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Happiness Comes

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Dedicated to my friend PKC, or else I'd never have written such a horribly happy fic.

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Note: Written for my friend PKC.

No one could believe it. Those two, in love?

They were the talk of the entire high school.

It was surprising enough that two people of their age were getting married, but those two?

But alas, it was true! As strange of a couple they seemed, they were in love.

He was happier than anyone had ever seen him before. He smiled about almost anything, and it wasn't his old, bitter-sweet smile. No, it was an amazing, bright smile that lit up his eyes and made even the coldest hearts melt with happiness.

As for her? She had calmed down quite a bit. She was happy all the time, but now it was true happiness.

She was easier to be around now. Hard to believe as it was, her grades had even improved.

They already had their wedding all planned out, they had even sent out the invitations.

They planned on having a family together as soon as they graduated. They were so happy.

The wedding day came and they walked down the isle hand-in-hand, both blushing, but with stars in their eyes.

Everyone couldn't help but stare admiringly as the two said "I do."

But deep inside, everyone wondered, "How did Ryou and Anzu fall in love?"

Many years passed and the happy couple lived together in a little white house with a white picket-fence; every young girl's dream house.

Together they raised several children and died very happy at an old age.


Oh my god why the hell did I write this!? I hope PKC realizes that I really hate Anzu and that I'd only write something that's nice to her for a contest or for a friend. Bleck, this is shit.
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