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Part Two

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How does one show love when it's not supposed to be shown?

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...As a Sign of My Love...
Shiira Megumi

Part Two

"I'm hungry," Teru commented at the final note of one song. He crossed his arms to his abdomen, clutching his tummy. "I'm really, really hungry."

Takuro scowled first at the huge wall clock in one area of the room then to Teru. "It's only two o'clock!"

The vocalist returned the glare. "Normal people have lunch at noon, Takuro."

The leader blinked. His eyes checked everyone else's in question. "Haven't we had lunch yet?"

Teru glowered even more. "Oh, yeah, we ate a feast during lunch.../yesterday/!" From their places, Jiro and Hisashi snickered at the sarcastic reply. Teru can get really grumpy every time his stomach grumbled.

The expression on the tall guitarist changed from quizzical to that of alarm. "Why didn't you say so?" In a flash, he rested his guitar on the stand, dashed for his bag, whipped out his mobile phone and started dialing. "What?" he asked, irritated at the surprised looks on the faces of everyone as he waited for his wife to pick up the line. Everyone merely shook his head, stating nothing more.

An assistant poked his head into the studio and announced that lunch had long been ready. Teru was the first one out the door with Jiro, Hisashi, and the rest of the band behind. Teru literally clapped upon seeing the pantry counter ready with rice, miso soup, chicken, some bean sprout salad, veggies and tempura. After filling his plate, he settled himself into an empty chair. He invited Hisashi and Jiro to join him and the two accepted. Jiro took the place beside Teru while Hisashi sat from across the vocalist.

"I never thought Takuro would have it in him," Teru said between bites, starting a conversation.

"Have what in him?" asked Hisashi.

"I never imagined he'd be all wife-y and stuff, you know?"

Hisashi scoffed. "You're only saying that because you've already had two."

Teru crinkled his nose in thought for a while and then shrugged. "Maybe. I don't know." He sliced a piece of chicken breast. "What about you? Don't you have to call your wives to check up on them or something?"

"No." Hisashi placed his chopsticks down on his bowl. "She doesn't have to know where I have to be all the time. I don't ask her about hers." The guitarist's words cued the others into how much he still valued his privacy, despite being married to Izumi. After Teru divorced from his first wife, Hisashi was the first among them to have settled down.

The charming crooner elbowed the man beside him. "What about you?"

"Reiko knows were I am," Jiro said casually, bringing a glass of water to his lips. He took one satisfied gulp before continuing. "And she knows I'll call her when I say I would."

Hisashi looked at Teru, studying the other man. "What's gotten into you all of a sudden?"

With a slight groan, Teru pushed his plate aside. He propped his elbows on the table and rested his chin in the cradle of his palms. "I miss my wife..." His two friends nodded in understanding. Ami was in Los Angeles for a Puffy project and had been gone for nearly a week now. Hisashi suspected that he probably longed for her touch that much. Either that or Teru was in dire need to get laid.

"I miss sex!" the vocalist cried, making heads turn to his direction to which he was unaware of. Hisashi could only smile at finding out how right on the spot he was.

"Why don't you just call her?" Jiro offered, his lunch momentarily forgotten as his interest was focused on the man beside him.

"I'm not into phone sex, Jiro," muttered Teru with a sneer at the youngest of Glay. All the blood in the bassist's body rushed to his face, his mouth open but with no words coming out.

Hisashi glanced at Jiro for a moment, feeling sorry that he had to be the victim. Teru can get the whole city to blush when he's in one of those moods. "I don't think he means that, Teru," Hisashi said for Jiro whose mind seemed to have totally drawn a blank. "Call Ami up if you miss her that much and listen to her voice."

"But it's an ungodly hour in L.A. right now!" Teru wailed, his arms flung in the air for a cut of drama. He was really turning out to be a brat. This was how he looked like when Takuro finally sauntered into the lunch room, phone to his ear, still lost to the world and talking to his wife.

"Teru, grow up," Hisashi advised, quite uncharacteristically. He got back to his lunch, letting his friend know that the discussion must come to an end. They were due to resume practice in half an hour anyway. "It's not like this is the first time you two were apart. You've been married, what-four, five years? You should've gotten used to it by now, especially since you're both in the same industry."

As though Hisashi's words infected him in an instant, Teru perked up. First, he stared at Hisashi, then to Jiro who had returned to finishing his meal, not wanting to be embarrassed anew. "Let's go out for some beer tonight. It's on me."

"No, thanks, Teru," Hisashi was the first to decline, though he ignored his own surprise since he'd never known Teru to foot a booze bill. Nonetheless, he pushed his plate away without finishing his vegetables. "I've already made plans."

The singer pouted for a moment before turning his gaze towards Jiro.

"Sorry, Teru," the bassist said, cutting the vocalist off before he could've uttered anything. "I've a previous engagement."

"Bummer." Teru bent down and laid his head in the cradle of his arms on the table. "You're only saying that because you don't know how miserable and painful it is not to have the one you love beside you every night."

The gaze shared between Jiro and Hisashi went unnoticed.

"Okay, that's a wrap," Takuro announced after the third round of a song they had been practicing. He looked at everyone and smiled. "Thank you, guys, for a good practice." Dismissing the image he saw from the corner of his eye but irritated nonetheless, Takuro tried to ignore Jiro who immediately started to clean up, starting with his unplugging of his bass guitars. "Can we meet again..." he searched through his mental calendar, "two days from now?"

"Fine with me," Teru was the first to give out an answer. He seemed to actually be looking forward to it. The rest of the band credited his reaction to boredom.

"Whatever you say," chimed the drummer and the keyboardist.

"No, problem," Hisashi agreed likewise.

Takuro turned to the last person who hadn't given him a reply yet. But Jiro obviously hadn't been listening as he gathered his music sheets, shuffling them carelessly into his filer.

"Well," Takuro sighed, gaze narrowing down on the bassist, "you can all go since I can see you're all raring to get the hell outta here." There was a shade of cutting tone in his voice. His brown eyes remained fixed on Jiro.

It wasn't until Teru whistled to Jiro did the young one look up. The looks all directed at him-Takuro's glower notwithstanding-told Jiro he was in a tight spot. "I, uh...I'm sorry."

Takuro removed the guitar strapped onto him. "Eager to go, aren't we?"

"I'm sorry," Jiro reiterated meekly, hands still busy with gathering up his things. "I really just need to get somewhere before it closes for the day."

Takuro raised a hand and voiced his sentiment with a tad of sarcasm. "Oh, don't even think I'm keeping you from anything that is much more inter-"

"Great!" Jiro exclaimed. He straightened up-still not granting anybody else his eyes-and dangled his backpack on a shoulder, tucked his filer under an arm and balanced two bass cases in one hand with another bass case in the other. "Bye, everyone," he said, starting for the door. Using his shoulder to push open the portal, Jiro left without as much as a glance at the people inside the studio.

And then there were five.

"What was that?" Takuro asked, still confused at the abrupt departure of Glay's youngest. Suspicious eyes zeroed in on Hisashi. "You haven't been fighting with him again, are you?"

"What?" Hisashi cried incredulously, looking at Takuro as though the giant were crazy. "If you had asked me that years ago, I probably would've said 'yes' Takuro." Shaking his head, he started to clean up his things.

"I was just wondering..."

Hisashi sputtered despite himself at the way Takuro toned down his voice like a child who'd just received a scolding. "Jiro and I can't go on forever hating each other each day. We're all grown up now."

The taller guitarist simply pursed his lips in thought. His eyes grew round all of a sudden at remembering something. "Damnit! I forgot to get Jiro's confirmation for the meeting."

"I'll remind him," Hisashi offered.

Takuro peeked at him with certain wariness. "Are you friends now?"

"We've always been friends." Hisashi was close to losing his temper. "Is it so hard to believe Jiro and I have both matured enough to set our differences aside?"


"We're married and we're both freakin' thirty-four years old, man! We're too old for that." Hisashi had finally finished clearing up his stuff. He slipped into his jacket, chucked his pop-button-decorated bag onto his shoulder and lifted his guitar case.

Takuro called out just as Hisashi was ready for the door. "You're not mad, are you?"

Hisashi's three-fourths black, one-fourths sandy blonde hair swayed with the movement of his head. "No. I told you I'm more mature now than you give me credit for." There was sincerity in his voice although he was smiling. "This whole issue with Jiro is just getting old. It's tiring." He spun around and raised a hand up. "I'll go on ahead, guys!"

The handsome guitarist put on his glasses once he got out of the building. The sun was not particularly bright-it was, after all, already late in the afternoon-but he needed the shades to cover up a bit. Walking to his car, he couldn't suppress his smile. He was glad Takuro ended practice a bit early. At least he wouldn't have to rush to get ready for his plans for that evening.

Hisashi opened the door of his black car and carefully settled his things in, his precious guitar occupying the backseat. Then he eased into the driver's seat and closed the door. He put the key in the ignition, but didn't start the engine just yet. Leaning to his left, he reached inside his bag and took out his mobile phone. Checking his speed dials, he found the name he was searching for then pressed the call button.

"Hi, I'd just gotten out of the building," he said when the other line had been picked up. "I'll be buying some extra stuff we might need and then I'll be going there...Dinner is still a secret, but trust me. It'll be very special...You be careful now...I can't wait to be with you, too...I love you more."

With a blissful smile on his lips, Hisashi ended the call. He finally started the engine and took a glance at his mirrors before cruising out of the parking lot.
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