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Ryan P.O.V.

Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit. This girl is beautiful, and i was late. I probably screwed everything up.

"hello" i said shaking her hand "sorry im late"

"its alright. How are you?" she asked closing her book and looking at me. I sat down on the couch in front of her.

"good good. Ryan Ross is the name." i said. Damn she most likely knows that

"Skkyler White. And i know your name" she said smirking. This girls got attitude, and i like it.

"but lets pretend i dont, and that you are not a famous rockstar" she continued

"works with me. You have a pretty name" i said sipping on my coffee "so what do you do?"

"thanks. well im currently in college, learning culinary art. And i also manage my dad's trading company with my sister" she said

"yea. How olds your sister?" i asked. If she was her age, i would recommend her to Brendon. He needs a gf fast

"18 like me. Wer twins, but not identical. We record 2gether."

"record?" i asked confused

"we have a band. Made in China. We both sing. And then 3 other ppl play guitar, bass and drums. All close friends. And then we do some personal recording. Like electronica, that i make in my time of boredom"

"thats awsome! I would love to hear and watch"

"well watch us play i need to talk 2 the girls about. But dance, i have a show tonight. Bring your friends if you want" she said and took out a card
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