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Chapter 2 - Part B

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Part two of Chapter two. Weirdness and chaos ensue.

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Here's Part B of chapter 2. Please ignore the crudeness of Gerard early on in this chapter. I was quoting him. He helped me out with some of this. I was just quoting him in one of his little rambles. So, not my fault.

For those of you wondering why I'd be writing this, he started it. He made some funny little 'what if'.


Oh, god! Someone drank all the soda. We're gonna die!

Disclaimer: I own myself. The guys own themselves.

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Part B

Roughly another 30 minutes later, Ray took over from Frank, who looked incredibly pale and as if he was about to puke.

"Hey!" I greeted Ray "Hey! Ray-Ray! Guess what! Guess what!"

"What?" Ray asked cautiously.

I took a deep breath and licked my lips "Septimus Potter lived all alone and that was how he liked it. Of course, there was his black cat Tobias: but Tobias was also a loner, and he was such a good hunter that Septimus didn't even have to feed him very often. Sometimes, when he found feathers scattered around the lily pond Septimus cursed Tobias; but otherwise they lived in silence." I recited the old short story from I don't remember where perfectly and in one big gush.

Ray looked down at his watch and groaned. I waited until he was looking at me again before I continued.

"Isn't that just ridiculous!" I vaguely realized that I was constantly moving and gesturing with my hands wildly "I mean who lives in silence? It's impossible! I mean you have to make noise sometimes. Especially if you have to take a dump! You gotta make noise then whether you want to or not! I mean I know make noise!"

I wished I knew what the hell I was going on about.

When Bob came in and took over, I started immediately talking about different breeds of dogs and how to tell them apart.

Bob looked at his watch and groaned, and I was unable to stifle a giggle.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing," I said, still giggling "It's just that Mikey, Frank and Ray all did the same thing you just did." I paused to lick my lips and noticed that I couldn't quite sit still. "Ooh! Ooh! And ya know how to tell a Greyhound and a Whippet apart? Well, actually, I don't really know! But if you're that curious you could just ask the owner!"

"Ah, shit," I heard Bob murmur as he sank into the seat.

Another half hour later, Bob escaped and Mikey came back. I immediately re-started about pigeons and how selfish and evil they are.

"And...and they're so fucking selfish! Think they own the world and everything in it! Even the air we breathe! There're so many of 'em that one day they's gonna breathe us out of air, Mikey!" I told him. I had to tell him, to warn him about the pigeons "And they're so evil!" I threw my arms up in the air to emphasize my point as I bounced lightly on the bed, unable to sit still. There was too much energy coursing through me and I could feel it. "I swear they've kidnapped those little old ladies and taken them back to their nest of evil and then corrupted them and turned THEM into pigeons!"

Before I could continue, Frank, Ray and Bob entered the room with a tray of food.

"Oh thank god!" Mikey sounded really relieved that the guys had arrived.

I wonder why. I was just warning him about the impending doom that the pigeons were bringing...

"Hey! Hey, guys!" I said addressing all of them as Frank closed the door most of the way. "Do you like the night? 'Cuz I like the night! It's all dark and- and- and-" I was gesturing wildly as I tried to think of a word "and neat! And dark and no one can see you and-"

"Gerard!" Frank yelled "SHUT! UP!"

I stopped, licked my lips and closed my mouth.

"Dammit!" they all growled.

I think they only just figured out that if they'd wanted me to be quiet, all they had to do was ask. I giggled and then quickly tried to re-compose myself.

I licked my lips again. I had to wonder why they were so dry.

Ray set the food tray down in front of me "You need to eat," he said.

I looked at the food "No," I said.

They all looked a little stunned.

"Come on," Ray said "I even convinced them to let you have coffee."

"No," I said again "I'm not hungry."

"You should be," Bob said "You haven't eaten since yesterday."

"Well, I'm not," I pushed the food away.

"Eat," Ray pushed it back.

"No," I said firmly, shoving the tray away.

"Eat," Ray commanded.

"NO!" I whacked the tray and it flew across the room and splattered against the wall "I DON'T WANT ANY FUCKING FOOD!"

A shocked silence filled the room as the 'potato and egg salad' slid down the wall leaving a slimy trail, the coffee dripping down after it.

"Maybe you should get some sleep," Frank suggested.

"No!" I screamed.

A nurse ducked in, took one look at the situation and filled a syringe with a sedative.

"No!" I screamed again "I don't wanna sleep! If I do something'll get me!"

I swiftly launched myself from my bed, dashed out the door and down the hall.

Judging by the expressions on my friends' faces as I escaped, they hadn't expected that.

"GERARD!" I heard Mikey, my baby brother, scream. He was scared and wanted me to come back. I could tell by his tone.

I almost did stop and go back but something inside me made me continue forward.

I heard a few nurses and doctors yelling at me to stop and a few tried to catch me but that excess energy gave me an edge and I easily outran them.

I rounded a corner and spotted an elevator. I ran straight for it. I pressed the down button and jogged up and down on the spot impatiently.

Mikey and the others rounded the corner just as the elevator doors 'ding'-ed open.

"Gerard!" my band mates yelled.

I shook my head and stepped into the elevator. I pushed the 'door close' button and the doors sealed shut just as my brother got within reaching distance.

I pressed the '1' to get to the ground floor.

As the elevator began to move, I leaned back against the wall. I felt my elbow dig into what I assume was a button and the elevator ground to a jarring halt.

As I was unprepared, the sudden halt threw off my already shaky balance and I soon found myself kissing the floor.

I carefully stood and looked around desperately. There was no emergency phone.

I felt my pulse quicken as my breathing became quick and shallow.

"Oh god! Oh god!" I screamed as I backed into one of the back corners. I tangled my fingers into my black stringy hair and clutched my head as everything began to spin "Oh god! I'm gonna die in here! Oh god! Oh god!" I hit the wall.

"Oh god! I shrieked "The walls are closing in! They're gonna crush me! AHHHHH!" I slid down the wall to the floor and drew my legs up tight to my chest, wrapping my arms firmly around them.

"Oh god!" I screamed "I'm trapped! There's not enough oxygen! I'm gonna suffocate!"

As I continued to scream, I didn't notice the elevator moving or the small light in the corner blinking out.

Suddenly, Mikey was on his knees in front of me his arms outstretched.

I pushed him back and tried to scoot further back into the corner.

"NO!" I cried, clutching my head again "No! Now we're both gonna die!" My breathing became quicker and shallower still.

"Gerard," I heard Mikey calling me "Gerard, you're hyperventilating. You need to calm down and breathe."

"No!" I screeched "There's not enough oxygen for BOTH of us!"

"Gerard! Calm down and take nice, slow, deep breaths." He said calmly.

I looked up at him, my pulse and breathing still rapid and erratic.

"No," I mumbled, becoming angry "No! You just want more air for yourself! Don't you, Mikey?! You're taking more than your share I bet!" I launched at him and latched onto his shirt "You are, aren't you?!" My grip slackened a little as I felt my hold on consciousness slipping. I felt my eyelids droop "You know, Mikey," I said, fading fast "You're jus' like them pigeons. You're selfish and think ya own da airw weh breave..." my speech became slurred the longer I spoke "I don' fee' so... gu..."

Everything went black and I fell forward onto Mikey.


I was trapped somewhere between awake and asleep. Everything was black but I could hear and feel.

The mattress was comfortable under my aching back and my pillow was so very soft beneath my throbbing, pounding skull.

"So, what exactly happened to my brother?" I heard Mikey say.

"Well, as you know, both cocaine and crystal meth are stimulants, both powerful on their own... but combined and in such a high dose as to cause an overdose..." the woman I assumed was the doctor trailed off and I heard her shudder "He just had too much energy pent up. He released it all in one gigantic burst and, I guess, over-exerted himself."

"Oh, Gerard..." I heard Frankie sigh.

"I hope he'll be okay," that was Ray.

"I-I'm sure he will," I could hear Bob's voice falter slightly.

I love my band mates so much. They're all so good to me and always willing to help me out, no matter what.

"Anyway," the doctor started again "While we were checking him over, making sure he didn't hurt himself while he was on the run..."

Oh god. I felt a furious blush rise in my cheeks at the thought of more than one woman seeing me naked. Heck, even just one woman, especially a stranger, seeing me naked was enough to make me blush.

Though I couldn't see him, I KNEW (more like I could sense) Mikey's gaze was upon me. I could feel the weird look he was giving me.

"...we found a small burn mark on his back about the size of the head of a syringe surrounded by bruising and right in the centre of all of it, a puncture mark." The doctor said "I think we found the site of introduction."

'Oh god,' I thought 'That girl... Mikey, come on. You were there...'

"Wait!" I heard Mikey say, realization dawning on him "On the way back to the bus last night I remember some random girl slammed into his back. He- he screamed a bit and stumbled into me saying SOMETHING about a sharp pain in his lower back." Yes! Go, Mikey! "Oh god!" I heard Mikey sob "I didn't believe him. I-I thought he'd just jarred his back from all the dancing around he did on stage earlier."

'Oh, Mikey...' I wanted to hug him and comfort him.

Suddenly, my stomach churned and lurched.

Bile and the very meagre contents of my stomach rushed up my throat and into my mouth. I tried to cough it out but most of it started to slide back down my throat causing me to choke.

"HOLY SHIT!" I heard one of my band mates scream.

"FUCK!" the doctor cursed.

Several hands grabbed me and rolled me onto my side. A few sharp smacks between my shoulder blades saw the vomit completely exit my body. I continued to hack even after it had all spilled onto the bed.

I moaned pathetically as my eyes cracked open slightly.

"Mi...key...?" I called weakly. I felt his spindly hand on the side of my face, pushing hair away. He gently stroked my face and rubbed my arm and my back in a show of brotherly love and comfort. I could also feel Frank's small hands and Bob's and Ray's larger hands rubbing circles on my back soothingly.

Mikey's face appeared in my bleary line of sight. "Yeah?" he asked as I felt my body moved away from the puddle of puke I had created.

"I- I didn't mean what I said," I stuttered "In the elevator..."

Darkness overtook my vision again.

"I know..." I heard him whisper just as I fell again and was claimed by the empty, dark, silent void in my mind.


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BTW, the thing about Septimus Potter isn't mine. It's some weird shitty ass short story on some stupid elemetary school test.
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