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Battlestar Farscape

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Crossover between Battlestar Galactica(RDM) and Farscape this is book one and happens in the Galactica Universe.

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Battlestar Farscape

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All power to Wikipedia and the Battlestar Galactica: Technical Manual for a lot of the Technical detail.

Chapter 1

Port Landing Pod Battlestar Galactica.

"Landing Pods Secure commencing countdown to Jump!" The P.A. sounded

though out the hanger deck.


Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol stared at the Viper coming down on the lift.


It was a MK V and had been though Hades but someone with a lot of skill had put it back together. The Chiefs experienced eyes followed the lines of the near invisible repairs.


The nose cone had a shiny new slash running up along the fuselage showing where a Cylon round had scraped by marking but not penetrating the Vipers hull.


The canopy was up, the cockpit empty. So the pilot must have already got out. Manually popping the release as soon as the lock to the landing track sealed and the lift shaft had pressurized. A bad and unsafe habit that the deck Chief had been trying to brake his pilots of since Starbuck had done it the first time and started the trend.


Galen had never seen the Viper before in his life.


Which was impossible he knew every inch of every bird on the Galactica.

C.I.C. Battlestar Galactica.

Commander William Adama stood on the observation deck overlooking C.I.C. doing his job, which at the moment he thought ruefully was standing here being seen and being seen to be calm. While Colonel Saul Tigh and Tactical Officer Lt. Felix Gaeta sweated over the Dradis count of civilian ships in the control pit below him. He heard a relived Gaeta say 56 and Tigh turned to face him.

"All our chicks are accounted for Commander." Adama gave his long time friend a nod and raked his eyes over the command staff.

"Good job people stand down from condition One. We will remain on Condition Two for the next forty minutes until we are sure they did not follow us. Get me damage and casualty reports and have the civy captains check there drives. Colonel you have the bridge. I will be in my office." As Adama turned and made his way to his office he saw Petty Officer Second Anastasia Dualla answer the internal COM's hand piece after a second listening she looked around briefly then gestured to Tigh. Adama stepped into his office and closed the hatch.

Might as well get off my feet for a few seconds, he thought, Dee had looked worried and William knew that what ever it was would soon land on his desk but despite that he could not help but be pleased. As little as a month ago Dee would have, at the very least looked at her Commander or maybe Lt. Gaeta, before following the chain of command and reporting what ever the problem was to Tigh. But the crew had a lot more faith in the XO now and she had not hesitated. The Battlestar Commander sat down and slipped on his glasses hopefully he could get some work done before it hit the fan.

Saul Tigh bit back a groan when Dualla caught his eye and held out a hand set, offering it to him.

"Colonel I have Chief Tyrol for you. He say's its urgent." These things were never good news and straight after a jump. Off the top of his head he could think of a dozen catastrophes that would need his attention.

"This is the XO, talk to me Chief."

"Move it into one of the Gamma flight bays, Gods know we have enough room, park a trolley infront of it and don't talk to anyone about this Cally." Saul could hear Tyrol talking, obviously not to him, and his temper never the best took a turn for the worse.


"Sorry Colonel I'm just getting it out of sight."

"Getting what!" Tigh cut himself off and made an effort to rein his temper in. He knew Chief Tyrol was a good soldier and would have a good reason for messing around like this, he'd better anyway. In a calmer voice.

"What's going on Chief."

"Sir this morning we had seven mark five Vipers in service, now we have eight. As far as I can tell it just followed our bird's home and landed. No unit marks, badges or any other identifiers I can find and with that suicide boomer we had a while back I didn't want to call a ship wide intruder alert. Who knows how he would react."

Commanders office Battlestar Galactica.


Saul Tigh slipped into the room closing the Hatch again behind him Adama noticed. Not a good sign.

"We have a problem Will. Chief Tyrol reports that we got one more Viper back than we sent out. I have already spoken to Sergeant Hadrian to quietly double up guard posts and patrols. Dee is going though the Dradis logs trying to find out where it came from."

Adama winced they had been infiltrated before, but to have the gall to just fly in.

Despite having over 2500 crew onboard people were still used to seeing the same people in the same areas and got to know them at least by sight. Slowly with careful questions from the deck staff and marines that were already in the know, a picture formed of a brown haired man in his early twenty's wearing a flight suit that looked a little odd to people, enough to remember, but not really enough to give him a second glance. Who had last been seen leaving the pilots ready room heading in the direction of the crew quarters.

But there the trail ended a search of quarters turned up nothing, reluctantly the command staff re-introduced checkpoints though out the ship. But in the 10 hours since the jump no new leads had been found.

Colonel Saul Tigh's Cabin

Tigh closed the hatch and flicked on his cabins lamp undoing the stiff color on his uniform he stepped into his home for the last 3 years.

"Don't move Colonel."

"What the hell!" Tigh spun toward the voice and found himself looking down the barrel of a service automatic. Saul Tigh was an old soldier, had been through the horrors of the first Cylon war and liked to think he had seen a few things. With the beating everybody had taken since the holocaust it amazed him that this, the sight of a kid, could not be more than 17 years old, in a Colonial cadets uniform holding a gun on him in his own quarters would totally knocked him off balance. He tried to get himself moving but his body would just not react.

"Colonel." The distinctive click of the hammer being cocked back snapped Saul out of his shock.

"Sir on the kitchen counter is a grey cylinder pick it up!" Tigh realized the boy had been speaking while he had been woolgathering and he had not answered, making the kid with the gun repeat himself.

"What is this about Cadet, where did you come from." Looking around he saw the cylinder sitting on his kitchen counter in some kind of cradle with lead running off to the wall power socket.

"Colonel I will place myself under your command as soon as you pick up the cylinder and press the button on it. If you do not follow my instructions I will shoot you and move on to the next in line of command. My orders are very clear and I will follow them!"

Saul's mind raced as he walked slowly over to his cabin's small kitchen area, the damm thing looked like a grenade, an old one from the beginning of the war. Replaced before he ever joined up hell before he was born but still there had been some around in his cadet days. But the kid said he would place himself under Saul's command as soon as he finished with it and if he wanted to kill the Colonel? Why not just shoot him. What the hell was going on!

Tigh picked the grey cylinder out of its cradle, noting the metal contacts, confirming his first thought that the cradle was a charging unit. Looking at the kid all Tigh could see was determination, maybe a little nervousness. The grenade? Offered no clue as to its purpose, a plastic tube with a serial number that meant nothing to Tigh running down the side, sealed both ends with slightly darker grey plastic caps the bottom with two metal plates to fit the charger. The top with a big red button sticking out of it 20cm long 8cm across. Saul decided he was not getting anywhere just staring at it and with an unvoiced curse he pressed the button.

CLICK! That was it, just a loud mechanical sounding click and the red light in the button went out. He felt a slight shock through his hand and something moving inside the thing. Nothing else happened.

"What the hell is this, who are you and what in Hades are you doing waving a gun around in my cabin." Tigh bellowed. The Cadet was already going through the motions to safely holster his side arm. He finished clipping down the flap on his holster, came to attention then saluted.

"Sir Lieutenant Junior Grade Mark Usen, sir my orders were to get on board and without making my presence known to possible enemy agents and making sure that you yourself were not on enemy agent report to the XO Galactica for debrief."

Saul did not react well to surprises and this situation was bizarre. But looking at the cadet infront of him standing at rigid attention eyes straight ahead. He was starting to get some idea of what was going on and at least on some level, very junior officer reporting something red hot! to a new commanding officer He was on familiar ground. He decided to just follow his gut instincts. But first.

"Give me your side arm Lieutenant." Saul held out his hand and was only mildly surprised when the gun was instantly handed over he glanced at it briefly, a standard issue C.D.F pistol. Saul settled down on one of the kitchen stools placing the gun on the counter close at hand.

"What ship are you off of."

"The Xiphos (1) Sir a Calypso class frigate." Tigh new little about the Calypso class they were new only being introduced to the fleet 2 years ago there were not many of them about most of their scout/support duties still carried out by the older Nautilus class. He could not remember seeing one. But Captain Davis Carey had told him that his ship Colonial Heavy 798, now named Colonial One, was a civilian variant on the Calypso hull.

"Did you come aboard the Galactica on that MK V Viper."

"Yes Sir." The kid looked damm proud of himself and Saul did not blame him as the Old man had said earlier the gall it would take to just wonder into a battle and land on a hostile Battlestar. It was not something Tigh would have liked to do.

"What's is this and how does it prove I am not a Cylon." Holding up the damm grenade looking thing. That was one of the important bits of info and Saul would really like to know what it had done to him.

"Sir I am not quite sure how it works I think only the Commander understood all the notes on it. But it's a Ragnar effect grenade and if you had been a Cylon, well I have seen what it did to one of the human copy types he went into convolutions and died with in a few minutes Sir." Saul looked down at what he had in his hands a Cylon detector the special project that, that quack Balter had been messing around with since the holocaust and still hadn't got right. If he was to believe all this.

"Who's your Captain and is the Xiphos on her own." Saul stood up and marched over to his sleeping area this was getting interesting and it was time to get Will in on it. Beside the head of his bed was his cabins COM's set he picked it up.

"Captain Greenbean Carter is Xiphos captain, we are on detached duty from the fleet." Fleet, that caught Tigh's attention but he did not want to go into details until Adama could get here.

"I knew a Greenbean Carter how did he make it off of Picon."

Tigh hit operator button and spoke into the hand piece.

"This is Colonel Tigh put me though to the Commander urgent."

"He was at the Artemis valley Academy same as me, we were evacuated by the Commander the day of the holocaust." The cadet answered.

"Will, this Saul could you come down to my cabin now you need to see this. Clear sky's all the way."

Tigh had kept his eyes on Lieutenant Usen and noted that the cadet was getting more nervous and could guess what was upsetting the kid. He strode past the stiff figure still at attention and placed the Ragnar grenade back in its charger.

"How long does this thing take to recharge." Saul new the boy would not want to talk to anyone who had not been tested.

"10 minutes sir!" Yes the kid was definitely nervous but he had put himself in Tigh hands and Saul did not like having guns pointed at him. Evan if he did understand and approve of the reasons.

"Might be done by the time the Commander gets here, at ease son take a seat. Tell me about the commander of this fleet who managed to get you of Picon when everyone only managed to die."

Lieutenant Usen brightened as he took a seat in the lounge area and Saul got the strong impression that this was one of his favorite topics.

"Commander Crichton sir John Crichton."



1 Xiphos ancient Greek infantry sword
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