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Skkyler P.O.V.

I handed him the card with the address to the club where we would be performing.

"can i hear one of your electronica songs? And do u have a seperate name for that work?" he asked really interested. Maybe this was my road to stardom.

I took out my samsung MP3 player and turned the speakers up.

I turned "Turn it Up Turn it Up Turn it Up"

"yea Wira Robats" i said

"haha awsome name! and i like the music 2!! And the mp3 player! Can i see the book your reading?" he asked and took my book. Yea sure you can look at it

"yea sure you can look at it" i said smirking

"thanks" he said and started to flip the pages

"ernest hemingway? Interesting. Do you need to read it for class or something?" he asked


"yea tottaly for culinary arts!" i said sarcastingly

"well sorry! I was just asking" he said and laughed
"i like this book. I read it a while ago."

We had a debate about the current literature for the next 3 hours or so. I won, i was on the debate team! Ryan got upset on loosing so i promised him a free ride to all his favorite places in Miami. He because really exited for some reason, like a little 10 year old boy. So now its time to go take him on his ride.
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