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The Dragon Slayer

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a fantasy poem, its sad

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The autumn leaves fell to the ground
The burnished rays called light
Red, Gold, Burgundy, Brown
Foretelling the storm to come

A gentle breeze became the start
The gold tossed in the air
The breeze became a howling wind
The Dragon came to town

In a city by the sea
The fortress standing strong
But what could remove the threat
Invincible Dragon

The horn rang true
The slayer heard
And leapt upon a horse
The slayer rode the wind

The Dragon's flames
Blackened the tower
It seemed all hope was lost
The lady screamed

The slayer came yonder
Raising a sword
Struck once, twice
The dragon fell

The slayer fell to the ground
Her hood fell back
The wind could scarcely blow
The sword she held was wet

The crimson drops stained her boots
Her skirt, could hardly tell
A tear squeezed out, the girl was sad
The dragon was her friend

The body burned
The scales intact
And now the people saw
The pendant on her neck

This is the tale of the dragon slayer
Who rescued man from death

This is the tale of the immortal slayer
Who wandered till the end

This is the tale of the lonely slayer
Who had to kill her friends

This is the tale of the Dragon Slayer
Who rescued man from death
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