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My final answer is...

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The week that Simple Plan gave Pierre to make up his mind is over and he still couldn't get to any conclusion. To avoid telling them that, he avoids any contact with them in that day, but he needed...

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The days went by, the week was over and their words didn't leave my mind. I mean, they were right about that. They were a band and they needed the one last member to make it complete. But, could I be this guy? Could I really be the lead singer of a band? I wanted that but how would I know if that was the right thing to do? Maybe I wouldn't know. Maybe this answer would just come up with time if I do decide to join. But what's if I give this try and the band fail because of me? They are a great band with lots of potential and I'm sure I would blame myself for the rest of my life if they fail and never manage to become a big band. I know I would always tell myself it was my entire fault and how wrong would I be? But, although all that, I wanted to join the band; I wanted to be part of it. What should I do?

That day was the day that I was supposed to tell them about my decision, but I didn't feel ready for that. I wanted to join, but I didn't know if it was going to be good to Simple Plan. In my inner conflict between "I want to" and "Should I?" I avoided seeing them in that day and rushed back home before they could realize that I had already left the school.

I was lying down in my bed still thinking about that. I had to answer them still in that day, but I didn't know how. I really needed a miracle to make me make up my mind and never regret about my choice latter.

As an answer to my wish, I heard someone knocking my door and a familiar voice saying...

"May I come in?"
"Sure." I replied sitting down in my bed and watching as Jessie entered my room "Hey there."
"Hey, Pierre. May I sit down?"
"Yeah, of course." I said as she sat down by my side
"So, you were acting really weird today. What's the matter?"
"Nothing, I'm... I'm fine." I lied
"Don't try to lie to me, you know you can't do that." She said laughing "Let me take a guess, it's because today is the day that you'll have to join or quit Simple Plan, right?"
"Yeah. How do you know that?"
"Don't know, I just do. It's practically written in your eyes. You don't have an answer yet, do you?"
"No. And I'm sure that if I don't answer they'll take that as a no and they'll look for a lead singer to take my place."
"Oh, so you don't want to be replaced?" she asked with a smirk "That means..."
"That means that I like the band, just that. It doesn't mean that my answer will be yes."
"Pierre, honestly, do you wanna join Simple Plan?"
"I think..." I started, but was soon interrupted
"No, no thinking. Deep down your heart, what do you want to do?"
"I...I want to join them." I said not believing I let that come out of my mouth
"And they want you to join them. Why don't you look for them and tell them about that?"
"Because there's a really big distance between like to sing and to know how to sing and I guess I just like to sing." I stated "They are a great band and I don't want them to fail because of me."
"Pierre, I had never heard you singing in my whole life, but those guys were practically born holding an instrument in their hands and, if they think you can sing, they know what they're talking about."
"Don't know. I am the one who has to be sure about my own talent before joining any band."
"Okay, I'll try to help you out, then. Why don't you sing something to me?"
"Sing something to you? You mean, now?"
"Yeah. If you can sing, I'll be the first one, excluding the guys, who had ever heard Simple Plan's lead singer singing. Singing to me! If you can't, I'll also be the one to tell you to step out of it and I'm really honest. Is that okay?"
"Well, I guess...I guess I've got nothing to loose, so..." I stood up, took my guitar and soon sat down by her side again, knowing the perfect song to sing in that moment "This song is called `I'd do anything' and I wrote that not long time ago. I didn't even had the chance to show them yet, but I hope you like it."

I started playing and singing it without taking my eyes away from her. I had written that song two days ago and it was written for her. It was one of those nights when I couldn't take my mind off her and I took a piece of paper and a pen in hands and in less than thirty minutes I had a song. I didn't have courage enough to tell her about all those things that I wanted to but, at least while she thinks it's just a song, I can look deep down in her eyes and put it all out. All I wanted was that someday I could just say it and not sing it.

When I was done with the song, I rested my guitar next to my bed and turned myself around again to look at her and ask what I was afraid to...

"So? Did you like it?"
"Are you kidding me?" She asked looking really amazed "It was awesome. Better than I ever thought it would be! And the lyric...Pierre, there was much feeling on it. You wrote that to a special someone, didn't you?"
"Well, I won't try to lie again `cause I know you're gonna catch me." I said smiling "Yeah, I wrote that to a really, really special girl, but I guess I'm not that special to her."
"Have you ever asked her?"
"No, never."
"So how do you know?"
"I just do."
"Don't take any conclusions without talking to her. Girls are normally shy and if you never ask her, you'll never know the truth about her feelings. Maybe if you just show her the song and tell her that it was written for her, she'll melt inside somehow."
"It worth a try." I replied "Maybe I'll give it a try."
"Yeah but, getting back to Simple're a very talented guy, Pierre, and now I know why they want you so bad to join the band. You would do fine as their lead singer. You fit in on this band. But, whatever your answer is, just answer with your heart and don't be scared to regret latter, `cause if you decide it according to your feelings, you won't regret. And if you decide to join, be dedicated. This band is...I don't's their everything." She advised "Hope I've been helpful."
"You were. A lot. So, see you tomorrow."
"See you, Pierre." After saying that, she gave me a kiss in the cheek and left

She couldn't even imagine how helpful she had been in that moment. I just wondered if she only knew that the song was all about her. Well, probably no.
Minutes after she left, I jumped out of my bed, took my backpack and rushed outside the house. I had made up my mind about my decision and I needed to meet them to tell them about that and I knew exactly where to find them.
After walk a while, I reached the house in which they used to rehearse and I opened the door to see them getting ready to start playing.

"Hey there, guys!"
"Hey, Pierre." They greeted at the same time
"We thought you weren't coming." Said Seb
"Hey, how irresponsible do you think I am? I wouldn't miss my very first rehearsal as Simple Plan's official lead singer."
"Does that mean you decided to join us?" said Jeff seeming to be happy about that
"Yeah, it does" I replied
"Yeah!!!!" They shouted all together cheerfully
"It only took you three months to decide that, but we're glad you said yes." Said David
"We thought you would never join us." Said Chuck
"Well, I talked to someone this afternoon and this person told me to follow my heart and that's what I did." I said "Anyway, enough of it. We've got a new song, it's called I'd do anything and I wanted to try it out."
"We will." Replied Jeff "And latter we're going back to the school to make our inscription to do the opening act."
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