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Chapter Two: A Girl Should Always Carry Extra Panties

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Patrick really is quite sweet...

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The rough texture of the pavement dug into Ava's skin as she lay flat against it, the police officer shielding her body from any bullets that might come in their direction. Her breath hitched in her throat as she realized she was laying in a growing puddle of blood. "Oh, God." She whispered, listening to the multiple shots echoing around the pavement, her body urging her to run, but her mind telling her to remain perfectly still. When would this nightmare end?

Without any warning an explosion rocked the parking lot; bits and pieces of Ava's car littering the area directly around where it had been sitting. The flames lit up the dark sky momentarily before the smoke began to block everything out.

Her best friend was missing and possibly dead. Her car exploded. She had been shot at.

Ava wished she had never won the free tickets to the concert. It wasn't worth it.

Slowly, she became aware of movement. People were running in all directions, the policemen taking charge and ushering them all back inside the auditorium. Ava let out a choked sob, pushing up with her hands to get out of the warm blood, wondering where she had been shot- she couldn't feel any pain but that didn't really mean anything since she was in a state of shock. Pushing to the side, she crawled out from under her protector and turned to help him up. He lay motionless, facing the pavement, a growing circle of red spreading across his back.

She covered her mouth to keep from screaming. It was his blood.

"Help!" She called, but her voice was barely a whisper. "He's shot!"

Scrambling for his wrist, Ava felt for a pulse, so when she didn't find one she used the last little bit of strength she possessed to turn him on his back to begin CPR. She had just checked for signs of life and given him two breaths when the emergency personnel arrived and took over. She sat back a few feet away from where they were working, trying her best to process what was happening. Was someone trying to kill her?

Another officer approached, pulling her to her feet and practically running her to the safety of the building.

"I'm fine, really."

"They were shooting at you. I want you indoors. Now."

Blindly, she followed, taking her in the same doors she had just minutes early come out of. But instead of continuing on into the concert room, he took her down a side hall.

"Where are you taking me?"

"Backstage. Right now that's the safest place with the band's bouncers in the wings and the guards at the doors. We put a few other officers in as well as soon as the first explosion went off." He glanced over to her. "We need to get you out of those clothes."

Ava nodded, looking down at her clothes. She was covered in blood. Cringing at the sight she tried to wipe her hands on her jeans, but it was already dried and had stained her hands.

Finally they approached the metal stage door. An armed police officer stood outside, nodding them through. Ava swallowed, hoping she didn't break down and made herself followed wherever the officer lead on autopilot. Finally he disposed of her in a tiny bathroom, telling her he would need to confiscate her clothing. Fifteen minutes later- after viciously scrubbing her bloody skin almost raw- she emerged, wearing the FOB (shorts, t-shirt, and hoodie) merchandise they had left out for her. She sat for a few minutes, stunned, not knowing what to do about underwear before just deciding to go commando before asking for anyone to go buy her some. A medic was waiting patiently by the door to tend to her many cuts. None were extremely deep, but one or two needed stitches so a hospital visit was on the agenda within the next few hours. Until then, massive amounts of cotton pads and bandages would have to suffice.

She was exhausted. After so much adrenaline had run through her veins she no longer had the strength to hold back any of her pain and sadness. Feeling the hot tears begin to build in her eyes, she curled up in a ball on the couch and let herself cry. She had been numb for too long. Squeezing her eyes closed, she tried to calm her breathing to a more normal pace.

Ava must have fallen asleep, because at some point later she was jerked awake by hushed voices. Disoriented, she pulled herself into an upright position and blinked in her surroundings. She was in Fall Out Boy's dressing room- or at least one of them- and now she wasn't the only person occupying it.

Out of all her fantasies of meeting the band, this was definitely not one of them. And now that the disasters of the concert HAD happened, she wished she was nowhere near them. Now was not the time.

"Ah," Patrick said in a low voice, "Sleeping Beauty awakes."

The four band members were seated in different chairs in the lounge area, giving her the entire couch. She sighed. She was too tired to be nervous or embarrassed. Ava really just wanted to go home- to her nice comfortable bed and go to sleep until they found Wendy safe-and -sound and the people who had been shooting at her were captured.

If only that were possible.

"How are you feeling?"

Ava shrugged. "As good as I can feel in this situation, I guess." He nodded in understanding. "Have any policemen come by recently? I don't know how long I was a sleep."

Patrick shook his head no, but Pete answered for him, "No. They dropped you off and left. We've been wondering what's going on but all they're telling us is that there was an explosion and then someone with a gun..."

Ava closed her eyes, the images replaying in her head. She buried her head in her hands, trying to hold back the tears that were once again building up. Just get me through this.

"I'm Pete, by the way."

She swallowed hard, forcing herself to gain control of her emotions.

Once she looked up again he continued with the introductions, "And that's Patrick over there with the hat, then Joe with the sandwich, and Andy, of course."

She gave them a weak smile. "I know who you are. I was at your concert."

"Oh, right. We weren't sure where you came from since they found you in the parking lot."

"Yeah, we were here first."

She watched them give each other a strange look, knowing she was most likely making this very awkward for them. Any article she had ever read about FOB had gone on and on about how they were complete goof-offs, and here they were being completely serious. It was probably killing their high from the concert, and if they didn't get it back soon, the rest was most likely not going to be as good at it was pre-intermission. That thought made her wonder why they were even still backstage. "Why aren't you back out there yet? I'm sure it's been more than twenty minutes."

"Do you really think we're going to finish a concert after people were being shot at in our parking lot?" Joe asked, strumming a little tune on the guitar he picked up beside the comfy chair he was sitting in.

"I don't know."

"Well, police are all over the place now anyway. It would be weird doing a concert when the situation is so serious."

"Oh. I see." She glanced at each of them. "I'm really sorry your concert was ruined."

"Don't apologize." Patrick moved to sit closer to her on the couch. "It's not your fault this happened."

Ava sighed. It really was her fault. If only she had been the one to get the camera it might have been different. But now that Wendy was gone, she was going to have to live with knowing she was the one who sent her out there in the first place.

"I know you're in shock right now, but it can't be that bad." Patrick tried to comfort her. "Being shot at is a big deal, but it looks like you only have minor injuries. You're going to be ok."

She started to laugh. Was that all they thought? That she had been shot at? They looked at her like she was crazy.

"What did I say?" Patrick asked in confusion.

His concern made her laugh even harder. They really were clueless to the situation.

Ava snorted. "You... didn't... say... anything." It was hard to talk from laughing so hard. Her reactions to everything were so inappropriate. If she didn't know better she would think she was starting to go a little crazy. "I'm so sorry." She gasped, trying to get her laughter under control. "I don't know why I'm laughing. This isn't funny at all."

They still didn't look sure, which only seemed to send her into another fit of laughter. "It was MY car that exploded." They shared 'the look' again. "Yeah. Twice. My car is totally gone, but that isn't the bad part. I think my best friend was in it when it happened." Her side began to cramp up and she had to hold it dull the shooting pains along her ribs. "And then... and then people started shooting at me! If it wasn't for me finding Wendy's hair clip then I would probably... be dead right now."

"Oh my God." Patrick said, Pete's jaw hung open slightly, and Joe completely stopped playing his guitar at some time during her story.

"I know, right?" Finally the laughter was starting to dull down to a giggle; then finally stopped. A new emotion began to swamp her all at once. Tears threatened her eyes again. What the fuck is wrong with me?

"I need to know if they found Wendy." She choked out before her tears began to stream down her cheeks.

Then Patrick did something unexpected. He pulled her to him and she buried her face in his shoulder as her sobs began to convulse through her body. "I'm so... sorry." She managed to mumble. "I'm... not normally... crazy, I swear."

"I know, I know." He rubbed his hand in circles along her back.

After a few moments of not being able to control her crying she pulled herself together, her breathing slow and even. Ava was afraid to look at them so she kept her face buried in the lead singer's shoulder.

Finally she hears Pete ask, "Is she asleep?" Ava froze.

Patrick moved slightly, as if checking to see for sure. "I think so."

"Who is she?"

"She didn't say."

"God, I can't believe this happened at one of our shows."

"It's nothing we could control, Pete."

Ava heard the click of a door opening. "I need to speak with the girl." A voice said calmly, and Patrick sat her up gently so she could face the police officer that had entered the room. He took Patrick's old seat, taking out a pen and pad of paper. "I need to ask you a few questions, ma'am."

Nodding, he started his interrogation. "Full name?"

"Ava Noel Lemmings."

"Date of birth?"

"July twenty-third, 1985."


This continued for some time, going through all her personal information. At some point the boys all left her in private except for Patrick, who sat beside her the entire time. She couldn't help it but her heart went out to him. He really was beyond sweet for not letting her go through this alone, holding her hand the entire time.

"Miss Lemmings, are you the only one with a key to your car?"

She frowned, thinking the question over. "I think so, sir, why?"

"The bomb that first exploded was placed inside the car."

"So you think it might have come from someone I know? Who has a key to my car?"

"It is a possibility. Can you think of anyone who might want to harm you?"

"No! That's ridiculous."

"Miss Lemmings, the evidence shows otherwise. Someone placed a bomb inside your car."

A chill ran down her spine. This was so unreal.

"What about Wendy? Have you found her yet?"

The officer's face remained completely impassive, showing no emotion. "We have a body, Miss Lemmings."


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