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first contact

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bulma and vegeta have their first conversation but both their temper got in the way, also we're beguinning to see that not everything is alright on vegetasei

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Chapter 4 : first contact

She was surrounded by darkness, so much darkness, and solitude
It was horrifying this feeling of being utterly alone, this nothingness, this emptiness...
She didn't know where she was nor even who she was for that matter. She was lost...
Suddenly she felt a presence far, far above from her and she became even more afraid because it was not a comforting one. At first she didn't know why she was having this unsettling feeling about the mysterious presence but when she felt a violent burning sensation invading every cell in her body she knew
It was trying to kill her making her slide even more deeply into the darkness and the solitude, and despair assailed her, would she ever see light again?
But when she thought everything was lost a miracle under the form of frantic calls happened.
There were voices, harsh and cutting like ice. Another rushing sensation warm this time and the sensation to be lift from whatever was retaining her
The voices were louder now and she had the distinct sensation that shadows were receding to let place to light. Then she felt herself being shaken and opened her eyes... to close them back immediately because they were hurting really bad. She bats her eyelashes, four, fives times each time growing more accustomed to the glaring light. Then she opened her eyes one last time, blinking some more, before being rather aggressively spoken to.
"At last you woke up! Well you took your sweet time if you ask me"!!!!!
She was aware that someone was addressing her, but was still very giddy and shaken. That's why it took her a while to notice that the seemingly humanoid creature was speaking an unknown language.
"No one asked you Koil, beside I don't think she can even understand you» the other guy retaliated to his irate comrade.
"How so?" said Koil.
"I couldn't find a single thing looking like a translator chip on her" he explained patiently.
"Well she must come from some backwater world! I mean if she doesn't even have a you!!!!!Don't move" !!!!!and Koil pushed the young woman back on the table she was trying to leave. He did it without any care and the girl hit her head violently on the cold metallic like table. A whimper fled from her lips and hearing it the second person sweared profusely: "Oh for god sake Koil let her be where do you think she will go? Plus she doesn't understand you!!!! You're losing time for nothing!!!it would be like trying to teach maths to Kakarot"!!!!
Koil snickered "eeeeh I got the point. Stupid little thing. At least she's attractive though in a strange way", he admitted gruffly.
"Are you kidding me?!!!!She's drop dead gorgeous, and exotic!!!Blue hairs and eyes are not common thing here; in fact I never saw any men or woman sporting this colour"!
Koil scoffed dedaignously "well anyway what are the orders about her?"
The man sighed, "Well, one of us must stay with her while the other go and tell the prince she's awake". He then smirked sardonically "guess who's the winner of the second task"???
Koil shivered before protesting "No way!! I'll cut my tail before even considering this!!! You go and tell him yourself"!!!
"Eehhehh sorry but not gonna happen, I'm not looking forward in becoming history if you catch my drift"
"Me neither"!!! Shout back Koil.
His comrade sighed then said:" Well there is only one way to decide... are you ready"?
"Bring it on third class idiot"!!!!

While "the two little dovey birds were busying themselves with their little dovey talk " Bulma was beginning to regain most of her sense and after looking briefly at the room she was currently in she came to the conclusion that it must be the human equivalent of an infirmary. Then she took her attention back to the two bulky men facing each other like before battle. "Please do no fight "She though "please, please, please".
The two creatures were still, bodies unmoving but eyes fit as guns ready to bang.
Suddenly as one man they fired, well no not really, but they did some curious things with their hand all the while shouting like beast.
"But! But! Holly shit! It looks like the intergalactic equivalent of our game rock paper scissor, I can't believe it! I must be dreaming!!" 'Pinching herself' "Ouch!!! Nop I'm not"!!!

"AAAAh I win"!!!! Shouted Koil.
"Keuf!!! Ok well see you later that is if I'm still alive" grumbled the second.
"Right!!!!, considering the fact that someone just tried to kill her and that because we were late to our shift she nearly died I'll just wish you good luck"
"Yeah" sigh" and no point in hiding anything from him he will know one way or the other" and with a last resigned sigh Koil's comrade left to his fate.
"I would not like to stand in his shoes "mused Koil. Then he grinned malevolently thinking about what the other guard absence meant.
Bulma saw the looser leave the room having a dreading feeling about this. Alone with someone who has far she could judge seems to hold a grudge against her was not the best thing in the world, but what could she do but wait and see. 'Maybe everything will turn out alright' she though lamely' yeah and pigs can fly'. While all at her musing she nearly missed him strolling up to her.
"well, well, well, apparently it's me and you wench"!!!! He said his face contorted in a sadistic smile.
A scared Bulma tried to think a way out of this. No such luck. "and I bet out of the two I have to be alone with the one hating me!! lucky me!!!!! "she ironised.
"I really can't support thing such as you, no race but saiyens should exist. I don't know why the prince didn't kill you on the post, you're an useless whore" he spat, some spit actually hitting her in the face 'yuck' she thought disgusted, the urge to clear her face nearly as strong as the one to fled from the room.
He saw her face contort in disgust and smirked "you think me spiting on you is bad wait until I'm through with you" he shouted, ready to pounce on her.
The soldier stopped himself abruptly having heard some noise. "shit" he raged he then came near her ears and whispered "you're a lucky one but be careful, I'll watch you "then in a flash he was standing a good ten feet aside from her as unmoving as a statue.

Not having as good an ear than a Z she was still asking herself why she was alive when she saw a bunch of men entering the room along the guard who was there before.

The three men looked at her and she felt herself blushing from the attention. "What now" she whined silently.

Romping the silence the prince's voice was heard:" Well woman I do believe you own me an explanation for your presence in this castle let alone on the planet" reaction aside from two big blue eyes looking at him.
"WELL ARE YOU MUTE?!!!BE CAREFUL MY PATIENCE IS GROWING THIN"!!! Noticing the obvious displeasure her lack of answer was causing she opened her mouth to say something, anything but closed it when realising that it wouldn't serve any purpose.

Koil too happy to have an excuse to eliminate her jumped in. "You heard the prince thing!!!answer now or die"!!!!! but before he had time to join act to his words he was stopped by none other but the prince. » My prince"!!! Koil cried incredulously.
"Who gave you the permission to kill her" Vegeta roared" and what about the thing nickname?!! I'm sure it's not her name, so!!! I'm waiting for an explanation"!!!!!!
Still believing it was a huge misunderstanding surely his monarque wouldn't choose to favour one mere alien over him, Koil, one of his loyal subject?!!!! .
"Sire" he replied smugly "she's nothing but a vile alien, she doesn't have the right to breath let alone acting so disrespectful with you. She's a nothing"!!!!!

Hearing these words made the prince flinch. Damn Vegetasei-'s sons sect. He was well aware that some of his people were hell bent against any off-worlder living on his planet which explained the lack of commercial and technologic treaty .Once a flourishing empire with many alliances, Vegetasei's son sect made all the hard work his ancestors did, all for nothing when she began to spread her racist ideas. There was many death involved among the scientists and ambassadors sent to work here. Rumours spread and planets after planets began to loosen ties with the royal family until there wasn't anyone but saiyens remaining on the planet. At this point the economy was next to nothing and the technological field became empty of any progress. Hence the prince furry toward the incompetent scientists, but he mused saiyens were fighters not scientists. That much was true. He kept on remembering his mother's words when he was a young child bored to death by political class


They were sitting together under the moonlight watching the last vessel of the last ambassador of the last remaining alee leaving the planet. The young boy had turned to her mother to ask her something and was distraught to see how sad and sullen she seemed. She had then choose this moment to say: "Always remember
my son that sometimes strength alone is not enough when ruling a planet. This sect has and will do a lot of wrong to our planet. Never forget that two is better than one and that if fighting is important you mustn't neglect your political training. Who knows maybe it will save us one day"...
"My strength is what will save the planet" he had retaliated like the proud little boy he was; » and I'm loosing valuable training time over this foolishness". His mother had sighed a forlorn and resignated look etched onto her face; We will see young one we will see....


Coming out of his though the now adult prince was hell bent on bringing this third class on his knees.
"I heard you loud and clear" he said "and if I follow your line of thinking I should dispose of you as well"
"You're a third class aren't you? And so you're a nothing to me!!!!!, should annihilate you for this fact alone"?!!!!
"Altesse I assure you, it's not the same thing at all!!!!Classes and species aren't the same thing at all!!!" Koil cried out.
"You're right on that one third class!!!! Classes are attributed solely on merit and species by fate!!!! So tell me soldier who should not have the right to live?!!!!

Koil seeing that he was treading on dangerous ground choose retreat over death. He gritted his teeth in rage and bowed submissively before the prince who smirked in triumph.

Focusing his attention on the young woman he could see that she was regarding them with a mixture of fear and interrogation. He couldn't help but be drowned by her eyes. Her on the other hand, thought grateful to be alive, was wondering why the giant warrior had seemingly back down. it couldn't be because of the smaller one nor could it? She watched him in detail.
Yes thought the smallest of the group he was as the other undoubtedly cut as a fierce warrior. wild mane of hairs shaped as a flame, fierce ebony eyes, thin and cruel lips drawn in a sneer, a tail and muscles, ton and ton of muscles. Wait a minute a TAIL!!!!! By the god where the hell did she ended? Planet apes the return? It couldn't be possible .she looked to the others and saw that they were each sporting the same simiesque brown ape tail. Sweat rolled down her back. It was just some kind of fashion article here, like a bell, right? Her eyes settled back to the prince tail witch twitched under her scrutiny. or not.... "Oh crap!!!!" She yelled. "crap crap crap crap crap"

"quiet woman you're hurting my ears "the prince bellowed barely managing to cover her own screaming, but still rending her quiet.
She then noticed that every man in the room was covering their ears, their faces contorted as if in great pain.
"Ooops I guess they have a sensible hearing, great for me maybe it will come in handy?" she thought.
"well at least we know now that she is not mute" said the prince.
"unfortunaly for our poor ears" grumbled Kakarot.

The first guard who had been silent until then choose this moment to address the prince.
"excuse me my lord but I think I can explain why she doesn't answer to your questions"
"proceed soldier proceed" answered said prince.
"Well she can't talk our language and doesn't seem to have a translator chip on her, I can only guess that her planet doesn't have the necessary technology to deal with this kind of stuff, it's really basic technology I know, but still I can't find another reason for her silence."
"well in that case it will be easy to solve this, go and fetch me a translator" the young prince ordered the guard who take off running.
Then turning toward kakarot he said:" I think that you were slacking off today and this soldier(pointing at Koil ) seems to have still a lot of energy, so maybe you could hum, let him assist you? Don't you think?"
"uh sure why not?" answered kakarot.
"Good, there is presently nobody into the 27th training room, you can both go now, and I'll join you later after I'm finished here."
That's when Koil lost all colours, because if kakarot was an idiot most of the time, he was by far one of the most cunning opponents on the planet.
"Shit"!! he thought» I didn't know he was so protective of the bitch, I'm doomed". Without any ado the 2 men departed to their fate, one scared to death, the other all happy looking at the mere idea of fighting.
Seeing Koil face made vegeta pretty proud of himself. He then turned back to the young woman before advancing on her, but stopped when he saw how afraid she seemed to be of him. He couldn't do anything without the translator chip, 'where the hell was this soldier'?!!
As if on cue running footsteps could be heard in the hallway, and soon enough the guard appeared into the room. He then bowed to the prince and gave him the translator chip, before backing down to the entry of the room.
Bulma's eyes were immediately drowned to the little chip. The prince tried to explain by signs what it was for and how to put it on. She only understood the second part but decide to follow her instinct and trust the strange person. After all he didn't let the brute hurt her.
A burning sensation was briefly felt and then nothing.
"Are you alright?" asked the prince; bulma's mouth fell open in shock; she could actually understand him so that was what the chip was for, incredible!!!!' "Uh I'm alright thank you" she answered back. "Could you tell me who you are and where I am please sire?"

her voice was sweet and kind making him all warm and fuzzy inside. 'What's happening to me the young man thought'? He then realized the implication of the woman's questions.
"you mean you're lost? You just appeared out of nowhere and you don't know how? It's not possible!!! Are you lying to me?"
"No no god no, but how can I explain something that myself can't understand? but I can tell you where I come from and my name if that's alright with you. I'm bulma and I'm an earthling pleased to meet you sire" and then she shyly extended her hand out in greeting.
He did nothing but look at her outstretched hand as if it would bite him.
She then realized her mistake, "I'm really sorry I should have know that the manners and customs were different from where I come from I hope I've not offended you".
He snorted in annoyance obviously as uncertain as she about how to act in her presence. She was a woman and an alien for kami sake!!!!
"bulma what a strange name" he merely said just to break the silence.
"Well I didn't choose it, so I would prefer not to talk about it if you don't mind she replied icily. Her name was a soar subject. She had been so much teased and mocked about it that the mere allusion would send her into frenzy. Alas she wasn't the only one with a short temper; Vegeta was really angered by how disrespectful se was addressing him considering that he had been only trying to make some conversation.
"I don't appreciate your tone woman" he warned
"And I don't appreciate you calling me woman and mocking my name but I guess you can't always have what you want" she bit back.
"I didn't mock you!, for one bulma is not a common name here that's all, and two calling you woman is my right, after all that's what you are: a woman aren't you?"
She calmed down a bit, but was still a little bothered by the woman nickname
"It's so reductive to call me woman when you know my name she objected less harshly than before. I mean you wouldn't appreciated if I did the same to you"
"If you were to call me a woman I would be highly offended" he joked
"You know what I mean, wouldn't it bothered you if I called you man? She asked
"That's what I am, a man, he observed simply"
She was about to say something else but only said» I guess that's another difference between our species"
"You mean that it's actually offending you that I call you woman?" He said
"Well yes because by doing that you're not acknowledging me as an individual" she answered
"Ho" he then fell silent. Then after some musing on both part
"vegeta" he said
"my name is vegeta" he replied patiently, "you see you're not the only one with a peculiar name "
she laughed more at ease with him
"vegeta" she rolled the name between her teeth "I like it. And I'm sorry for my behaviour; I'm just really susceptible about my name it's not easy to wear"
"what do you mean"?
"Uh nothing nothing listen I've had a really stressing day and I'm pretty tired could we talk about this later"?
Vegeta studied her intently it was true she seemed really worn out
"You're tired, I'll let you rest, we will talk tomorrow"; she smiled gratefully at him and just lied down back onto the hard surface of the examination table, but it was not really comfortable
The young man must have know this because he touched some buttons on the side of the table and it became warm and soft to lie upon
With a satisfied smile she fell asleep.
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