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Smog makes everything grey.

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Duv leaned over the back of Skye's armchair, stealing a glance at the title of his book. "Jane Eyre? I didn't realize you liked it."

Sighing, Skye replied, "I don't. But there's only so many times I can read Alcott and Bujold before I know them by heart." He looked at Duv, hair falling across his reading glasses only to be swept away in an easy gesture. "Really, I can't get how he's falling for such a icicle as Jane."

"Don't worry about it." Duv brushed his lips over Skye's cheek. "Not all the classics are actually good reading."

"I guess." With another sigh, Skye folded in the dust cover and closed the book. "What time is it?"

Duv glanced at his watch. "Half past three. We agreed to meet all for drinks at five, right?" Skye murmured and sank deeper into the chair in reply. "You should probably wash your hair-- it's been a couple days, and you're looking a bit grey." Once again, Skye replied with a murmur, although this one cast speculation on the parenthood and sexual habits of smog.

They were still for a moment, Skye deep in his seat, Duv leaning over him.

"Well," Skye said, "I suppose I should wash my hair today. And if you pay for drinks tonight, I'll let you help."

Duv grinned and rubbed his cheek against Skye's hair. "Hmm, are you trying to tempt me?"

"Is it working?" Skye tilted his head back and met Duv's hazel gaze, his blue eye wide with faked innocence.

Duv laughed and kissed him like that, an awkward upside-down brush of lips against lips that said yes and left them both smiling.

"C'mon, my heart my sky," Duv said, gently lifting Skye's reading glasses away from his face and setting them on the coffee table. "Time to get cleaned up."

"And drinks are on you?"

Another laugh, another kiss, and Duv could almost forget that they were celebrating a bomb he had helped Mark build.
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