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Part 2, in which Alfeegi has secrets and Ruwalk is well-meaning

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Warnings: Language. Un-beta'ed

A/N: This is sort of a sequel to Jisatsu; you don't have to read it to know what's going on, but it probably would help. It is, however, far lighter.

There is blatantly obvious shonen-ai(even though there aren't any actual "boys" involved).

This fic was typed without the benefit of the "b" key, which made it bloody hard to type. So of course I bitch about it as often as I can.

It was, Ruwalk reflected, a good day today. The sun was shining, everything was peacefully quiet, and Alfeegi was laughing.

Had the very earth cracked open and spewed forth fiery demons in the midst of a hurricane, Ruwalk would have still counted it a good day if Alfeegi was laughing.

The only thing that kept this day from being perfect was the pile of reports he was supposed to be reading and summarizing in yet another report for Lykouleon. He would have finished this task already if it wasn't for the fact that most of these reports had been written by Kai-stern, who often had an. . .interesting way with words. Especially when it came to the many official personages, or as he often called them in his reports, "human-shaped dirtbags", who annoyed him with what they called proper procedure and he called, when he was feeling polite, "screwing around while the bodies were dumped in the river." The best of these vivid descriptions Ruwalk shared with Alfeegi.

One more report, Ruwalk thought and it has to be Alfeegi's from when he went to visit the elves, but it turned out to be a report on fish production in Hermosa mistakenly placed in the pile. "Alfeegi, where's your report?"


"Your report. From when you went to the Faerie Forest," Ruwalk prompted.

"Oh, I uh, haven't finished it yet," Alfeegi stammered.

"That's okay, just tell me what happened so I can put it in the summary."

"The summary?"

"Yes, the summary for his Highness you asked me to do when I offered to help you get caught up, remember?"

"Oh, well. . . anou. . . " Ruwalk's day began to look not quite so good when Alfeegi's golden eyes widened in remembered. . . fear? "Nothing happened," he somehow managed to get out smoothly.

"You were gone for nearly three months," Ruwalk pointed out, report forgotten in his concern. "Something had to have happened."

"Nothing happened," Alfeegi repeated, but he couldn't look his friend in the eye as he did.

Now Ruwalk was just a bit worried. "It's okay," he said gently. "You can tell me what happened."

Alfeegi still stared at the table. Tears began to trickle down his cheeks at the memory, dropping onto the tabletop. Kuso, I'm so fucking sick of crying.

"It's okay, there's nothing to cry about," Ruwalk crouched in front of Alfeegi's chair and slid his arms around Alfeegi's slim shoulders. Alfeegi, not expecting it, hugged him back without thinking and half fell into Ruwalk's lap. Ruwalk caught him and held him, "I'm sorry, please don't cry." Crying children Ruwalk could handle, and crying women on a good day. Logically, crying men could be comforted the same way. But stroking Alfeegi's hair and telling him every thing was going to be alright wasn't working and Ruwalk was running out of soothing things to say. The only idea he could come up with was four parts desire and six parts desperation. Not a real good combination maybe, but it was either that or slap Alfeegi. That he even considered raising a hand to hi-to Alfeegi just showed how desperate he was.

"Alfeegi. . ." Ruwalk gently tugged Alfeegi's head off his chest and, as lightly as a butterfly, pressed his lips against his friend's. One hand skimmed feather-light against a tear-stained face and traced its way to hold shaking shoulders close as he kissed Alfeegi more soundly but no less gently. Alfeegi's tears stopped, his arms tightened around Ruwalk in a silent plea and his moth opened under Ruwalk's. Ruwalk took advantage of the opportunity to deepen the kiss, tasting Alfeegi, encouraging him to kiss back, until they broke apart some minutes later to breathe.

Alfeegi rested his head against Ruwalk's shoulder long enough to regain his breath. Why? he asked himself. Why did he kiss me? He pities me, there's no other explanation. He's got to, otherwise. . . Rath may have been right when he said people liked Alfeegi, but surely no-one could like him that much! But there had been genuine caring there, he had felt it.

Alfeegi needed to think about this somewhere far away from Ruwalk, or he was going to grab him and kiss him again, much less chastely. Which would probably be the biggest mistake of my life. Second biggest at least. He stood up and walked away, avoiding eye contact, barely making it out the door without running back.

Inside, Ruwalk softly banged his head once against the table leg, then banged it harder. "Shimatta."

::sigh:: I really should stick to angst, that I should.

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