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Chapter 3

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Riku is what could be considered the perfect brother to his younger sister Kairi. However, a problem in that arises when Kairi gets a boyfriend that catches her brother's eye. Now Riku must strugg...

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She Will Be Loved
Chapter 3

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The soft breeze rustled the leaves and made the water of the pond ripple in soft motions. People seemed to move in a dreamy haze as the sun rained down and induced a sleepy stupor upon the the strolling and picknicing visitors of the park.

The light blue sky smiled down upon a boy with eyes that mirrored its hue perfectly. Sora closed his eyes and allowed the wind to run its fingers through the unruly locks of chestnut brown hair, a smile found its way onto his face at the exquisite sensation.

He was waiting for Kairi as they had agreed the night before, but for the moment was enjoying the comfortable solitude, with only nature as his guardian.

Soft footsteps and a sigh interrupted his peace but his smile widened as he recognized the sigh. He looked up and felt his smile falter as he saw Riku standing beside his girlfriend.

He forced the smile back onto his face, more brilliant than ever and greeted them, "hello Kairi, Riku, how have you been?" Kairi smiled then walked forward and kissed Sora on the lips then turned to Riku in time to see him nod in greeting to Sora.

"Have you been waiting long?" Kairi asked, oblivious to the tension that had settled between Riku and Sora. "No, I just got here actually," Sora replied as he avoided lookig at Riku.

Kairi sighed in relief and said, "oh good I thought you might have been waiting long. Oh, that's right, we're having dinner with Sora's parents tonight at the Country Club, wish to join us Riku?"

Riku felt a jolt of curiousity pass through him as a flash of something unknown crossed Sora's eyes, because of that he nodded and smiled as he responded, "I would love to"


Kairi and Sora sat on the bench, their hands intertwined, Kairi's head resting on Sora's shoulder, as they talked quietly. "So are you going to return to your house to change for the dinner?" asked Sora as the silence was beginning to settle.

"I feel quiet comfortable just sitting here actually, I don't want to move anymore," Kairi answered with mirth. Sora's chuckled souded deep and soothing as she sat with her head on his shoulder. "I think I'll just buy a dress from one of these surrounding stores and dress there," Kairi replied in a slight sleepy tone.

Kairi felt more than saw Sora nod in aknowledgement before bracing herself to ask the question that would break the spell. "Sora, do you dislike my brother?" True to her prediction, Sora stiffened before asking stiffly, "why do you ask?"

Kairi raised her head and took both of Sora's hands between her own before responding, "ever since you two met, I feel this tension and uneasiness surrounding you both. When I ask Riku he either dismisses the question or changes the subject. I need to know if there is something wrong, I love you both very much and I can't live like this anymore Sora, please talk to me"

Sora felt the guilt flood him again as he relaized that Kairi had been hiding her unhappiness over the phone the night before. 'How did things crash so fast in just under a day?' Sora thought miserably as he realized that their relationship had changed overnight.

He sighed and locked eyes with anguished sapphire ones before leaning over and placing a soft kiss on her lips then smiling at her and replying, "I'm sorry, I guess its just the nervousness at meeting your older sibling. I don't know why but it feels like were engaged and I'm meeting your over protective father, you know what I mean?"

Kairi suppressed the wince at the comparison before she nodded and replied, "yes, I understand." She kept hidden the fact that she truly didn't.


Soft moans escaped ruby lips as Riku tilted his head and succumbed to his lover's talented hands. "You feel tense, are you sure that nothing is wrong?" murmured Ansem as he moved his hands up and down Riku's back in an expert massage. (Ooh had you fooled didn't I you little pervs? LOL)

"Mm hmm," Riku moaned in affirmation as he melted to the relaxing touch. Just as he felt himself drifting off to sleep, he felt Ansem's lips on his collarbone as he placed a soft kiss on the pale flesh. "Are you lying to me little Riku?" inquired Ansem as he moved up Riku's throat with his soft kisses, all the while not pausing the massage to the now relaxed boy.

"Why would I lie to you?" Riku murmured as he gave in to the amorous advances of the older man. Ansem seemed to consider the reasons as he remained silent for a few moments. "Couldn't think of any huh?" Riku interjected in a triumphantly sleepy tone.

Ansem's chuckle shook his tall frame before he conceded, "no I must admit that I did not. But now that that particular matter has been dealt with what do you say we move on to more interesting ones?" With that said he nipped Riku's slender neck and pulled him closer, pressing their bodies flush against one another.

Riku hummed in appreciation as he felt his lover's hot body press against him. However, just as he was about to succumb to Ansem's desire for him, he was attacked by the vision of bewitching, electric blue eyes.

He froze and felt Ansem stop his ministrations as he noticed the change in his previously eager lover. Riku pulled away and looked at Ansem with confused eyes before it was replaced with a look of cool detachment. Ansem's frown turned into a scowl at the look on Riku's face.

"Riku what is the matter?" he growled in concerned frustration at his boyfriend's odd behavior. "Nothing, I'm sorry I just remembered that I have to go and pick Kairi up for another dinner with Sora's parents. You know I'm her chaperon," Riku lied, he felt the lie sting his heart and he ignored it for the moment.

But he needed to lie, he needed to get away. "I'm sorry," Riku apologized as he kissed Ansem then removed himself from the older man's lap and walked to the door, he gathered his jacket and extracted his car keys before opening the door.

He stopped before he closed the door and apologized again, "I'm so sorry, we'll talk later, I promise," then closed the door as he avoided looking at Ansem's confused and angry expression.


Riku drove through the streets in a daze of anger, confusion and anxiousness. He stopped at a red light and slammed his fists on the steering wheel in frustration at his actions toward Ansem.

"What the hell is wrong with me! This is all your fault Sora! Your ruining my life you little twerp!" Riku savagely burst out then closed his eyes and gritted out,

"no it's not. It's all my fault, for being so confused, for letting more primal things take a hold of me. I'm so pathetic! I'm failing Kairi worse than our father is, I'm a fucking failure! I'm suppose to put her before anything that I may want, she is suppose to be the center of my universe but here I am thinking of me first"

Riku sighed heavily and wallowed in guilt and anger before he intook a sharp breath of shock. "It can't be! This can't be happening! I've fallen for Sora, that's why I've been so confused!" he hissed in disbelief and recrimination.

Now he understood why he had felt that jolt of pity, a part of him had planned to take Sora for himself while the part of dutiful brother had accused him of neglect and jealousy. But he had not been jealous of the fact that Kairi had someone who could steal her from him, although the fear was still there, but the jealousy he had felt was the fact that Kairi had Sora by her side.

"What kind of brother am I!"

He stepped on the gas and tore through the streets, scowling as rain began to fall, fitting his mood and situation very well. He felt the guilt and shame begin to crush him, making it harder to breathe.

He swirved to the side and perfectly parked by a sidewalk, breathing heavily as all of the facts and self-confession finally made the full impact on him. His eyes absently traveled up and he froze for the second time that afternoon as he realized that he had arrived at the park that Kairi and Sora were at.

More specifically his eyes were fixed on the aforementioned couple who were taking shelter from the rain under the roof of a nearby building. He saw Kairi laughing in delight as she panted from exertion, most likely the rain had caught them by surprise and they had only just escaped.

Sora was looking at her affectionately through soaked chestnut bangs, then he too began to laugh and hugged the small redhead. Kairi smiled brilliantly and returned the gesture, they exchanged a brief conversation before rushing across the street to a nearby store, still laughing. Riku's eyes grew cold and thoughtful.


Dinner with Jiro and Naiko, Sora's parents had gone pretty much uneventful. Sora and Kairi were in great spirits after spending the afternoon together, both chatting animately with Riku, Jiro and Naiko.

Riku had been silent throughout the entire affair, only speaking to reply politely to questions. He was glad that Kairi was so distracted with her happiness so she had not persisted about the reason for his reservation.

He seemed to reach to reach a conclusion in his mind as his aqua eyes grew determined and he cleared his throat to gain the table's attention. All eyes turned a curious expression to him but he assuaged concern with a smooth smile.

Once all had relaxed he requested, "may I be excused to speak with Sora privately, please?" Naiko and Jiro nodded in acceptance, then threw a glance of encouragement to their son. Kairi hesitated at the unreadable look in her older sibling's eyes before a smile from him reassured her, she nodded and threw an encouraging look at Sora.

Sora felt a sense of nervous dread fill his stomach while a heat filled face as Riku's aqua eyes stared intensely into his own eyes. He nodded and excused himself and followed the taller man outside.

Sora felt a sense of de ja vu as he found himself sitting with Riku by the pool, at the same patio set as the day before, the same tension suspended over them. After a few moments of silence Sora surprised Riku and himself by speaking first, "so Riku what did you wish to speak to me about?"

"Why do you hate me Sora?" Riku asked suddenly, prompting the brunet's eyes to widen. "What? I don't hate you, if anything those are your feelings toward me," Sora defensively interjected.

Riku let out a mocking laugh before replying, "oh but how wrong you are." Sora did not comment on the cryptic reply but instead asked, "why do YOU hate me?"

Riku sat very still for a moment and Sora worried that once again he had said something wrong. He was startled when Riku lunged out of his chair and in an instant he was in Sora's face. Sora leaned back as much as the chair would allow and stammered, "um...w-what are y-you doing Ri-Riku?"

"I don't hate you Sora, if anything I disliked you," Riku murmured as his face hovered only inches from Sora's. Sora gulped as he felt the same heat travel up his face before he hesitantly asked, "disliked? As in past tense? But why?"

Riku smirked, a smirk that was not intended to be sexy but filled the description nicely, if the blush on Sora's face was anything to go by. "I disliked you because you confused me, hell you pissed me off because you confused me."

The responce made Sora wince lightly as he tried to concentrate on Riku's words rather than his hot breath so close to his lips. "As for your other question, yes it is past tense because I don't dislike you anymore,"

with that said, Riku ignored the sensible side of his mind screaming at him to stop and leaned forward.

Sora's electric blue eyes widened impossibly as Riku came closer as though in slow motion, his aqua eyes burning into his, paralyzing every rational cell in his petit body. The blush intensified as Riku's hand came to rest on his flawless, pink cheek in a tender gesture to keep him in place.

And so before Riku could stop himself or Sora could even attempt to stop him, Riku's ruby lips met Sora's soft lips in a kiss.

Everything else seemed to dissolve into nothingness as a tide of strong emotion swept them up, thus neither noticed surprised blue eyes watching them linked in the sweet embrace.

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