all it\'s classes our held by moon-light), entered his windowless house and called out \"Mother! Father! I\'ve returned home!\" As he dropped his book bag and went to run for his parent\'s bedroom he tripped and fell in something damp and stick-y, he felt around on a wall for a light switch, just as his hands slid over the switch he heard his mothers voice tell him \"No, Eligh, you are not wanted to see your parents like this!\" \n\nBeing the stubborn child he was he protested and proceeded to turn the light on. \"M...m...MOMMY! DADDY! What happened to you, wake up daddy it\'s me Eligh! Mommy no, don\'t go to sleep yet!\" Eligh screamed at the top of his little eight-year-old lungs as he watched is parents die in their own bloodpool. He looked down at his own clothes and nearly fainted at the sight of the maroon blood on his best school uniform. His body began to shake violently, he grasped himself tightly into a self-hug and let the tears Fall down his face then he glanced one last time into the blood on the floor and in it was a hand written letter. Eligh loathed the fact that he was a brilliant reader at this point because the little memo said: \nDear Family,\nYou should be ashamed of what you beast of Lucifer have brought on the city of Rome, you bring great shame and disgust to our minds, you all should suffer the fate of these unlucky two, this is not the last of the attempts to purify Rome there will be more of these holy crusades. \nSimply put,\nFather Liam Tudor \n\nNow anyone\'s thinking would be that Eligh is mentally screwed for life, but contrary to your beliefs, cherished reader, Eligh was perfectly fine aside from the fact that he had sworn to kill the man who had so cold heartedly murdered his parents.\n~~~~~\nThrough four years Eligh attended The Academy; after graduating with top honors he then went to find the First (of many) Vatican Church Of The Outskirts Of Rome (no lie, that\'s the name). When he entered the quaint little church (no, he did not burn, precious reader) he spotted a young man hunched over his works. He calmly walked over to him and asked \"Excuse me, sir-\" He stopped when the man rose to met his disdainful gaze, and saw that he was the presiding minister of the church, He quickly corrected himself, \"I mean, Excuse me,Father, but I\'m looking for a job here at your church.\" \nThe man looked at him with question in his eye. \"How old are you, son?\" \nEligh tried to keep from sneering at the loose use of the word \"son\". \"I am twelve and three quarters, and meant in the most deferential way, Father, but, please abstain from calling me son, in paramount respect.\" Eligh said calmly. The man was taken aback by the way such an incompetent child (so he thought) just insulted his kind gesture. \"I shall call you what I like, boy... the only opening is scribe boy, and you will translate Latin Scriptures into English.\" \n\nEligh carefully thought this over but was interrupted by the man introducing himself. \"By the way I\'m Liam Tudor, and you are?\" Eligh\'s eyes lit up as he watched Liam\'s lips form his own name, he smiled a wicked grin all the while careful not to expose his fangs all too much. \" I am Eligh Avlican\" his grin grew wider still as he thought gleefully about the pain that would soon befall upon Liam. \nLiam was still staring into Eligh\'s eyes; they where black on the outside and white where his pupils should be; (close relation to his father\'s side of the family, he gets them from his uncle Rigor Mortis.) as he reached under his desk and retrieved one of theuniforms that was there. \"Here...son\" Liam snickered out loud as Eligh nearly lunged at him and grasped his frail human throat and crushed it completely. \" will be all the more sweeter if he dies in agony and pain,\" he thought as another wide smile danced across his frail features. \n\nHe walked out of the church and was nearly side swiped by a dagger. \"What the...\" He slowly said. Out of a tree jumped a young girl, not much younger than him. \"You dirty creature! I was told never to speak or interact with you!\" the mystery girl screamed at him. Eligh simply smiled and said in a calm voice, \"You are not doing a very good job of \'not speaking and interacting\' with me are you?\" The girl dropped her arms to her side and whispered at him. \"Shut up and pretend to be scared! I\'m training. I don\'t want to do this!\" She whined at him. Eligh smiled a soft smile, which isn\'t very normal for him (so if he smiles at you, and its not a sadistic grin hold it in your heart forever cause you\'ll never get it again.) and said, \"Then do not partake in this then, do what you want...\" \nApparently the girl took his words to heart at that moment because she called out into the streets \"I quit, this vampire has shown me friendship!\" there was a loud gasp in the air just as she finished. Eligh blinked a few times before she introduced herself. \"My name is Kandyce Stevins, I come from a family of vamp hunters, sorry about the derogatory name.\" She smiled at him. Eligh still looked on and blinked ever so slightly.\n\n \"...What? Where do you plan on staying miss Stevins? Apparently you just exiled yourself from your family.\" Now Kandyce blinked. \"Well, I have no idea... I\'ll just make some shelter I guess.\" Eligh thought carefully for a minute.\"How about I give you room and board if you promise to take care of things around the house while I\'m out? On account that you did not kill me...\" Now Kandyce thought. \"Beats sleeping outside.\" \n~~~~~\nEligh scribed at that same church until his seventeenth birthday, he now new all three versions of the bible in English and Latin. Not that he minded it much, gave him time to think and plot. \"Eligh, go and fetch me the red, silk bag from my office.\" Eligh simply scoffed and said, \"no, get it yourself, Liam,\" Without ever turning around. Liam was shocked at the utter disrespect from the \'child\' he so willingly took in and raised as his own. \"I said go and get me the red bag on my desk, now, you audacious little brat!\" Eligh never even flinched. He rose with uickness and was about to grasp Liam by his robes and show him whom to fear but didn\'t, he just walked into his office. \n\nEligh was always a stubborn person so instead of giving him the bag right away he stared out the window. He spotted Kandyce, so he sprinted out of Liam\'s office tossed the bag at him, and ran out the front door to meet her. Liam stood in the doorway with his mouth hitting the floor as Eligh affectionately greeted Kandyce. \n\"Hello, Kandyce!\" he smiled and kissed her cheek. (They are \'a little more than\' friends) She beamed up at him and then looked off to the side at Liam. \"You don\'t have to work late again do you?\" she said rather loudly. \n\nThis notion gave Liam a wicked idea. \n\n\"Yes, he must, we just got three more ship-ments of Latino bibles that he must scribe in-to English! The people of Rome must hear the word of God. I am very remorseful for inconveniencing your personal time.\" Liam could hardly keep from smiling. Eligh being an obstinate man himself protested. \"No! No! I am not working until six in the morning! NO! I scribed the last of those freaking bibles just a few seconds ago!\" \nKandyce placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him; she shot blazing daggers at Liam (with her eyes, beloved reader). Liam just smiled covetously at her and when Eligh wasn\'t looking he blew a small kiss at her, Kandyce almost killed him then. She spoke to Liam in sharp Latin, \"Thou shall not covet thy workers girlfriend!\" she smiled back at him. Eligh understanding what was just spoken nearly shot Liam dead (He swears he would have to, if he had had his pistol on him). Eligh loathed Liam even more so than before. (as you probably know already there where no bibles just stacks of busy work for Eligh). While Eligh was doing his busy work Liam took it upon himself to go relive Kandyce of her boredom. \n\"What the-! Liam, get away from me you filthy rogue!\" Kandyce jumped up and smacked him across the face. \"You claim to be a man of God? Your nothing but a liar, Liam! A Filthy fraud! Get out of my house!\" Liam still smiled at her, she felt around a dark table and found a silver dagger she had, palmed it and waited for Liam to move; he moved, she stabbed. \"OUCH! What the heck was that, oh dear God, I\'m bleeding! Your mad, woman, simply mad!\" Liam ran out of the house and back to the church where Eligh saw the open gash in his arm. \n\n\"What happened to you?\" he said with sheer indifference \"That crazy woman of yours she stabbed me!\" He said not thinking about what he had just told Eligh (this info could get him killed, y\'know). Eligh sat up in his chair, narrowed his eyes, and said, \"Why exactly where you near her?\" No answer. Now he stood, Kandyce came running through the church door. \"Eligh you can\'t work late ever again this Filthy Fraud tried to-\" \nEligh raised his hand to silence her and said \"I know Kandyce, I am attending to the problem right now.\" He lunged at Liam, grasped his robes, and pulled him close to his face, as he spat \"If you ever try to touch her in any way ever again I will crush your windpipe into dust, got it?\" Liam was near tears when Eligh let him go. \"You, wouldn\'t be alive without me! I saved you from the streets, you are nothing but the child of two unfit parents-\" Liam gasped for air as Eligh gripped hard on his throat, Kandyce nearly fainted. \"Don\'t you ever talk about my parents like that! My parents were more honorable than you ever were and will be!\" Eligh gripped harder. \"Eligh stop it! your go-ing to kill him!\" Kandyce screamed Just as Liam started to drift into semi-conciousness. Eligh let his body drop to the floor.\n~~~~~~\n\nLate that night Eligh lay awake in bed thinking about how he\'d almost killed\nLiam; Three seconds could have ended his life. That\'s all it would have taken three small seconds. \"I could nearly taste his death on my tongue, it was there, it was real. It was exhilarating, I\'ve never felt like that in ever; the sheer blood rush!\" Eligh thought with a face that leads nothing towards his actual feelings. He drifted off to sleep with a keen image in his eye. \n\nThe next morning Eligh was awoken by a distinct shrill squeal of his best friend.\n\"Morti!\" Eligh thought to himself, a full-blown grin across his features. \"Eligh! Get up you lazy bag of bones; come give your friend a hug! Ooo! This place is just darling!\" Eligh hopped out of bed and greeted Morti with a hug and kind words. \"Oh, Kandyce how do you deal with it, darling,\" Morti started. \"Deal? With what?\" Kandyce answered. \"With his being SO lazy, it\'s darn near three o\' clock and he\'s still in his boxers!\" Morti grinned and started to tug at Eligh\'s loose fitting boxer shorts. \"Stop that! They might fall off! I don\'t want to be all exposed to the wind!\" Eligh squeaked as the red flame of embarrassment blazed across his face. \n\nThey all had a bit of discussing to do.\n\"Morti, I almost killed someone last was Liam and he...he... tried to touch Kandyce and he talked scantily of my parents! Can you believe that enormous sum of BULL?\" Morti\'s eyes went blank for a quick second then he started, \"Serves that unholy thing right! He shouldn\'t even be allowed to preach! I\'m going to hell anyway for being homosexual... so if I\'m having this conversation then he really must be doing something wrong!\" Morti yelled. (Yeah, did I allow that little morsel of news to slip through the cracks? He\'s amazingly homosexual, flaming, if you will.)\n~~~~~~\n\n\"Such a nice day! I just adore being outside!\" Morti squealed into Eligh\'s ears. Eligh winced at the piercing tone of his voice. (Eligh is one of the uncommon vampires that can endure daylight, to an extent, mind you.) \"Eligh, do that thingy you do! You know with your teeth!\" Morti said being as obnoxious as possible. \"Be quiet! I can\'t do that outside!\" Eligh snapped. Morti blinked as shock rolled across his face like a hard smack. Kandyce looked at him with irritation in her eyes and voice and said, \"Eligh what\'s with the rude attitude? When we suggested this walk you went all Emo and sadistic on us! Why are you on a warpath? It\'s those horrible dreams again isn\'t it?\" Eligh stared crossly off toward the storefront. \"No, it\'s these d4mned hunger pains...\" Eligh sighed. \"Hunger pains?\" Kandyce asked nervously. \"Blood, Kandy...\" Eligh sighed again. She felt at her neck, she had two little scars; pinpricks, where Eligh had bitten her just two weeks prior. \"If I allow him to bite me again then I\'ll either die or become a vampire also. He doesn\'t know when to stop.\" She thought with an unsure look on her face. The longest Eligh could go without a drop of human blood was about three weeks then he\'ll plunge back into his natural pattern of hunting, though his colony had somehow suppressed their need for blood when Eligh was a child, he\'d never gotten this \'cure\'. The group decided to stop and rest. Eligh leaned against a tree while Morti and Kandyce sat at his feet. \n\n\n\"This pain is excruciating, I\'ve never felt this horrific, I...need,\" He thought at first then he broke into words, \"Fck! Fck! Fck!\" he screamed as he doubled over in pain. Morti gasped as Eligh dropped into his lap. \"Eligh! What\'s wrong? Can you hear me?\" Kandyce screamed. Morti fainted. A little girl ran from a nearby building toward Eligh yelling at Kandyce to move Morti out of the way. At first she didn\'t; she argued, \"Who the h3ll are you? You\'re just a kid! Go get some help little girl!\"\nThe girl glared at her and said, \"I am the help, you unintelligent imbecile! Move! If you don\'t want him to die!\" The girl leaned over Eligh, closed her eyes said a prayer in tongues and kissed Eligh\'s lips. Her eyes went white as his body shook aggressively on top of the earth. Kandyce screamed, \"What are you doing to him? Get away from-\" Eligh began to cough. Kandyce caught him up into a tight hug and said, \"I love you, don\'t ever leave me, don\'t ever die!\" Out of all the strings of words Eligh could say he couldn\'t say \'I love you\'. He stood up and thanked the girl. \"Thank you, eh, what\'s your name?\" the girl curtsied and said, \"My name is Centria Estella.\" Eligh screwed his face in thought. \"Wait, I know that name!\" Eligh said. \"Yes, my father taught you at The Academy.\" Centria said. \"Good old Mr. Estella! How\'s he been?\" Eligh smiled. Centria\'s eyes got watery as she explained, \" He was murdered just three days ago and I found this note, she handed him a letter covered in dried blood. \"This is the same letter I got... that bastard!\" Eligh thought. \"Who are you living with currently, Centria?\" Eligh asked her. She looked down at her shoes and said, \"No one, I\'m all alone.\" Eligh was a kind person at heart so he gathered her up into his arms and smiled, \n\"You can stay with us.\" Kandyce nearly fell over, \"What! We can\'t take care of a child, we\'re barely adults ourselves!\" Eligh sighed and said, \"This little girl has vast potential and she has no one left to help her show it. I\'m going to help her, like she helped you and me. How old are you Centria, thirteen?\" She smiled at Eligh and said, \"No, actually I\'m eight. I\'m smart for my age.\" Eligh smiled down at the little girl in his arms. \n~~~~~\n\nBack at the apartment Eligh started brooding over his writings (Eligh isn\'t much of the type to show his feelings so he writes them.) \"This is freaking ridiculous, why can\'t I write?\" Eligh thought as he hurled papers all over the room. He stomped out of the bedroom livid at himself. \"What\'s wrong?\" Kandyce asked. Eligh collapsed on the couch and said nothing. \"I heard something smash.\" Kandyce said as she got off the couch and went into the bedroom. She saw Eligh\'s numerous short stories and poems all over the room and the mirror over the dresser shattered. She leaned against the doorframe and whispered, \"The torture of a tormented writer.\" She gazed at the wreckage of the room. She then walked slowly, face void, toward the couch again. Eligh had his fresh Skull Candy headphones on with Boulevard Of Broken Dreams blaring out of them. \n\"Check my vital signs, no I\'m still alive, and I walk alone...\" He sang quietly along. Kandyce sat next to him, rested her head on his shoulder, closed her eyes and whispered, \"Your not alone...\"\n~~~~~\n\nCentria slept peacefully on the couch as Eligh leaned against the wall opposite her wide-awake. (Eligh has insomniac tendencies) He turned to the window as a shadow flashed across it. As he went to turn away from the window a flame crashed through the frame. \"Ah! What the h3ll?\" He screamed. He stood and started running toward the couch but a ringlet of fire circled it blocking his way.\n\"Eligh! Eligh! Help me!\" Centria cried \n\"Eligh! Eligh! Calm down! It\'s a dream.\" Kandyce echoed. Eligh opened his eyes and saw that he was in bed, no fire, and no cries for help. \"Is Cen-\" Eligh started as he went to get out of bed. \"She\'s fine, Eligh, get some sleep.\" She said grabbing Eligh\'s arm and pulling him back down. \"I think I\'m going fcking crazy.\" Eligh whispered to himself as he put his arm around Kandyce. Minutes later he was asleep.\n~~~~~\n\nEligh dropped by the church to pickup his last paycheck, and spotted a little boy standing in front of the door way looking toward Liam\'s desk crying. \"I told you not to tell any one! I could get in a lot of trouble for this!\" Liam screamed at the little boy as he grasped his little arms and shook him back and forth. The little boy screamed, \"I\'m sorry! Don\'t hit me, please!\" Liam drew back his hand and smacked him hard across the face, so there was a distinct crack in the air. Eligh winced. The boy dropped to the floor on his hands and knees crying and screaming. \"Serves you right, Patrick, Don\'t ever defy me.\" Liam smiled, happy because could terrorize a little child. \"Liam you dirty bastard! Get away from that little boy!\" Eligh yelled. Liam nearly fell out of his own skin. \"Stay back! I won\'t hesitate to call the police!\" He screamed as he picked up he the phone. Eligh kneeled next to the boy and asked, \"What weren\'t you supposed to tell, It\'s okay he won\'t hurt you. I\'m a friend.\" The little boy sat now, with his hands around his knees. \"He touches me, and tells me it\'s because God wanted him to... I don\'t like it, so I told my teacher and she asked him about it and he said I was lying.\" The boy began to cry again this time he place his hands around Eligh\'s neck. Eligh patted his back and said, \"It\'s okay...Patrick.\" Eligh glared at Liam as he consoled the dejected child. As Eligh stood Patrick still hugged tightly onto his neck afraid to let go. \"You\'re a sick pervert, Liam! You should be ashamed, telling him lies about our Savior. God would never have sought after this.\" Eligh spat. \"Patrick, where\'s your dwelling I\'ll drop you off\" Eligh spoke gently to him. \nThe boy sighed and whispered timidly \" I have no home....\"\n
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