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Chapter 29

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A little fun, next chapter is the last one!

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Becca sat on the couch, staring at Ryan.

"I don't understand... you're breaking up with me?" She whispered, fighting back tears. "But I thought you loved me... What happened? Is there someone else?" She demanded, becoming furious at the thought of him falling in love with another girl.

"Becca... there is no other girl. I just think that we should move on." Ryan lied, sitting on the couch beside her, trying to comfort her. "I mean, we're leaving for tour in a few weeks and I just don't think that it is fair to you. You deserve to be with someone who can be here when you need him, and I just can't see myself being that guy for you. I am really sorry."

"It's Emily isn't it? That bitch..." Becca grumbled, standing up. "I guess you should leave. You don't want to keep your new girlfriend waiting." She said forcefully. Ryan knew that nothing would change her mind and he didn't bother arguing with her. He simply got up and left her small apartment. He climbed into his car and decided to drive to Emily's. As he pulled into the driveway outside the apartment building, Ryan noticed Luke storming out. He couldn't help but smirk a little. Once he saw Luke pull out, Ryan climbed out of his car and made his way up to Emily's apartment and knocked on the door.

"Luke, I told you to leave!" Emily yelled, opening the door slowly. Ryan didn't say anything as his lips collided with hers. She smiled, realizing that it was Ryan and not Luke. She grabbed his collar and pulled him inside, slamming the door with her foot behind her, not breaking the kiss. "God I didn't know how much I missed you until now." Emily whispered, resting her head on his chest. He ran his hand through her long hair.

"I always knew that I missed you. The whole time I was with Becca, I couldn't stop comparing her to you and she always fell short. I just... I love you Em, and I can't see myself with anybody but you." Ryan confessed. Emily smiled and kissed him again.

"It was the exact same thing with Luke... and it wasn't fair to him, which is why I broke up with him. I am never leaving you again, I promise."

"Good, because I'm not letting you go." Ryan grinned, kissing the tip of her nose. "So, what do you feel like doing tonight?"

"Um... how about we just stay in tonight? We could cook dinner together or something." Emily suggested, walking into the kitchen. Ryan followed closely behind.

"That sounds like a great idea. What do you feel like making?" He asked, leaning on the counter. "Can we make that chicken pasta salad you always used to make for us?"

"That's exactly what I was thinking about!" Emily laughed, kissing his cheek. "Great minds really do think alike!" Ryan laughed too as Emily opened the refrigerator and bent down to get the ingredients out. Ryan playfully hit her butt, which caused her to jump a little. "You are so going to pay for that!" Emily said, tossing him an onion. "You get to cut that up!" Ryan stuck his tongue out at her.

"That's not fair... you know what onions do to me!" Ryan whined.

"That's what you get mister!" Emily cautioned, passing him the cutting board and a knife. She stood next to him and went to work at preparing the chicken. She stopped and looked at Ryan whose eyes were watering and she let out a small giggle, which caused him to pout. "Aw, you're too cute." She kissed him on the cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too." He grumbled, wiping the tears from his cheeks.

"Aw, muffin!" Emily cooed, wrapping her arms around his waist. She kissed him softly before jumping up on the counter. Ryan stood between her legs and kissed her again, this time more passionately. "The chicken is going to burn." Emily said, pulling away from him.

"You're such a tease!" Ryan exclaimed as she jumped down off the counter. She grinned as she walked to the stove to flip over the small pieces of chicken. She couldn't help but laugh when he hit her on the butt playfully again.
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