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Blessing from Hijiri

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Hijiri puts a little important message to his mother.

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Authors note - Sorry if this seems short. I wanted to put it in but it fitted between the last part and next. I hope that makes sense to someone!


They had decided to head back to the house and he was eager to get home and be able to sit and talk to her about everything he had learned. They put everything down on the floor and he made her a warm drink. He asked her a few questions about whether he could make a good bard or not, he wanted to prove that you did not need a voice after all. He thought that his songs would speak for him and Marianne nodded happily. The family only knew she had a boy and that she had dedicated her life to staying home. She had never spoken of him for fear that they would say the same as the doctor and unlike him would have ripped them apart and taken him off.

She explained everything to him, about his father and the failed marriage. She told him that no matter what he was the most important thing in her life. She told him what she knew about Aaron and how much he looked like his dad in his face. She was happy, she told him, that things had turned out as they were. He was probably the most wanted little man in the world. She had never looked back and she had only adoration for him.

Hijiri listened to her and then wiped her tears from her face. He was a happy soul and he knew his mother loved him but to be told so often sometimes made it feel like she was reassuring herself. Now he knew everything he wasn't so worried and instead he smiled at her and kissed her cheek.

'You have been the best mother in the world. I am the luckiest man in the world to have been your child. I know I would not have survived otherwise so the God's have blessed me.' He wrote it down to her so she would know how important it was. 'I think my father, this Aaron, would also have stayed had he known. I want to find him someday if I can. Only if you say so and I promise you I will never let you down.'

"Izzie, you will never let me down." She laughed. "If you want to try and find your dad I won't stop you. It's only natural but baby; don't be hurt if he isn't willing to talk. He was only here one night and I doubt he would have planned for a family. I will wish you luck, I will write a letter for him so that if he ever does show up you can give that to him too."

He motioned a thank you and gave her a big hug before getting ready to go upstairs. Arimen would train him with his new sword and maybe then he wouldn't have to worry about not being able to look after himself. Yashimara had all but said that he wanted to be part of his mothers' life. Hijiri was happy for her and hoped they would be good friends. He would also be able to talk to someone else then.
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