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Skkyler P.O.V.

"o. ok. Well tell me your full name" he said

"Skkyler Margo White"

"aww thats really pretty. What does it mean?" he said

"well Skkyler means scholar. And then margo means pearl. And then white is my last name" i said smiling forcing him to smile and laugh

"hey wuts so funny!" i said getting a lil offended

"nothing, just your name means scholar. I think it funny" he said smiling

"well wuts your full name?" i said

"george ryan ross" he said sulkily

"haha GEORGE. Like curious george. Thats funnier"

"yea well i hate it. Thats why i use ryan. I think im gona drop george. Il do it sumtime" he said

"someones coming to our car." He said

"watch" i told him. Here goes mine and my sister's daily routine of picking each other up

I jump out of the car and run like a crazy person to her. She drops her things and runs to me. We hug each other and i pick her up, since im taller, and then she kisses me over dramatically and then we skip hand in hand back. Ryan is meanwhile is laughing his head of completely.

"wow you guys are SO stupid. You remind me of Brendon" he said talking to Fran

"hi! Ur Ryan Ross right? Yea, i dont know how my sister met her but remind me to kill her later. Francieska Charlize White. " she said getting into the back seat and giving Ryan a hug

"yes i am. May i ask wuts with the wierd names?" he said "couldnt ur parents give u normal american names? Shes skkyler margo, ur francieska charlize! Wuts up with that!" he said laughing

"well. Our parents were russian french. And why am i giving u an excuse! All i can do is force u out of my car!" i said laughing and trying to push him out

"oh and why do u call her kiki? And does skkyler have a pet name too?" he asked again

"wut is up with you and our names! God." I said

"dont mind her. Well shes called me kiki since we wer like super little, so i just call her sky" said Fran matter-of-factly

"ok. Hate to break the moment but wer r we off 2 next?" i said

"well. Lets pick up Brendon."


"at the apartment" said ryan

"wutever" i said. For some odd reason, i know this person for only a few hours and i feel like we are pretty close. Im just being stupid as always. Ahhhh im sitting right next to THE ryan ross. Girls would kill to be in my situation. Fran back there is probably falling asleep, she needs her afternoon naps. I looked into the rear view mirror and as i was right. Fran was asleep, lying across the whole thing.

"ryan. Look at Fran. But whisper." I said to him whispering. He turned back and smiled.

"haha. Does she always fall asleep in the car?" he asked

"only wen shes in the back seat. Watch shes super fast asleep." I got my purse and threw it at her face. She just pushed it off as a reaction and continued sleeping.

"she always falls asleep in the back seat. I dont really know why. And she needs her afternoon naps. I think its super cute." I said laughing
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