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Its warped tour. Not Skkyler's first, but her first touring with her brother, Brendon Urie. Shes never met any of the other panic! boys. And what will happen when she does?

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P.O.V. Skkyler

AUCHUUU - i sneezed. Again. Today was the first day of Warped Tour in Chicago and was sick. Amazing. I hate being sick. It sucks ass bad. I am on tour with Panic! At the Disco, with my brother Brendon (wer twins). I know everyone on the Warped Tour, From First To Last, Fall Out Boy, Academy Is... etc. The only people i don't know is the band im touring with, Panic! At the Disco. Its kind of sad. Ryan Ross was flying in from Miami today, Jon Walker was flying in from Boston, and Spencer and Brendon were babysitting me. I technically manage their band and i dont know anybody. Its very sad. Even though Brendon spent his last few years of high school with the guys, somehow i never met them. Brendon and i lived seperate lives. I worked at Hot Topic, he worked at a smoothie hut. He started to get bad grades when he got into a band, i started to get higher grades when i got into a band. I have a tattoo, he doesnt. In other words, we might look alike, but wer tottally diffirent.
A few weeks before we left to warped tour, i got a call from Brendon. He called me and asked me to please accompany him to the Warped Tour. I lived in Tokyo with my best friend Francieska, trying to make a living making music in a recording studio. When i got the call from Brendon i was a little taken aback. I hadn't heard from him for about 2 years. It was extremely devastating because we were really really close when we were little. Anyways. When Brendon called he asked me if i wanted to come to Warped Tour with him because he missed me and said it would be a great experience. It was actually really convenient for me because Fran was going with her cousin Patrick Stumph, the lead singer of Fall Out Boy. So i was really happy. That was a month ago. We met up in New York City and then on our Tour bus we drove to Chicago. It was Brendon, me and Spencer. Then i got sick. Amazing. So now we are in Chicago, and im sitting in the damn bus with a damn cold. I should be out there right now screaming with all the other people. Maybe if i get better they would let me show some of my personal work i do. I work with synthesizers n crap like that making my own music. Yea i have alot of free time on my hands.
Returning to my life right now.
I got up from the couch and walked over to the tv and got the remote to turn it on. I was sitting alone in the bus because Brendon left to go to the airport to pick the guys up, and Spencer was somewhere with his girlfriend out in the city. Today wasnt officially the first day of the warped tour. The people would be let out to watch only tomorrow. Today was when everyone was getting here. I turned the tv on and turned to payper view. They had edwardscissor hands on. I turned it on and made myself comfortable under a blanket and 4 pillows on the couch, with my coke and popcorn next to me.
- SKKYLER URIEEEEEEEEE - i heard someone scream my name
I opened the window and looked out, and there was Sonny Moore all smiles jumping up and down. He was a child hood friend. He lived in Los Angeles, California, but that was like just a few hours away from Las Vegas, where i lived. I would take the train with Fran to LA almost every day. Thats where we met Sonny. We were really close friends. He then moved to florida, because he became part of the band From First to Last
- COME ON COME OUT!!! - he yelled from the top of his lungs
- shouldnt you be saving your voice for the concerts? - i said smiling
- yea but for you il scream anyways. Oh please come out! I know ur sick but u need fresh air! - he said
- fine. Wait i need to go get dressed and make myself ok - i said
- hurrryyy uppppppp - he yelled
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