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Don't Wake Me Up When The Snow Comes Down

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Yeah, not a wonderfully Christmassy story and only a one shot. Only read it you're depressed or hyperly happy or just don't like Gerard Way that much (how dare you! :P) [yes, it's a suicide story]

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If this is a dream wake me up before I go mad
These words floated lazily around Gerard Way's head as he climbed the 250 steps to the top of the 15 storey building, which towered above most of the small, residential housing in the tiny town. So far he'd managed about 200, yeah so he'd been counting, not like anyone would have a problem with that soon. Brushing his black hair away from his eyes and behind his ears he sighed as he realised how much he actually did that when he was nervous. He wondered if it had ever annoyed anyone particularly; again, in 50 more steps time it wouldn't really matter anymore. As he climbed higher and passed the last exit to the last storey of flats, which were probably rotting and falling apart beneath their occupant's feet even now, he took a folded piece of paper from his jacket pocket and rolled it up in his hand. Another thing that would soon be just another part of history. What seemed like hours later he finally got to the top, pushing open the heavy fire door to emerge on the top of the grey, concrete cuboid that they called housing. The sky behind him was turning a vibrant shade of red as the sun set, but Gerard only saw it as more blood to be spilt. For him it was yet more confirmation of what he was about to do, there was nothing left now.
Very slowly he walked to the very edge of the building and unfolded the paper, the street that seemed miles below him was empty and not a sound reached him from the world below. Sadly he smiled as he looked down at the picture that took up most of the A4 sheet; it was what was My Chemical Romance, in their prime. Last Christmas had been the best he'd ever have, and the picture caught it perfectly, he and Mikey were the only ones looking at the camera, as Frank unwrapped his shiny new PS4 that the two brothers had got him. On his face was a look of sheer delight, which was mirrored by Gerard and Mikey as they realised exactly how pleased he was about it. Sitting next to Frank was Ray Toro, who had been caught just before he stared laughing at the pleasure Frank could get from computer games, and across from him was Bob, who was leaning against the wall behind him, smiling approvingly at the brothers. It was a perfect picture and it always would be, but with a sigh Gerard realised it was all too late for perfection and with one last smile he ripped it hard down the middle, then again and again until it was shred of paper on the breeze, floating down to the pavement below.
Then, with a face set to steel he gently drew the knife from his pocket and holding it steadily across his wrist he cut deep into the vein as blood began to cascade onto the concrete. He didn't flinch once, just carried on watching the sun go down as his blood began to drain away. He lost all sense of time as he stood there and only knew it was time as the sun dipped at last down behind the town and he began to feel a creeping numbness in his brain.
"There's nothing left to live for now." He whispered gently to the breeze "But when you reach Newark tell mom and dad that Mikey never wanted to die, tell them I did though and I'm sorry for leaving them to." He whispered as he began to feel the tears coming.
And with a sad smile Gerard Way jumped to his death on the pavement far below.
It's too late to wake up now
And as darkness consumed him he saw the figures, growing steadily clearer, of his band mates, his best friends and his brothers on the horizon, just as they had been when they'd died, less than a week ago now in a car crash that had shattered his hopes and set him over the edge one last time. He didn't know if he was going home, but where ever he was going he would be with his friends, and that was all that mattered.

And don't wake me up when the snow comes down.


It was two o'clock in the morning when Mrs Way heard about her son's death, it was two o'clock in the morning when two more people's lives fell apart.

It was two o'clock in the morning on the 25th of December as the first of the snow began to fall.
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