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Passing of The Hearts

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Just a sad story about Roxas and Sora. All completely fiction. None of this actaully happens, I was just cleaning out my bookshelf last night, because before it had been filled with childrens books...

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Passing of the hearts. Passing of the Hearts is a time in a nobodies life, when they pass on their other halves heart to them. It is usually a sad, or painful experience for the giver of the heart, or the nobodie, as they are the ones who must witness mental pain of the givers friends or family who they have lost. Often associated with Heartless, when they loose their hearts, they must leave everything behind.

A Heart Image is the image of a Nobodie who has been released of their heart, often seen in the sky after first being released.

Roxas was coming into realization. He wasn't meant to be here. He stood up on top of beautiful Sunset Hill of Twilight Town. He felt the warm summer breeze pass through his hair slowly, as a wave of sorrow passed over him. He wished Sora had taken his heart. He wished he was with his love Axel, he wished he could just disappear into the beautifully colored sky, and be with Axel again.

Roxas looked up into the orange and pink, creamy sky. He was silently crying as visions of his past filtered through him. He imagine his best friend Axel, who had been turned into Dusk for him, He remembered his other half Sora, frozen in time.

"Is this really the way it's supposed to be...?" Roxas asked himself. "Am I really supposed to be here, or is Sora, the real person, supposed to?"

He continued on crying lightly, as the tears slowly but sadly streamed down his Milky white face. HE tried hard not to think about how his only friends, Hayner, Pence and Olette were all fakes, Just made up for a little bit of fun by DiZ.

He fell to his knees and cried out.

"Sora.... Why aren't you here, what's wrong with me? Why doesn't this feel right? Why does.... I...Why.... I want...I...." He was sobbing uncontrollably.

"I want you to be here instead of me. I want you to fulfill what you're supposed to do, so that the world can be at peace." He cried and held his legs to himself. He shook back and forth, his heart in his hands.

"This heart is yours Sora! Take it! Take it! I want to be away, I want to see my friends.... I want.... I want to see Axel!" As the thought of his best friend came to mind, he let out another great sob. He clenched his hair in agony as he thought of his friend.

"SORA! TAKE YOUR HEART BACK!" Roxas cried out. He sobbed. He knew this wasn't supposed to be the way it was supposed to be. He held his heart, Sora's heart, close.

"Please...Sora.... all I want is for my Summer Vacation to be over..." He rolled over in a dead faint. He lay upon the grass, gasping for air, as Sora, his true form came together right in front of him.

When Sora had completely regenerated, he leaned down to Roxas, who was still holding the heart.

"I need this back now." Sora said calmly. Roxas slowly let the heart go out of his hands. He wanted to remain here, among real people, he wanted a real heart, but he couldn't live without Axel.

Still, he smiled at Sora.

"Just goes to show.... Be careful what you wish for." Roxas painfully whispered out to his other half.

Sora held Roxas' hand, and watched as his body slowly disappeared. Sora slowly began to cry at the sight of the young boy. Roxas was so gentle, so willing. All he needed or wanted was to find his place in this world. All he ever wanted was to be real...

Sora stood up, and looked into the sky.

And As Sora looked out into the sky, heart images began to billow through the clouds like a forest fire. Roxas waved to him in the sky of the heavens above. He was happier looking than ever, as Axel ruffled the blonde in the head, and gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

Roxas was with Axel, and Hayner, Pence and Olette. He was with a whole lot of other people Sora did not know, but he knew why they were up there.

They were free hearts.

Someday, Sora wished for Kairi to be looking up at him there. As he passed on his heart to her.

Sora smiled sweetly up at all the happy faces. They were all cheery and bright, as though they had not a care in the world. Tears rolled down Sora's soft cheeks as he smiled, and whispered...

/"Soon Kairi.... Soon."/
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